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Thread: More info on HSDK

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    More info on HSDK

    I've been wondering about this for awhile.

    Do you guys ever think we will get more info on Akisame and Kensei ? We don't really know much about them. We've seen a back story for most masters in Ryuzanpaku so far, do you think we will see more about them?

    But to the main part When will we see more of Yami's armed division ? We haven't really seen much of them, and the ones we did see stated that they were underlings(
    There must be some extremely strong weapon users in Yami if a lower level one could get away from the elder(

    But I hope the writer is able to deliver in the future with the weapon users

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    Re: More info on HSDK

    Akisame is bound to get a huge amount of screen time soon enough. He was saiga's best friend at some point and odds are he was also reasonably close to miu's mom. If he was really that close to saiga then their rein counter is bound to be extremely relevant storywise.

    As a whole the armed division has been shown as something like an equal to the unarmed division. It is even possible they have their own equivalent of the one shadow nine fists. Not quite sure they will be that relevant though, not sure how such a thing would add much to the story at this point.

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    Re: More info on HSDK

    For unknown reasons the armed divisions doesn't seem all that relevant in the story, however they have been getting more spotlight lately in the past several hundred chapters. Hopefully we'll get to see the leader of the armed division and how powerful that person is soon

    Also, I'm expecting a rematch between Kensei and his brother to occur soon, so expect to see flashbacks around that time whenever it will be, and as for Akisame we're probably going to get more info on him seeing as the One Shadow finally made his official appearance. They were best friends at one point, so I expect Matsuena to shine light on their past.
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