Welcome Naruto Fans

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The Section's Layout:
  • Main Board
  • Naruto Toshokan
  • Naruto Theater
    • Naruto Arcade
  • Konohagakure Arena
  • Naruto Playground
  • Naruto Chapter and Review Archive
    • Hokage's Office
  • Naruto Art

Board Decriptions:

Main Board
Here you can discuss general topics related to Naruto, read chapter reviews as well as discuss the latest chapters and spoilers exclusively in their own threads. Keep in mind that we have a spoiler blockade rule at Mangahelpers of 24 hours. So keep all discussion related to the latest spoilers and chapters within 24 hours of its release in the spoiler/chapter discussions.

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Naruto Toshokan
This is the board to go to if you wish to discuss about character, power or technique based topics.

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Konoha Print
The old databook board, plus all "print" related stuff such as volume cover threads, interviews etc.

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Naruto Theater & Arcade
This is the board you go to if you wish to discuss the Naruto anime or movies.

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Naruto Arcade
This is the board you go to if you wish to discuss Naruto video games.

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Konohagakure Arena
The home of all the versus threads of Naruto. Travel into the bloody arena to discuss both canon and non-canon fights in Naruto.

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Naruto Playground
The fun forum, Naruto style! Various fun discussions take place here. Want to edit a chapter to your liking or draw a moustache on Sasuke? This is the section to visit!

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Naruto Chapter and Review Archive
An archive for old chapter discussions, the spoiler pics & summary thread as well as old reviews.

Hokage's office
The archive for all non-chapter discussion and review threads. Feel free to post in moved threads to increase the chance of their revival.