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Thread: Welcome to the Abyssal Pit!

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    Welcome to the Abyssal Pit!

    Hello Claymore fans and welcome to the section dedicated for all fights that were or could've been in the Claymore universe.

    Please note the following
    1. All forums rules and etiquette apply.

    2. The only threads we allow here are versus threads.(please check the prefixes for more info.)

    3. The opening post should be substantial. Meaning that there has to be a precise explanation of the circumstances of the fight(e.g. location, possible character limitations, etc...)

    4. In every debate of this kind, there will be always be a fair amount of speculation, based on our observation and interpretation of the manga. While speculations are not forbidden, we urge you to back up your opinion with arguments from the manga, or other canon material.

    Thread types and prefixes:

    1. Fantasy - this thread offers a discussion of a 1 vs. 1 fight or "Battle Royale" that won't or didn't happen in the manga

    2. Canon - the opposite of Fantasy threads, this thread allows discussion about the fights(single and team battles) that happened in the manga.

    3. Team - similar to the Fantasy thread, with the exception that these threads pit 2 or more teams against each other.

    4. Conditional - these threads impose different conditions on the combatants, like youki limitations or technique limitations, etc...
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