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    NOTE: since there is thread for "official" spoilers, this is the thread for our own imaginations. be creative and let's see who thinks closest to oda-sensei. thank you guys.

    one more week before one piece comes out so i think this is a good outlet for our anticipations.


    you can post spoilers in either or all of these forms:

    A. your own illustrated one piece manga (with dialouges)
    B. a page by page dialouge spoiler
    C. or just a brief paragraph on how the story will progress in YOUR OWN PREDICTION.

    *** there is no wrong or right prediction here, you can even illustrate how you think the new characters will look like or what new powers will appear in the chapter.

    IMPORTANT: please, just predict for the upcoming chapter itself and not the whole arc.

    let's all be respectful to one another and let your imaginations run wild.

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    let me start...i found this fanmade spoiler in mangahere forum. gonna do mine in just a little bit....this one is pretty cool.

    Chapter 665: Experiment on Punk HazardPG

    ■Law:*walking around the frozen lands* Damn that Caesar…..
    ■Flashback Clown: You went outside and fought the marines!! Smoker no less!!!
    ■Flashback Law: Everything was going well until Strawhat’s crew showed up with kids. You mind explaining that to me?!
    ■Flashback Clown: Shulolololo!!! Children?! What are you talking about.
    ■Flashback Law:*glares*
    ■Law:*thinks* I will find answers….

    PG 2
    ■Usopp:*thinking of situation* So this Clown guy is going to hunt us down and use us as test subjects to weird experiments?
    ■Brownbeard: exactlly.
    ■Usopp: Well, Luffy i guess its time to go explore another island.
    ■Luffy: huh?! But i haven’t had my shaved ice yet!!
    ■Usopp: Forget the shaved ice!!
    ■Nami:*scolds him* hey!! What about out bodies?!
    ■Usopp/Luffy:*beaten down* your right…. we’re sorry…

    PG 3
    ■Sanji:*hugging his Nami body* do we really have to change back so soon. Cant i stay like this for a month? maybe two?
    ■Nami:Hell no!!!
    ■Zoro:*grins* I dont see a problem with it. Least this way its obvious im stronger than Mr.Nosebleed.
    ■Sanji: What?!
    ■Brook: Sanji-san, may I see your panties?
    ■Sanji: No only im allowed to look at them!!!
    ■Nami:*sulks* I give up…..

    PG 4
    ■Mone:*reading* So how are you gonna handle this?
    ■Clown: Shulolololo!! How do you think? Im going to conduct a little experiment.
    ■Mone:fufufu, you never change Caesar.
    ■Clown: Of course not. Unlike that idiot Vegapunk, I wouldnt change myself. Not for the marines or anyone. *he presses a button on the wall*

    PG 5
    ■Clown:*on an intercom* Attention my loyal subjects. Our glorious island has been invaded by evil pirates and marines!! They have come to take down and arrest your savior!! Dont let them ruin your paradise here!! Search the frozen lands for them and kill them all!! I have been developing some new medicine! The sooner you bring me their lifeless corpses, the sooner you can partake of it!!
    ■Hazmat Men/Centaurs: Yeah!! We wont fail you Master!!! We’ll kill’em all!!! Long live Master!!!
    ■Clown:*grins wide* shulololo….
    ■Mone: fools.

    PG 6
    ■Centaurs/Hazmat Men:*storm out the facillity and head for multiple directions.
    ■Clown: 1,000 Satyrs. 1,000 centaurs. Lets see which would make better test subjects. G-5 marines or the Strawhat Pirates? Shulololololo!!!!
    ■Smoker:*leading the marines as they walk through the frozen lands* Damn Tashigi, I forgot your body cant take such extreme cold.
    ■Tashigi: my apologies Smoker-san.

    PG 7
    ■Marine:*points* Smo-san!! Look out, cannon fire!!
    ■Smoker:*glances at 3 cannon balls coming at them and hits them away with his jutte*
    ■Tashigi: Who did that?!
    ■Marine 2:*points to a bunch of shadowy figures* It was them!!
    ■Marine 3:*glares* lets shoot back then!!

