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Thread: D. Gray-man 213 Joint Review

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    D. Gray-man 213 Joint Review

    Heyyyyyyyyyyy everyone~

    It's been one month since our last review, meanwhile a new chapter has been released and we are ready to review it again. Boys and girls, get ready for our Joint Review of...

    D. Gray Man 213: The Hidden Person To Ask About A.W.
    A Joint Review

    Banner made by Shinsatsu



    The chapter starts with a color page which a lot of people misintrepreted that Allen was the protagonist of Tegami Bachi (so did I xD), and then we finally see what happens to Link after Allen run away. The interesting point is not how cruel Apo-chan can be but that he mentioned the heart once again, seemed Hoshino was teasing us like ‘yeah, i bet you wanna know who he/she/it is’.

    After that, we see Zu’s mansion (pretty beautiful) and Link wakes up. When Link touched the scar on his chest and saw Atuuda, Zu told him everything he needed to know about how he is still alive. Atuuda’s magic that we saw in the 196 night is detailed explained, -what an interesting curse. (Now I have the theory that Link is suppose to die giving Allen his life when the 14th wake up but, who knows).

    Another interesting point is when Zu says that he turned Link into the 14th and Lvelie interrupts him. ( I guess Zu said that because Allen has the 14th as a curse and Zu maybe could see Atuuda as the same for Link).

    Then we see Lvellie and Link talking about what happened in the order and we see that Link had his memories about the cardinal erased (or did he just fake it?). Link shows his loyalty to Lvellie again and Lvellie tells him about what the 14th is (kinda vague, i mean, what did he mean talking the 14th was an crevasse? Seems like he needed to be created to fight against the Earl.) and his secret deal with Cross. As Lvellie started talking, I thought he was going to tell Link to protect Allen and then the surprise, he really does wanna protect the 14th (WTH you moron! Allen can’t die T_T). When he asks Link to have the 14th’s confidence, I was wondering how he would do that.

    Now we see Kanda and Link talking (almost fighting) about Allen. Link wants to help but Kanda doesn’t trust him. Link starts talking that he wants to save someone (was he talking about the 14th or Allen?) and then we are being shown Johnny holding Allen’s hand.

    And the most importante part of the chapter (for me) starts: the 14th’s memories are shown. We ‘read’ the song that’s about the twin Brothers (Mana and Neah of course) and we see a woman, probably their mother. The last panel is such an beautiful image with Neah (i think, could be Mana because they are twins) and I suppose that that is the house they used to live. Now the question is? Will Hoshino finally shows us the 14th’s complete story?


    Howard Link is the first character to appear in the chapter, which begins with a brief summary of the encounter with Apocryphos. Link seems confused as he awakes in bed with Dr. Zuu patiently sitting in a chair next to the bed. Link appears to be amazed that he survived the encounter. Zu reveals to Link that he saved him with the Atuuda spell however Link is "unfortunate" to have survived in this manner because he is now responsible for the Atuuda. After speaking with Malcolm, Leverrier Link appears a bit frightened yet motivated about the Atuuda spell he inherited from Zu and his new, hidden mission to “protect” Allen Walker. As usual Link has an unconditional loyalty to Leverrier and seeks out A.W. only to be discovered by Kanda Yu while attempting to keep his agenda hidden. Link tries to lie and say that he ran away, though Yu does not believe him.

    Malcolm L’verrier is an interesting character in this chapter, in the past his actions lead us to wonder whether ultimately he was a good guy or a bad guy, or just had his own agenda all together, yet this chapter his motives seem to be good and he appears to want to “protect” the 14th. L'verrier also discloses that Cross Marain told him everything about the 14th, which could have lead to this change in his attitude. L’verrier wants to keep Link’s survival secret for what seems to be a noble cause, yet I am still a bit suspicious of him…

    Kanda Yu rarely disappoints, he remains his normal self threatening the life of Link if he dares to put his hands on “Beansprout” and doubting Link’s story about being on the run. Yu’s role in this chapter is somewhat limited as the majority of the chapter focuses on Link.

    Dr. Zu looks really tired and spent, he explains Link everything about saving his life and transferring the Atuuda to him, Zu’s character is very similar to how it has been since we first encountered him at the Asia division, he has consistently been the knowledgeable old man who has good intentions.

