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Thread: Ranking the YOMI in terms of power

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    Thumbs Up Ranking the YOMI in terms of power

    Haven't seen the thread like this and I'm interested in what you guys have to say about it.

    Here's my take:

    High Tier:

    1. Satomi Kajima - Not much seen from him but being One Shadow's disciple and current leader implies his great strength
    2. Kano Sho - Described as "perfect", member of the Kuremisago tribe, former leader, God Hand's disciple, meant to inherit all the styles
    3. Tirawit Koukin - Managed the impossible - to defeat and "kill" Kenichi

    Mid Tier:

    4. Ethan Stanley - took the personal training from Elder for Kenichi to defeat him
    5. Boris Ivanov
    6. Tanimoto Natsu
    7. Kushinada Chikage - Genius potential, but her emotions hinder her capabilities

    Low Tier:

    8. Asamiya Ryuuto - Can't walk anymore, safe to assume that his strength diminished
    9. Radin Tidat Jihan - Too proud and arrogant to be able to reach the higher martial arts, it was said that Jenazad could raise another disciple of his caliber in no time
    10. Rachel Stanley - Attracting attention is more important to her than fighting skills
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    Re: Ranking the YOMI in terms of power

    I don't think a rank would ever be fair nor actually possible. In between every yomi fight kenichi has had there has always been a gap of time in which they have grown stronger. This alone and the fact that every yomi has a different style would make a proper rank impossible. We might just as well say the one who gets defeated the latest is the strongest to some degree.

    I do think you are underestimating radin and rachel though. Radin did fight kenichi in an uncomfortable weather for him and without shoes in the snow, basically 2 rather important limiters to his power. Rachel was able to fight on par with renka who is no slouch. Renka is supposed to be a bit into the talented category and as far as we know she could still be stronger than kenichi.

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    Re: Ranking the YOMI in terms of power

    It's really hard to rank them at this point because we haven't seen each members full abilities yet but I'll take a crack at it.

    1) Satomi Kajima
    2) Tirawit Koukin
    3) Kano Sho
    4) Tanimoto Natsu
    5) Kushinada Chikage/Rachel Stanley
    6) Ethan Stanley
    7) Radin Tidat Jihan
    8) Boris Ivanov
    9) Asamiya Ryuuto

    This list is subject to change.
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    Re: Ranking the YOMI in terms of power

    The thing we also tend to forget is that during the entire manga every character tend to get stronger (with the exeption of Ukita and Nijima, but still), so those who got kicked out from Yomi might be already weaker than those who are still there. Thus I believe that people are understimating the same Odin too much. Even though his mobility is decreased he was still capable of taking Miu for some time. Of course she wasn't really all-out, but still! Miu is supposed to be stronger than Kenichi (even though we don't know to what extent as it was clearly shown that neither of them normally shows all he or she has). And he managed to do it quite some time ago and we know that Kensei is giving a special training for evey of his disciples. So we must conclude that currently Ruyto might not be the weakest Yomi. I would actually put him above Jihan, Boris and Rachel. I also can't see what Kushinada can do against him as his style is to prevent any possible attack getting inside his Seikuken, hence she can't throw him and that's her only actual weapon for now, especially since she is physically the weakest Yomi by far. I would say that even by Shinpaku Alliance standarts she should be physically weak.

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