    PG 8
    ■Hazmat Man: damn, they deflected it.
    ■Centaur:*grins* it doesnt matter. *charges with a spear along with 10 other centaurs* just kill them!!!
    ■Centaur 2: yeah!!! Kill for Master!!!
    ■Tashigi:*shocked* what are they?
    ■Smoker:*gets ready* Knowing what they are wont defeat them. Look alive Tashigi!!
    ■Tashigi: yes sir!!

    PG 9
    ■Hazmat Man: Strawhat Pirates!!!!
    ■Hazmat Man:*standing with other hazmat men and centaurs* Its time for you to die in the name of Master!!
    ■Centaurs:*cheer* yeah!!!
    ■Brownbeard:*cries like a baby* You guys!!!!

    PG 10
    ■Chopper: aaahhh!!!!! its those hazmat guys again!!!
    ■Robin: and the centaurs as well.
    ■Sanji:*smokes* I guess they really do follow the same master.
    ■Hazmat Man: We wont let you leave!!! You will die here!!!
    ■Centaurs:*aim their cannons*
    ■Law:*sees a huge burst of snow*?!

    PG 11
    ■Marines/Centaurs/Hazmat Men:*shoot and weapon clash at each other*
    ■Tashigi:*cuts 5 down with a sword*
    ■Smoker:*surrounded* They just keep coming.
    ■Centaurs/Hazmat Men:*some get back up still bloody*
    ■Smoker:*blocks a club* What’s with this unrelenting drive?
    ■Centaur:*trying to push Smoker* You’ll never take Master!!

    PG 12
    ■Smoker:*spins around and strikes the centaur back unconcious* Master? Do you mean Clown?
    ■Hazmat Man:*aims his cannon directly close to Smoker’s head* You dont dare speak his name!!
    ■Tashigi:*cuts the Hazmat Man down*
    ■Hazmat Man:*falls* Gah!!!
    ■Smoker:*looks down at the Hazmat Man and the Centaur he took down.* Clown…..

    PG 13
    ■Smoker:*glares* What did you do to these men?

    Strawhat side
    ■Centaurs/Hazmat Men:*many lay on the ground unconcious as Luffy, Zoro, Brook, and Robin stand over them*
    ■Centaur: Damn you!!! How dare you refuse to become experiments to master!!
    ■Robin: Forgive us for wanting to not wanting to obey your god centaur-san.
    ■Hazmat Men:*aim their cannons*
    ■Usopp:*aims from behind the group* Green Star:….. *shoots a pop green in one of their faces*
    ■Hazmat Man: huh?

    PG 14
    ■Usopp:Skull Exploding Grass
    ■Hazmat Men:*are engulfed in a giant skull shaped explosion*aahh!!!
    ■Chopper:*cheers* that was so cool Usopp!!!
    ■Usopp:*flicks his nose* Yeah, Im amazing.
    ■Hazmat Men:*get up from the explosion*
    ■Usopp:*freaks out* what the hell?!

    PG 15
    ■Hazmat Man:*weak* You fools….. nothing will stop our mission for master….
    ■Centaurs:*gets up bloody* yeah so just…..die already…
    ■Law:*steps to the scene and looks at everyone*
    ■Centaur:*grins* Law-san!! You must be here to help us!!
    ■Law:*lifts his hand up*
    ■Zoro/Robin/Brook:*get ready*
    ■Luffy:*looks at Law*
    ■Law:*glares at Luffy*

    PG 16
    ■Clown:This is taking too long and where the hell is Law?!
    ■Mone:*grins* do you want me to look for him?
    ■Clown:*grins* yes. I guess I’ll entertain myself by working on the newest shipment of children. Shulolololo!!

    PG 17
    ■Giant Boy: I dont understand where we are?
    ■girl: me neither. this is scary.
    ■???:*hits a wall with a kendo sword* hya!!! hya!!! I must return to father!!
    ■Giant Girl: hey, what are you doing?
    ■???:what?! a female talking so abrutlly is disgraceful?!

