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Thread: Noblesse Fan Fiction

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    Noblesse Fan Fiction

    I was searching somehow randomly tonight that I stumbled upon an interesting fan fiction. And so I decided to share it with you. It can be fun to read while you wait for the next chapter to come out, no? XD

    Spoiler show

    It was quite interesting to me because I think we have never seen the pain Frank has to gone through because of Dark Spear, except for the troubles he get for hardly controlling it. I wonder if he was really haunted like that. :3

    Feel free to share interesting fan fictions you found across the internet for Noblesse, or fanfiction you made yourself for this series. Have fun reading and enjoy!
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    Thumbs Up Re: Noblesse Fan Fiction

    I have read many fan fiction out there, and some of the worthy to be mentioned and reccomended are:

    Humour centered/ Noblesse Spoofs:
    "F" by d1r31 A single oneshot (?).
    All the stuffs by d1r31 are heavy on humour..... Check them all out! I posted above one just as an example....believe me all her stuffs are top quality.

    Humour centered/ Light prose:

    Dear Gejutel, Sincerely, Frankenstein- Vapor Just too funny...

    Heavy Prose:

    "Broken Glass" by Vapor : It tells how the relationship between Rai and Frankenstein developed. One of the most viewed fanfiction both on EGS and
    "I am Tao" by Vapor Another fanfic by same author though not heavy on emotion.

    Fan of M-21 and Yuna? Not a love story though...
    'Awaken' by Vapor

    All the stories by (Fleeting)Vapor are really recommended.
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    Re: Noblesse Fan Fiction

    The Dear Gejutel, Sincerely, Frankenstein, is so hilarious... especially the Saint Nicholas bit


    Quote Originally Posted by Bromamura View Post
    Meh can't have Bleach without fan raging, makes it fun.

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