    Allen Walker and Johnny only make a brief appearance. Johnny is holding Allens hand kneeling by the side of the bed where Allen rests. Johnny’s unwavering loyalty to Allen is in full affect as he appears to be distraught with Allen’s struggle to fight against the Noah host taking over. Allen walker appears to be transforming into a Noah, which leaves quite a teaser for the next chapter!!!



    This chapter was totally amazing! What a great way for a comeback after a break. The plot is really advancing and seems like Hoshino wants to show us the 14th's story, but who knows, its Hoshino right ? You never know what she will do xD

    The art was pretty awesome too, no creepy hands or strange faces and a very detailed art in pages like that one when Link touches himself.

    The Cliffhanger was the BEST (WORSTTTT!!!!! I CAN’T WAIT ><) way to end this chapter! The fans were like freaking out waiting for the rest but, we’ll really just find out what happens at the 214th night!!!


    First off, we only get to see Allen Walker for one page….Isn’t he the main character? Not to mention the apparent disappearance of Lenali and Lavi from the series, we as fans won’t stand for this!!! And what is up with all of the underwear shots of Howard Link? I think one would have been enough.

    This was a good background chapter (with details about Link’s survival and L’verrier’s encounter with Cross), but I feel like it lacked action, excitement and progressive story related content. For this manga to only be released once a month, and be over 30 pages I feel like it left out some elements that will keep its readers interested and hungry for more.


    Cutting straight to the prediction and going straight to the point, nothing much has changed concerning the previous chapters' long term prediction. Nothing much has happened in this chapter that can cross out most of the possibilities, and some (no matter how small *cough* Links real purpose *cough*) has already happen, while the more obvious of the lot (*cough* Nea's past unveiling *cough*) is finally starting to happen.

    Now focusing on the possibilities of how things would play in the next chapter, the unraveling of Nea's past could turn out like the Alma arc. Allen could be be there, watching everything happen in front of his eyes. Though instead of Road being Allen's company, it could be Nea or Mana himself.

    Reading too much into thing, being Mana could also be a possibility. It has sort of happened before way back in chapter 37 just before Allen's cursed eye evolved. Adding to this (which I'll explain in a bit) the dream in chapter 184, and Mana appearing in chapter 198 just before Allen woke up and his skin colors return to normal, then of course chapter 212(assuming that it was Mana reaching out to Allen), I will now make my point.

    All the instances save for ch. 37 have happened sometime after or during the time Allen has turned or was turning into a Noah. There are the loopholes to this theory since it didn't happen for some of the time Allen turned. But during those moments like the time with Appocryptos, and before Allen woke up in ch.198, something was restricting the effects of Allens eye and/or innocence.

    And it would be really interesting if it would end up as Mana and not Nea explaining things to Allen inside the dream (highly unlikely even with all the back-up explanation, but a person can dream ).

    For the matter of what will be revealed, and (trashing all the ideas of the narrator being Mana), the scenes will probably play out like a story in front of them and speak for themselves, while in the sidelines, Nea will probably explain other more important stuff the images wont. As to what exaclty, we can only guess so much before Hoshino trashes that idea in a matter of few panels and completely blow our minds with something unexpected. Note: never expected the song to appear again around this part of the manga, though it still makes perfect sense.

    Then of course there is Link and Master Zuu's "I turned you into the fourteenth-" @#^$$^ you Leverrier for cutting off his sentence.

    This has officially added a new question to the pile of theories that for now, we can only assume.

    Lets end it here for now.

    ^ I second that. This makes up our review of this months chapter, I hoped you enjoyed it. Give us some feedback

    Section List

    Kisame HoshigakiCharacters (Analysis), Hater (Impressions)
    Niko_kunPlot (Analysis), Fanboy (Impressions)
    unknownymous Predictions
    alphabetaIntro/Outro, Quality Check
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    Re: D. Gray-man 213 Joint Review

    the whole "turned you into the 14th" quote from Dr. Zu is still perplexing.... i am hoping this months chapter discloses some more information on the subject

    i just wish DGM was a weekly manga instead of monthly

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