    PG 18
    ■Momonosuke:*grins and scratches his head* What kind of country are you from?
    ■Info Box: Momonosuke (boy from Wan Country)


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    NOTE: since there is thread for "official" spoilers, this is the thread for our own imaginations. be creative and let's see who thinks closest to oda-sensei. thank you guys.


    you can post spoilers in either or all of these forms:

    A. your own illustrated one piece manga (with dialouges)
    B. a page by page dialouge spoiler
    C. or just a brief paragraph on how the story will progress in YOUR OWN PREDICTION.

    *** there is no wrong or right prediction here, you can even illustrate how you think the new characters will look like or what new powers will appear in the chapter.

    IMPORTANT: please, just predict for the upcoming chapter itself and not the whole arc.

    let's all be respectful to one another and let your imaginations run wild.

    ---------- Post added at 11:17 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:04 PM ----------

    here's my own made spoiler

    CHAPTER 666

    from the decks of the world: bon-chan living the okama way! as queen of level 5.5

    page 1

    ??? COOL BRO #1 : these three must be members of the strawhats that trafalgar said...
    ??? COOL BRO #2 : quick! tie them up and let's bring him to master.
    COOL BRO # 1 FULL BODY SHOT (looks like a baboon that wears a hunter hat, circular eyeglasses, got long hair and beard and sideburns connecting)
    BOX: CLOWN'S MAIN GUARD: WINSTON : should we bring the skeleton too?
    COOL BRO # 1 FULL BODY SHOT (looks like a bat that wears a hunter hat, circular shades, got long hair)
    BOX: CLOWN'S MAIN GUARD: OOZY : trafalgar said the skeleton is alive, bring him too.

    page 2

    NAMI: what a terrible thing to think someone is crazy enough to kidnap and drug innocent kids like them...
    CHOPPER: i wont forgive him, whoever your master is, but for now, i need to create a cure for this kids' addiction and bring them back to their normal size.
    BROWNBEARD: what are you talking about? master is curing them because they are ill!!! dont disrespect our good savior like that!!!
    FRANKY: *hitting brownbeard* will you shut up already about your master?!!! can't you see what he did to these kids?!?
    BROWNBEARD: say what you want, soon trafalgar will save me and bring judgement on all of you.

    page 3

    CLOWN: shulolololo!!! well, well, the cool brothers already captured three of the strawhats...
    LAW: let's clean up this mess nice and quick, clown.
    CLOWN: don't order me around trafalgar, remember that joker only sent you here to be my support?
    LAW: ........*serious glare*
    CLOWN: do you want to see your crew again trafalgar??? shulololo!!!!
    CENTAUR: master!!! a group of marines stole our ship and are heading to G-5 at the moment!!!
    LAW: !!!!
    CLOWN: is that so?...*picks up a den-den mushi*

    page 4

    LUFFY's SIDE (running towards the laboratory)
    ussop: oi, luffy!! are you sure only the three of us will be enough to infiltrate this laboratory? im not scared though...i just think my disea-
    luffy: we are strong! what are you worrying about?
    ussop: BECAUSE IM WITH YOU!!! thats what im worried about!
    luffy: huh?!
    luffy: everyone!!! watch out!!

    page 5

    *luffy avoids a flying object, jutte pierces through the snowy floor*
    luffy: whoa!!!
    smoker: SO YOU ARE HERE AS I THOUGHT STRAWHAT!!!! *jumping down from the roof of their
    ussop: eh???
    luffy: who are you???
    tashigi: capture them!!!! *a small group of G-5 marines approaches with tashigi*

    page 6

    luffy: its smokey!!!
    ussop: but he seems weird???
    luffy: ummm....*luffy thinking hard*
    ussop: i cant put my finger on it....
    luffy: umm...
    robin: .......
    *smoker, tashigi and the G-5 marines face to face with ussop, luffy and robin*
    luffy: umm....
    ussop: .......
    smoker: ......
    robin: ........
    tashigi: .......
    *weird silence*

    page 7

    ussop and luffy: aren't you a bit feminine smokey???
    smoker: why you!!!! *attacks luffy with jutte*
    ussop: *getting a good look at smoker's boobs* aaaaaaah, thank you very much!!!!
    tashigi: *attacks ussop* you indecent pirate!!!
    ussop: aaaaaaah!!! why are you attacking me?!!!?!?!??
    tashigi: !!!!!!
    robin: i think they also got attacked by law....

