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Thread: Claymore "Evolution Chart"

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    Claymore "Evolution Chart"

    After finally having read the full last chapter of Claymore, I eventually made an "evolution chart". Well, actually I couldn't come up with a better name, but I guess this name will do.


    First of all, what should be clear to everyone now, the DoDs use Yoki. The humans don't have Yoki, but the Yoma do. And since the Yoma's parents are a mix of DoDs and awakened DoDs and a human and the latter don't have Yoki, the DoDs have to have it. (At least I would wonder where it comes from if my assumption's not the case)

    What I wonder about, too, is, that the DoD awaken in about the same way the Claymore do. Do I wonder, do they also lose their (human) mind during the process? Can they also partially awaken? Do they have something like a mind to begin with?

    If the flesh of a DoD and an awakened DoD is fused, something that acts as a parasite to humans is born. If said parasite is implanted into a human, it takes control of its brain and the human gets a nearly uncontrollable lust for human guts. That makes me wonder... what are the DoD eating? I dareseay that the lust for human intestines isn't coming out of nowhere. Even though Rubel told us that the war on the mainland is for territory, may it be that it is actually a war between a predator and his prey?

    Furthermore, DoD and Claymore as well are able to awaken. This is most likely possible due to the fact that both of them use Yoki. What I thought about is if Yoma are able to awaken, too. The Yoma, however, is just a parasite that took control of a human, so, in fact, the human's body structure shouldn't have changed that much, but, however, do you think Yoma can awaken? And what is likely to be the result?

    Also something I have been wondering about is why Abyssal Feeders can't use Yoki. They are made out of a human who has an Awakened Being's flesh and blood implanted. In some way they are similar to Yoma, I daresay that a Yoma, if it could awaken, would become an Abyssal Feeder. The reason is as simple as it is: The fused flesh of DoD's and their awakened form acts as a parasite, why should the flesh of an Awakened Being not act the same way?

    I think, that, since Yoma are parasites to begin with, every being that once was 100% human is able to control its parasite. In other words, the theory of a "Conscious Awakened Being" (an AB that doesn't go nuts) is not so unlikely anymore. I think that those beings are exactly what the Organization is trying to develop. We have seen Jean, who had a fully awakened body and who still kept her human mind. I wonder if there may even be a way for the host to communicate with its parasite...


    These are just some ideas I thpught of based on the chart I made; they're most likely not all the ideas I had during the process of making it, but! I want you to post all your ideas and thoughts on that stuff here. I have some ideas myself, too, but I don't want to post them here yet.


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    Re: Claymore "Evolution Chart"

    I'm not wearing any underwear

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