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Thread: Need artist for scifi action manga.

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    Need artist for scifi action manga.

    Idk if I should do this in manga or novel format yet. PS anyone good at making up names, Im just terrible at it if I ever have a kid I would have no clue wat to name em Im that bad at it.

    I have 2 arcs done if I get character names I like I will ad a bio and story to em. This is heavily in beta.

    ARC 1
    Man and Heaven vs hell 1st arc outline
    Starts off very cliché Its 2 millennia later man is the dominant race, Mans technology is so great they no longer need a sun they use science to light up there planet a simple levitating bulb can light up there whole planet, They have artificial weather and food, Earth itself is now a metal construct for the most part the size of a galaxy, To heaven this is a display of their ego. They are attacked by hell. For the first five years man has been winning heaven has ignored and forsaken them. Kyzar age 18 a human being from a planet forgotten and destroyed by earth, He is one of earth’s top mech pilots; He’s currently fighting in one of hells biggest attacks. Zionix 1 of hells 100 prince’s also known as the white dragon, Is a mere fire breathing serphant in mans eyes is attacking with his army. Meanwhile in battle hay Kyzar whys your name so weird, Im a alien you ass face, And Jack your last names ass that can’t sit too well with you, Jack retorts shut it and watch my back I’m still your commanding officer. If you get killed in a Lightning edge you deserved to die, these are earths newest mechs and can even level a planet and teleport at light speed. Hay Kyzar is that last demon left Zionix, Yep and its wiping out are entire army fucking noobs the guys ranked 100 among swarm. Jack fires a shot and misses, Gets hit by Zionix fire ball his units disabled but repairs itself in minutes. Hmm so that over sized lizard can hurt us, let’s see how fast he is Zionix can keep up with the lightning edge also. Stay back ill handle this alone Jack. Kyzar blows a whole threw the ground creating fog and blasts threw it from underground, Zionix dodges Kyzar jumps on top of Zionix and fires off right into the beast midsection it sheds off and flees avoiding most of the damage.
    One year ago that’s when it all changed, Now even a grunt from hells army can take out a small army of earths, Few humans can hold their own against grunts, Humans are the only species left and have lost a strong hold that spanned far beyond the milky way. Kyzars in a fight with a runaway grunt near earth’s atmosphere cant dare get hit his mechs regenerative armor is useless against the new grunts powered up demonic energy, 1 hit to Jacks arm corroded his whole suit. There’s 1 thing about Kyzar he never gets scared this is fun to him; It takes a squadron of humans or a general from heaven to kill 1 grunt. Even though his mechs beam cannon can level a planet it will just heal, he has to get close enough to use his beam laced sword to kill it. He fires 1 shot to lead the grunt on he falls for it, A second shot hits, Right as its bout to heal he gets behind the grunt and cuts it and half and blasts it again for good measure .Heavenly forces joined quickly and together far outnumber hell, However they are far weaker, Aside from generals it takes five of heavenly forces members to kill just a grunt or a fleet of earths mechs and ships , it takes a army of both sides to kill one of the high ranking officers of hell, and only temporary kill the members of swarm, the members of swarm can’t be killed they always seem to comeback once there fully healed. The 1st guard of heaven doors percival finally comes down to fight 2 of the 100 generals of hells, Zionix is back and getting close to earth and has destroyed several planets and after earth heaven is next, The white dragon of hell weakest of the 100, A beast covered in white flames and energy now, Shaped like a serphant dragon, And the much stronger Asgurd who ranks 50 A giant ogre Like beast with a floating flaming head, And a flaming axe. Challenge Percival who appears as a form of pure white energy being beyond physical form. He tells his army to stand back and easily takes em both out with a single blast or so he thinks, The white dragon reveals that the 100 generals are now down to 50 and he is number 50 what he killed now in Asgurd was a nobody now, Him and Percival go blow for blow trading energy blasts, The white dragon laughs and says he’s done playing and creates a pocket dimension so harsh that its environment destroys everything in it except the Percival, Who is how ever weakened in it, The serphant is impressed saying the conditions here are worse than a black hole ,Your still a weakling to me he completely devours the first guard essence and takes his powers .Which are very little to him he does however gain his knowledge. Will hell take over earth then heaven?