    page 8

    tashigi: *got stopped by robin's ability*...!!!!
    robin: i hope you still remember me, sergeant, no...captain i right?
    luffy and ussop: whaaaaaaat???? that's not smokey??!?!?
    robin: trafalgar law probably switched their personalities too like some of us.
    luffy and ussop: whaaaaaaat???? we thought smoker was....
    smoker: *attacks luffy again* damn you mugiwara!!!!

    page 9

    G-5 marines: dont disrespect smoker-san!!!! *group attacks*
    ussop: stop it right there!!! CALTROP SEEDS!!!
    *the pop green ussop shot exploded and became green, cactus-like caltrops*
    G-5 marines: aw! ouch!!
    robin: treinta fleurs!!! *G-5 marines shocked at hands appearing in their backs* SHOCK!!! *the hands tapping the back of the neck of the marines, causing them to lose consciousness*
    luffy: smokey, get out of our way!!! we are in a hurry!!!
    smoker: what business do you have here mugiwara?!

    page 10

    robin: smoker is now a vice-admiral luffy, be careful...
    luffy: really? wow!!! good job smokey!!! *smiles*
    smoker: *pissed-off* you really piss me off!!!! *attacks again*
    ussop: uwaaaaaaah!!! we're dead!!!!
    robin: youre mistaken mr. officer, we are not involved with trafalgar law...
    smoker: *stops* what? why are you here in this island then?!
    tashigi: dont trust them smoker-san!!! they are pirates!!! *starts attacking*

    page 11

    smoker: stop tashigi!!!
    tashigi: smoker-san?...........
    smoker: speak up demon child.
    robin: we're unclear ourselves, we just received a distress signal of someone asking for help.
    smoker: and what do you intend to do here?
    luffy: we're gonna have some shaved ice.
    ussop: oi.
    robin: there are abducted kids who were drugged and being experimented on...

    page 12

    smoker: by ceasar clown!!!
    robin and ussop: ceasar clown?
    luffy: buggy???
    smoker: he is a former scientist of the world government that disappeared some time ago. i dont know why but trafalgar law is in this island as well.
    luffy: oh yeah! trafal-guy! he saved my life....werent you got beat by him just earlier?
    ussop: luffy!!! why do you like to start a fight?!?!?!
    smoker: clown is a dangerous guy and trafalgar law seems to cooperate with him...

    page 13

    luffy: not at all!!! buggy is not that dangerous...
    smoker: are you not listening mugiwara?!?!?! im not talking about buggy the clown!!! *first hysterical faceof smoker LOL*
    robin: are we free to go then mr. officer? we have the abducted children anyway...if we dont hurry we might find them dead when we come back...
    ussop: robin, dont you have happy thoughts?
    tashigi: dont let them fool you smoker-san!!!!
    smoker: tashigi....
    tashigi: yes smoker-san!!!
    smoker: we will follow the monkey d. luffy and his men and capture clown and law!!!

    page 14

    tashigi: but smoker-san??!?!
    smoker: our goals are the same, think for once tashigi. stopping clown is our main objective for now!!!
    tashigi: yes smoker-san!!!
    smoker: lets go mugiwara.
    ussop: oi, oi luffy, are you fine with this vice-admiral going with us?
    luffy: shishishi!!! i dont mind! i dont hate him anyways!!!

