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not sure how reliable the infos sha posted are but the "made part" can be interpreted differently too. As I see it, they can be just "normal" persons who awaken the power but I might be wrong. I doubt we will see anything about them soon anyway, if they are shown it will most likely be when the story has advanced near the end.

we can discuss more of this in the specific thread if you want
most of the infos i gathered are hearsays, and we know how hearsays grow its size dont we, so far we barely know about Exis
or how they are formed/made/ comes into existence.
all will be revealed as we move further i suppose
just one thing is certain (from the authors blog) Phantaminum is an exis.
now we dont know anything about exis solidly to start a discussion of whether Baam is an exis/ will be one at all

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btw this is an interesting info from the author, never thought of the scenario like that. Koon is really a genius in TOG