    I will tell this part of the arc threw the 1 main character and then threw hell later on. Just a preview of what I have written
    Arc 2 outline true secrets of kyzar
    Meanwhile back in hell. So Zion you killed Percival pity u didn’t die with that weakling Asgurd. Shut it elf bitch, That is how a ignorant worm would talk to Lilitu unlike you I rank among the top ten our power can’t be measured, also if it wasn’t for Acolmite and the Unknown taking hell over you wouldn’t have this new form or those dimensional control powers u rely so heavily on. After all you were defeated by a mere human and almost killed. Ya well I know how to get into heaven thanks to Percival, We all do idiot were just playing with earth if you weren’t such a weakling you would know that , Why not do something useful and kill everyone on earth with your weak army. I will do just that and get promoted above you.
    An enraged Zionix seeks Kyzar, He and his army warp right into earths base quickly wiping out most of their army. Finally Kyzar is found amongst heavens and earth army, Zion just in his human form attacks him tossing him and his lightning edge for miles, Zion transforms into his old form so Kyzar can know who it is. Kyzar laughs oh it’s the oversized lizard back for seconds. You are just an ant Zion retorts it’s your colony I am here to destroy, I dispatched most of earth and heavens army here in seconds. Kyzar says so what they sucked ill just destroy you and this entire base A fully charged shot by his bleeding edge is repelled back at him destroying him. Zionix continues his campaign and takes to the skys towards a gate to heavens dimension he created.
    Kyzar thinks to himself, Damn I just died in a matter of seconds, Wait Im alive but the angels said when were killed thanks to the demons new powers we don’t go to heaven or limbo how can I be thinking. He opens his eyes He’s in space. He is now in the form of a wingless black dragon, His arms and legs are incased in molten lava, and He has 3 claws on each limb, and a main of liquid like flames flows from the back of his head down to his back. Weird I feel no demonic or spiritual energy from this body, and it shows zero signs of being made from the atomic energy science uses where are these powers coming from. I need to get back to earth. Instantly Kyzar is on earth having no clue how he got there. Did I just teleport. His site is amazing he can now see all of earth in a 360 view or normally if he wants, He can even see himself in 3rd person, He quickly finds Eva One of the highest ranking angels fighting a losing battle with Zionix ,He quickly goes to help to try to save earth and at the same time stop Zionix from getting into heaven. He fires a energy blast from his mouth, Knocking down Zionix, He tells Eva to run, Your telling me to run you have zero spiritual nor demonic energy how can u hope to win Actually what are you even. Zion this is Lilitu idk what that thing is but it’s using one of the same powers as the unknown who killed our first king stop wasting time kill him now, create a pocket dimension so Eva cant interfere. Zionix does as told, 1 on 1 again Zion well were one for one lets finish the score, Zion says idk what you are but Im going to kill u and fast, Kyzar fires another blast it knocks Zion out, Zion enraged transforms further now growing arms and claws, He completely disappears from the area, Pfft he ran again, The whole dimension is incased in white flames Kyzar for the first time in his life even after death feels fear of dying. He feels a slash from behind. Zions then barrages him from dimensional jumping till He is almost dead. Zion wait this is Lilith stop I’ve been watching the whole time that thing is the same as the unknown who killed our king right. take his power instead and we will be unstoppable he is known as a dragonian he is far weaker than the unkown but that’s beside the point we demons can be the true kings of hell again with understanding of that power take it. Zion smiles understood. What is this I’m taking his power but the source won’t end the hell are these dragonians, Zion that things waking up, HAHAHAHA IM AWAKE FINALY I would have never woken up fully if u didn’t say dragonians but only 25% of my dna belongs to them. Whatever your dead u can’t see or find me with my dimensional step. Zion hides behind a pocket dimension ready for attack but before he can move Kyzar begins to transform, A ball of black energy surrounds him, Wings Larger than his first form sprout out,The energy disperses putting out the white flames and Kyzar emerges he is incased in red armor boosters appear on his back under each wing if he is part mecha, He has the head of what looks like a tigers mixed with a dragon, He stands up right like a humanoid and is several times larger lightning flows from his eyes. His molten flames flow in spirals around his arms and legs, He instantly punches threw the smaller pocket dimension grabbing Zion by the neck his near touch burns him. Sorry about that I’m holding back not to kill you.