    page 15

    smoker: monkey d. luffy.
    luffy: eh?
    smoker: dont get it wrong, after this ill bring you down.
    luffy: just try if you can! shishishi.
    *the group storms to the laboratory...the G-5 marines are left behind...unconscious*

    page 16

    KINEMON: ah! im finally back to my honorable self!!!
    BROOK: umm, excuse me samurai-san....
    KINEMON: huh?
    *looks back and sees brook's ghost form*
    KINEMON: AAAAAAHHHHH!!!! oiwaaaaaaa!!! a ghoooooost!!!!
    BROOK: really???? where where? im afraid of ghosts!!!!
    KINEMON: youre the ghost!!! go away evil spirit!!!!
    BROOK: oya oya yohohohoho thank go there's no ghost!!!!
    KINEMON: im gonna defeat you and ill find momonosuke-kun!!!
    BROOK: you gotta listen to me samurai-san!!!!

    page 17

    CLOWN: *talking to den-den mushi* so, what are we gonna do about it? joker?
    JOKER (on the other side): fufufufu, youre disappointing me now clown, how unfortunate.
    CLOWN: the infiltrators are stronger than i thought, and dont blame me, your right hand man cant do his job well assisting me, you know im busy with my experiment...shulololo
    LAW: *glares* .........
    JOKER: im surprised you never knew how dangerous the strawhats can be.
    MONET: that's what ive been telling him all along.
    CLOWN: dont worry about us here, im just asking you what you can do about the ship of marines that escaped here? shulololo.
    JOKER: fufufu...i dont worry about weaklings...ill sink them on their way and ill make my "puppet" here write another tragic story about the perils of this sea fufufufufufu....hahahahahaha!!!

    page 18

    CLOWN: what should we do about the kids? the strawhats took them.
    JOKER: just let them be! im tired of this experiment, lets resume this after we play a little game!
    CLOWN: a game?
    JOKER: here's what you need to do...take the rest of the children and all of you go to my savannah!!! fufufu!!!
    CLOWN: what do you mean?
    JOKER: you stupid? you and all your pathetic men...monet and law...yes, including you two.fufufu
    MONET: this could be fun!!! <3
    LAW: ........
    JOKER: and make sure our guests follows us!!! fufufufu!!! bwahahahahaha!!!
    CLOWN: shulololololo!!!



    ---------- Post added May 12, 2012 at 09:12 AM ---------- Previous post was April 28, 2012 at 11:17 PM ----------

    CHAPTER 667

    From the decks of the world: cocoa accidentally on CP10's ship.

    page 1
    LAW : *walking with a stern face*
    ??? : *FLASHBACK* fufufu…my, my Trafalgar, what do you think you are doing showing at marineford and now claiming a slot in shichibukai? Are you to trying to surpass me? Hmm..?
    LAW: are you threatened that I saved strawhat-ya? Are you doubting me?
    ????: ooooh, not at all, it’s just you don’t seem that obedient to me as before…fufufu, anyway, your crew’s safety is all in my “hands” so don’t worry fufufufu!!!! *END FLASHBACK*
    LAW: just a little more….he must not know this..

    page 2
    MONET: are you sure about letting law do as he pleases here in this island?
    CLOWN: shulololo, I don’t trust him one bit but I benefit from him, after I am done with the experiments I will eliminate him too along with the maggots here in this island!
    MONET: fufufu…you are cold-blooded <3
    CLOWN: I will show that vegapunk that I can do what he can and I’ll do it even better!!! Shulololo!!
    MONET: smoker’s crew are heading to G-5 as of the moment, will you let them escape?
    CLOWN: relax, let me call “Joker”, he will take care of it like always.

    page 3
    USSOP: this is baaaaad!!! Those are definitely snow monsteeeers!!!
    LUFFY: dammit, they just disappeared in an instant!
    ROBIN: is that soru?
    LUFFY: no, they are not fast, but they can turn invincible!
    USSOP: that’s invisible bakero!!!
    CHOPPER: more importantly, we need to save nami!!!
    LUFFY: leave it to me! I can sense them somehow, I think they went that way!

