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Thread: Admirable Traits

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    Admirable Traits

    Talk about traits you admire in certain characters and explain why.

    Kenichi - he's very compassinate. He cares a lot for his loved ones. Stands up for what his believes. Strong work ethic.

    Miu - even though she is often in hard situations, she doesn't give up.

    Rimi - cares a lot for her love ones.
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    Re: Admirable Traits

    Dunno, I would question to what extent kenichi has a strong work ethic. His masters have described kenichi's path as not "climbing" towards masterhood but rather "falling" to it. The masters even looked down upon the concept of climbing towards his goals. The choice was basically taken from him as once you fall the end result is basically inevitable. Kenichi has shown a sort of disposition to move forward however there is the consideration that his masters not only have not given up on him (even though he has escaped his training a number of times) but by no means will do so. Kenichi has been effectively been ridden of the choice to a large extent here. On another note, the actual message cannot even be that any lonely loser can make something out of himself. Kenichi has 6 super master class masters putting in every effort they can to make a master out of him. Even they pointed out that even the king of a nation could not so readily get such a training. So... is the message that you can make yourself better when getting unconditional help worth millions of dollars at least assuming a price is actually plausible?

    I guess this is true although I usually find her neverending perfection rather boring. Like a superman movie, its all about somehow making him less of a god among ants rather than him struggling with stuff. I am not necessarily an underdog fan but miu being perfect is rather uninteresting and her need to needlessly take the damcel in distress position without there being a need for it (say, when kenichi fought kano and every other time kenichi has fought when miu would have won the same fight easily.... which is basically every fight in the manga thinking about it). In the end we have a flawless character whose only flaw is to not properly exercise her perfection to let the lesser man get himself in a deathmatch where he won't kill.

    Rimi caring for her loved ones or..... being disturbingly obsessed about a guy who couldn't care less because he wants his best friends girlfriend who he has seen like twice in his entire life. In terms of manga I am not a fan of the typical obsessive insane in love person. The way I see it whatever rimi feels for ryuto is not love, it is some stuff that should get her heavily medicated so that she won't end up with whatever remains of the potential ryuto barbecue in a set of jars.

    As for characters who have some admirable or at least passable traits I would argue takeda, natsu and nijima.

    Takeda and natsu are reasonably talented individuals who are striving for more. Its a good realistic combination of two people with a future in martial arts(whether takeda has a future involving actual real life skills is debatable though). They are not being forced by their masters, they have a choice and are moving forward for their own goals. They have the decency of not falling into their futures whatever they may hold.

    Nijima has many despicable aspects to him but he is insanely smart and has ambition and drive unmatched in the manga. When the manga started he was dealing with small town school bullies and had trouble getting information on them but nowadays he is hacking and spying on yami through his own means (and subordinates). He has basically moved up in the world (kinda, somehow). And I think he has in some forms moved past being a simple assholes, I do think he cares for his friends.

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