    1 Your probably wondering who I am who knows maybe I’m god maybe I am the true king of hell Na just kidding Im Kyzar you could um say I lost my memories and powers for a while that’s it. Now don’t try to speak Im kidda breaking your neck here,
    2 Ahh that’s right how could I forget how can I see you there’s several reasons one Im above 100% being one whos power cannot be calculated I could destroy heaven earth and hell 3 times over the most. You’re a 20% being with a birth trait ability Even if you self destructed you could only destroy a universe one time over well if you even knew how to use your powers piss worm,
    3 Oh ya what are birth trait ability’s, Well you have dimensional control but you suck with it seeing as how hells barrier is weak as shit and just with my normal vision I can see threw the dimension and see Lilitu body completely naked threw he clothes, Oh hi there your next but Im just gona rape you for as long as I feel like then kill u, Then probably destroy heaven and hell well if my wife lets me. A true dimensional user would have enhanced there dimension to the point it can’t be destroyed or seen this easily and would be able to jump through full scale dimensions and make full sized ones, Also be able to use the energy from them to use big bang. I’m telling you all this to let you know how much of a piss ant you are to me, I’m a 100 class psychic so I can rapidly predict threw futures to see what you’re going to do, This is easier to do since My second birth skill trait is to control time, I can speed threw my predictions of predictions it’s pretty incredible does back fire and get me hit some time, Eye of analyzation lets me see through every movement of yours, I could see threw dimensions, things appear to me as I will I don’t need light to see, Heck I could even copy all your dna and powers with it except your dimension control ability and invade hell.
    So are you gona talk the whole time or kill me, that’s right u know it and I know it you can’t kill us of swarm dumb ass we will just heal and come back to life, And you just told me how to use my powers, Beg and I might let you live when I come back, Even that weakling Asgurd is coming back to life soon.
    Your right I’m not going to kill you I’m going to destroy you literally wipe you from existence, Very few species actually only 9 and I’m a mix of 3 of those species learn to master there powers, There are 4 energies to life spirit, demonic, atomic, and brutal energy. Every species starts off with one but can use all 4. Once a species unlock all 4 you have to kill all 4 to wipe out their existence. Destroying one can be done by mixing all 4 types, Focused energy in one type or, by elements mixed with one life energy or birth skill ability. You have no clue of this the person who gave you all power must be weak cause he didn’t teach you how to fully use them or your just a piss ant and doesn’t matter. I mean if I used my powers the way you do even some one smart of your power could kill me. It’s about the density of your attack not the size. Even if I destroyed this dimension it would be a waste of energy none of the top ten would die and Id be weaker by 10% power 30% if I destroy all 3 at once, and I still have to fight 20 people it be a waste of energy, And if either of them was a enhanced dimension threw science or someone more powerful like you I would be wasting a shit ton of energy on a giant light show. Anyways time for you to die this time I’m gona use a attack I made. Kyzar constantly charges up his brutal energy into a hurricane of black and white energy that surrounds him, this is actually a collection of condensed microscopic hurricanes built into one that go in multiple directions that tear his enemy up.


    Are you done having fun yet Jaguana. Oh hai its Garlion, Darkness, and Blaze. Na this is Kyzar, Jaguanas sleep from jumping dimensions awakening my powers and bringing me back to life that was a lot for us I mean me to do. Did you have to tell them ALL OF YOUR FUCKING POWERS? I forgot to explain elemental attack to him like thunder command and my nova flames =(. And I intentionally left out unseal/sealing my most powerful Birth slo;; ability that separated me into 5 beings who can’t permanently fuse back and look the same and think as one being. You know how confusing this is to deal with actually where’s shadow, rampage and flare so I can use my full powers I can barely maintain my newest form. You’re a idiot why not reopen your mental link and see what they’re doing for yourself, Ya well you’re a giant tiger, Im a true beast not 25% were beast like you your 25% of a fake tiger, You ass don’t mix me with these runts known as earth tigers my race are the one true animals. Your still stupid blaze you should know by now Kyzar has green eyes, Flares are blue, Rampages are red, Shawdows are Black, Jaguanas are brown, Fused there dark purple or gold. Anyways there fighting ya I can see I’m fighting Exodoribrix in my home dimension. Great then who the fuck is the dragonian running rampant here. Hes as powerful as my 6 stage dragonian form, but weaker than my current fused form.
