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Thread: [OOC/Sign-up] Prolium Academy

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    [OOC/Sign-up] Prolium Academy

    Hello everyone! A very light-hearted game here. I recently read Beelzebub and it reminded me of an RPG I ran on another site years ago about a school where lots of gangs vie for control, respect and reputation. This game will contains elements from both Beelzebub and that RPG. Note: YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE FAMILIAR WITH BEELZEBUB AT ALL for this RPG.

    This RPG is set in Prolium Academy, a strange school where many different gangs, cliques and teams exist. Combat, fighting and strength are what determines one's social position. Many eccentric and skill students attend this school. Our characters are students of this school; even if not interested in controlling the school, they may find themselves drawn into battle nonetheless.

    As I have said, this RPG will be very light-hearted; it will be free-form rather than plot-driven. I do have story arcs loosely planned out, but how exactly they will go depends on you and your characters.

    In terms of combat, fighting won't be very realistic; you can push physics to its limit provided what you're doing is either a) awesome or b) funny. :P Moving faster than is humanly possible, punching people across the room, running across the top of a crowd of people, carrying weapons, all of it is fine.

    The story begins one month into the new school year, and the strongest groups and individuals have already started to assert their influence as always. BUT, it's still early days, and no one can say for sure what's might happen over the course of the rest of the year.

    Spoiler show

    Character Sheet
    Spoiler show

    Things you'll need to know about the School:
    Spoiler show

    That's everything I think! I'm very tired so I may well have missed something out. If that's the case, I'll edit it in later. ^_^ I'll also create my character tomorrow.

    Spoiler show

    Character List
    Tommy Colvin - Tame

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