    page 4
    CHOPPER: wait a minute! I cannot leave brownbeard, I need to treat him first…and I cannot leave the kids as well….
    USSOP: In that case, ill stay with you!!! …..And cure me too because i-cant-follow-luffy-on-another-dangerous-place-again is a-a-a-acting up.
    ROBIN: luffy, I suggest ussop and chopper watch over the kids since ussop can make the kids sleep again if they go crazy…
    LUFFY: yosh! Ok, robin, franky let’s go!!!
    FRANKY: I will definitely go! No one can touch my body except me! I’ll suuuuper make them pay!
    ROBIN: stop speaking that way in chopper’s body…it’s embarrassing.

    page 5
    JOKER *on the phone*: I see…
    CLOWN: that bastard smoker thinks he could blow our cover…shulolo, so what should we do about the ship he sent to G-5?
    JOKER: EASY. I’ll sink them like always
    CLOWN: I knew it. Shulololo.
    JOKER: if I can only get my hands on smoker, I will kill that bitch up, he’s the only one in G-5 I cannot control.

    page 6
    CLOWN: then I’ll eliminate them all here…as well as monkey d. luffy
    JOKER: eh? Eliminate monkey d. luffy? Fufufufufufu!!! Bwahahahahaha!!!
    CLOWN: what’s so funny about it? My mercenaries already killed three of the strawhats!!!
    JOKER: will you please shut the fuck up clown? I did gave you the permission to kill all of them but you seriously think you can do that to strawhats and smoker easily???
    CLOWN: but…
    JOKER: for someone called genius, you are pretty stupid fufufufufu!!!

    page 7
    CLOWN: why you!!!
    JOKER: oh? Raising that tone with me eh clown? You must have forgotten that I only got your services because I benefit from your drugs and that’s the only reason why the government is not chasing you…I’m the boss around here, want to know what happens when I get mad?fufufu!!!
    CLOWN: …………….
    JOKER: tell you what, since im bored these days, let’s play a game!
    CLOWN: a game?
    JOKER: yes! And the participants are all you maggots in that island! Don’t forget to invite smoker and strawhats too! Bring all your asses here in my Havana! Fufufu!

    page 8
    HENCHMEN *on the phone*: it’s true! The two men who were dead in the said area are our comrades!!!
    LOCKE: how did that happen??!
    HENCHMEN: well, at first they really seemed to be the strawhats, but when we started carrying them…
    LOCKE: NOT THAT!!! They are supposed to be three!!!

    page 9
    HENCHMEN: as I was saying,…we only found two…
    SCOTCH: we are sure we killed the strawhats!
    HENCHMEN: that’s our point!!!
    LOCKE: let’s report first to M, at least we got this guy who uses vegapunk’s lasers!
    SCOTCH: alright, let’s kill ALL of them for real this time.

    page 10
    BROOK: yohohoho!!! Im so nervous that my heart almost exploded, ah though I have no heart yohoho!!!
    ZORO: so you saw what they looked like?
    BROOK: aye! I saw them clearly even if I don’t have eyes yohohoho!!!
    SANJI: so they are the assasins of this island eh?
    KINEMON: you are correct, I encountered them once and they are really formidable, and to add that they can vanish right in front of you.
    ZORO: if they are so strong why would they need to go hide? Its not like I cant cut them up.
    page 11
    KINEMON: I understand your pride my fellow swordsman, but you don’t know the ability of those two.
    SANJI: what do you mean?
    KINEMON: I also don’t know….
    SANJI: you don’t know?! You want to kick the shit out of you?!
    KINEMON: I don’t know! I just helped you avoid them because you they were strong!
    BROOK: by the way zoro-san, sanji-san…how come you knew they were coming when we cannot see them?
    SANJI/ZORO: I learned it from ivankov / I learned it from mihawk

    page 12

    SANJI/ZORO: !!!!....why do you have to speak the same time as me marimo! / snail cook!
    BROOK: by the way, samurai-san, I am surprised how you tricked them! It’s mind boggling…
    SANJI/ZORO: though you don’t have a brain…
    SANJI/ZORO: you spoke the same time as me again you shitty musclehead!/bastard!
    KINEMON: it’s because of the strange fruit I ate long time ago, I can turn any object or any person into whatever I like for a certain amount of time.
    BROOK: ah! That’s why you became my sword and you turned the centaurs into zoro-san and sanji-san! Yohohohoho!