    Well until My other halves get here using full strength is just gona tire me out plus this dimension can’t handle it Blaze I am going to need 1 body guard you stay here. I am going to use sealing and bring are powers down to a universal destruction level. I’ll make you stronger than me wont seal your powers as much. I just need stage 2 of my 4 available transformations to fight. We will be 50% beings at max power that ok. Sure what ever if you were more disciplined this wouldn’t be needed. Of all the attacks you use sweeping killer to kill a weakling like that. Better hope your brother comes to enhance the dimension and not your wife pretty sure she heard your perverted rape jokes. Aww man she’s gona kill me isn’t she Im only 30 years old, and technically Kyzars 20. Im too young to die, and I’m a prince. Plus she’s the princess of the species who started that million year long war long ago way before I was born wouldn’t it be like a global crime to kill me D=. If you don’t shut up Ill kill you. Blaze I am pretty sure pet tigers on earth are not supposed to kill their masters. WHY OF ALL YOUR GUARDS AM I STUCK WITH YOU YOU’RE A FUCKING IDIOT IM GOING TO KILL YOU. If you do that ill show everyone your tiger cub pics plus, my others half is in a alt dimension you can’t kill me. THAT’S IT GURAN MOUTH BLAST. Blaze knocks Kyzar a few miles back out of pure rage. Time step that was pointless and just mean, how much did you nerf my powers that shoulda sent you to orbit unlike you I don’t have forms and stages messing up my power throws me off I didn’t even need to be sealed I have self control unlike you. Anyways let’s infiltrate heaven. See if there trustable or have to be destroyed we will take are time with destroying hell, time out your gona flirt with Lilitu aren’t you. It’s like you want another divorce your x wife is already a fellow leader in your group. And didn’t you get a ship with enough power to destroy enhanced dimensions and kill you stolen that Exodorebrix reversed engineered and cloned the last time you slept with someone else besides your wife how did u not see that coming you’re a psyhic. Blaze the readers did not need to know that and the whole alternate futures being unlimited thing, Im just now learning how to fully use my time powers to predict futures, And aside from mass extinction it’s a useless power there’s alternate futures me predicting the future alters the future its retarded so sometimes I don’t use it.
    Time ability, only a select few people have this users are usually/so far always born with it, Strengths
    Time step instantly move threw time
    Speeds up healing and thinking, Combos well with being a 100% pshycic unless your Kyzar cause he’s a total dumb ass
    Wave of time first attack used with essence of time blasts a enemies with the very essence of time. Can kill most enemies below 50% class with 1 hit, Basic attack use with time energy, Kyzar learned it at 18 even tho hes a 100% pyshic, His 2 sons learned it at 7, His daughter will probly also learn it way before he did.
    Sea of time more advanced offensive time attack, In a tidal wave of white energy attacks his enemies, Can be scaled up to being the size of a universe Jaguana aka Kyzar Learned this at 20 his sons 7.
    Extinction is the most powerful ability of time birth ability. Lets the user Use the very energy of time to use a extinction level attack on enemies. A more powerful version of this is mass extinction can envelope a entire universe in flash of white light, weakness Anyone smart enough to jump through dimensions at a basic level screwed vs dimensional users. Combos best with a dimensional user to lock enemies in a single dimension who are too fast to hit with normal attacks. Or destroy a fleet of ships that the enemy have cause stupid rock head leader thinks with his penis.
    By fusion form Kyzar/ Jaguana means a mixure of his battle forms which consist of dna from his 25% were beast, 25% dragonian, and 50% ancient race they are so old they forgot their name

    Next arc Blaze gets neutered for writing that =D .No really You see why kyzar is such a dumb ass as he forgot to close the gate to hell and heaven Lilitu attacks.
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