Well once uni finishes in a month or so I plan on seriously getting back into my writing and picking up a story I started earlier this year. The story itself seems as though it would be suited to manga, the characters especially, and I've always thought it'd be cool to make a manga, though I can't draw well enough :P

It's a Sci fi story, gets quite violent too. It's not an extreme sci fi, it's a quite "realistic" one. set 5 billion years in the future, in colonies around our solar system. There are no full on aliens, and science has not progressed far enough to escape the solar system and avoid the looming death of the sun (which has hit red giant and sits dangerously close to earth).

Basically there is war with some rebels etc, and AI has just been created.

I want to do this seriously though, to a high standard and with aims of publishing.

The first chapter can be read here - http://senhin.deviantart.com/#/d4nct1o

If anyone is interested, please contact me.