    page 13
    KINEMON: now, if you don’t you filthy pirates…can you assemble my body back?
    SANJI: asking as for a favor and calling us filthy…what a shitty bastard you are.
    ZORO: as a swordsman, are you not ashamed to be hiding like a coward?
    KINEMON: …..
    BROOK: samurai-san….
    KINEMON: and what would happen if I died out there in the snow? What would happen to my momonosuke?
    SANJI: hey, hey…
    KINEMON: I will slash anyone who stands in my way on finding my son!!! But I know that momonosuke is inside that place over there! I need to avoid unnecessary fights until I see my son!!! My son is more important than my pride!!! And….and….

    page 14
    KINEMON: I cannot enter my hometown ever again…
    BROOK/ZORO/SANJI: ?!?!?!
    KINEMON: me and my son had been cursed by the Gods and driven out of our hometown….
    ZORO: what? Why?
    KINEMON: because of the strange fruit I ate, I am not honorable enough to go back to my hometown!!! And me and my son had been traveling for years until we dropped by on this island just few days ago.
    SANJI: so the guy who was slashing everyone here is you?!

    page 15

    KINEMON: yes, me and momonosuke just happened to drop by here when some masked men made us sleep…when I woke up, momonusuke was gone and so I tried to get him back…I entered the burning side of this island and met the shichibukai, he told me he cannot let me leave this place…a dragon attacked me as well and that’s when he cut up half of my body.
    ZORO: so that’s why your torso was attached to the dragon…
    KINEMON: and that’s where you found me *buh!*

    page 16

    KINEMON: back to where im saying: even with just half of my body, I pursued the shichbukai, some half-animal creatures attacked me so I cut them all up….i managed to get in the front of the big house and the shichibukai showed up again, he again cut me and brought my head inside with him….he is merciless, he even cut up my head to pieces and locked me up in a prison.
    SANJI: so that’s why we found your head there.
    KINEMON: I thank you for all the help, but I need to save my son.
    ZORO: wait, I sense the two bastards.
    SANJI: yeah, they are entering the laboratory
    BROOK: should we assist samurai-san, zoro-san? Sanji-san?
    ZORO: let’s go…luffy and the other’s also are on their way to the lab.
    SANJI: nami-san is also in danger!!!
    KINEMON: I don’t ask help from pirates, but for momonosuke’s sake!!!

    page 17.
    ZORO: !!!! eh?!?!?!?!
    SANJI: aaaaaaaaah!!!! <3 fall in love!!!! I can see it all!!!!!
    SMOKER: where do you think you are going roronoa? Kuro ashi?
    BROOK: ….im here too….yohohoho
    TASHIGI: roronoa zoro! We meet again! I’ll take the wado ichimonji from you!
    ZORO : huh? Isn’t smoker acting a bit feminine???...what’s going on?...and you!!!! Will you button your shirt up!!! There are things I don’t want to think about!!! Especially from you!!!
    TASHIGI : smoker-san!!! I told you to button my shirt please!!!
    SANJI/BROOK/ZORO: eh????

    page 18

    LUFFY: ……
    LAW: im asking you one last time, strawhat-ya...why have you come to this island?
    LUFFY : someone is asking for help here, and we want some shaved ice.
    LAW: ……
    USSOP: you don’t have to say that!!!!
    LAW: leave this place at once strawhat-ya and forget all the things here before it gets ugly.
    LUFFY : we cannot leave, my nakama is taken away to that laboratory.
    LAW: that settles it then. Im sorry, but this white snow will be your graves.
    LUFFY : oh, so I need to kick your ass too? *grins*


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