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View Poll Results: The outcome of the battle?

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  • Galatea wins Scenario 1 but loses in Scenario 2 to Miria

    3 16.67%
  • Miria wins Scenario 1 but loses in Scenario 2 to Galatea

    4 22.22%
  • Galatea wins in both Scenario

    4 22.22%
  • Miria wins in both Scenario

    7 38.89%
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Thread: Galatea vs. Miria

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    Claymore Galatea vs. Miria

    A defensive type Claymore, Galatea is Claymore No. 3 of Clare's generation. She is one of the best when it comes to Yoki perception. She takes on Phantom Miria, Claymore No. 6 of Clare's generation. Although this number should be debatable but lets not put too much emphasis on it.

    Scenario 1 : Galatea is not blinded

    Scenario 2 : Galatea has no more light in her eyes.

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    Re: Galatea vs. Miria

    Miria wins 1, Galatea wins 2.

    Hm. Truthfully, I think Galatea doesn't stand a chance against Miria as she is now. However she was ranked 3 slots higher initially, and not only due to her sensing but also since she has an enormous yoki gain upon release. Still, the only viable way I see is her blindness enhanced sensing in order to evade Miria's speed - but it would have to be Miria's pre timeskip speed - The thing is it seems the ghosts gained more in overall battle potential during timeskip than Gala did. She had 7 years of hiding, not of training. Maybe her senses are enormously enhanced but she can't possibly match Miria's current speed , period.

    But I can't have Galatea loose both fights to Miria so there you go

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    Re: Galatea vs. Miria

    It doesn't matter how quick Miria is, If Galatea can sense her, Miria is at the mercy of Galatea.

    3 Reasons why Galatea wins.

    - Galatea has the strength to take off parts of Daufs body (as seen in The Witches maw II) My guess is she hasn't gotten any weaker since then. The biggest reason I consider Galatea to be amongst the most powerful strikers, is due to the fact she literally clashed swords against Miata with ONE HAND and managed not only to to put Miata on the defensive, but was also strong enough to cut through (blood red) Agatha's whips during the battle in Rabona, ONE HANDED as well. So in terms of strength, Galatea CLEARLY outclasses Miria - Remember, In theory " the stronger one / one who weighs more will get thrown back during a clash in mid-air - Raki vs TAB' ", but the fact that Galatea was in mid air already when her and Miata clashed, yet Galateas wasn't thrown back, proves Galateas strength doesn't need to be polished over

    - PYSA doesn't even begin to fully encompass Galateas abilities as a sensor, Speed is meaningless if your opponent knows where you're going to be, and where you currently are.

    - Yoki Alignment abilities are her specialty ; During the battle between the TAB'S and Miria, Miria lost focus and got cut down, but it clearly wasn't due to the TAB'S abilities, it was due to Rafutela's AMYAA (Altered mind yoki alignment ability) that Miria lost focus, and almost got purged. Now with that in mind, and the CLEAR difference in power between Galatea and Rafutela's AMYAA abilities in focus, the victor of this match is almost certain to be Galatea unless Miria pulls a " the MC never loses " due to Yagi being an underdog lover.

    It would basically go down like this ; Miria and Galatea would have a stare-down, Miria would make the first move, probably with a low level mirage step, Galatea would sense it, but instead of dodging it, she'd simply manipulate Miria's trajectory, her sword would miss, and Galatea would slice her in two, a battle between these two would not last any more than 10 seconds. If Galatea fails to either sense Miria in time, or manipulate her in time, than perhaps the quickness of her mirage step ability would come in handy and give her a slight edge, but the chances of that are almost nonexistent, as Galatea could even tell when people on Yoki suppressant medication approached Rabona, let alone Miria while releasing yoki necessary to preform a mirage step.

    In all, Galatea would leave unscathed , victorious 9 out of 10 times.
    Remember, Vengeance is best served cold, no matter how bittersweet it becomes

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