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Thread: Discussion of iron and steel defense feats

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    Discussion of iron and steel defense feats

    Well, I supposed there is only so many words to describe a hardness of something. And sometimes, "as hard as iron (and or steel)" is nothing more than but an expression. As I do my ranking on the other threads, I realized some physical feats are rather confusing as hell. So what are your opinions and how you rank these hardness? I supposed they are all kind of different so rank it based on whatever you like.

    Upper Mid tier to High Tier
    Franky's cyborg body preskipped and post skipped, Blueno's Tekkai, Jabra's Tekkai, Rob Lucci's Tekkai, Pacifista's body, Kuma's body, Boa sisters' haki, Marineford's wall, Jozu's diamond body, Hody's ES body, and Vergo (whatever technique that he is using)

    Lower to Mid tier
    Pearl's iron plates, Don Krieg's wootz steel armor, Mr. 1's supa supa body, Mr. 3's harden wax (he claimed as strong as steel), Ohm's iron cloud shield/sword/whip, Kalifa's Tekkai, and Absalom's tough skin

    And whatever you thought of that wasn't included so far.
    Edit: I forgot Luffy's Gear 3 Fusen
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