Title: My Idol
Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, School Life, Shounen
Author: Kawashita Mizuki
Artist: Kawashita Mizuki
Publication: Weekly Shonen Jump
Start Date: 2010
End Date: Finished
Number of chapters at review: 1 (One Shot)
Number of chapters read by reviewer: 1

General Overview:
Hirano Harufumi has been elected as the new idol committee member of the StuCo and his first task is to find a girl in his school who would fit the role of an idol and participate in the upcoming school festival. He searches high and low for any possible candidates, but soon he finds out that one half of the girls doesn't fit the criteria of an idol and the other half is too shy/busy/lazy to take on the job. His only hope left is his childhood friend Aizawa Momoka, who unfortunately also refuses his offer. A race against the clock begins as “Haru-chan” desperately tries to convince Momoka to become and idol.

Category Ratings: (1-10 scale)

Art: 10
Fuck yes, this is how shounen art should look like. We have clean lines, we have cinematic camera angles, realistic and detailed backgrounds, we see a lot of different screen tones aaaaaaaand… *takes a breath* action-filled speed lines, awesome character designs, interesting paneling, panel transitions, various facial expressions, and a lot of other stuff that you don’t have to know the name of. Kawashita may not be the god of storytelling, but his artistic abilities are without doubt god-tier level.

Plot: 7
It started high and gradually rolled down. That’s the essence of what happened in “My Idol”. We follow our hero on his search for his idol and at times I couldn’t help but feel that the plot didn’t move at all or moved at a much too slow pace. Not to mention that there were occasions where I felt that too much screen time was wasted on a topic that was completely irrelevant and those panels and pages could’ve been used much more wisely. Still, Kawashita wrote out a solid script and followed it to end. I guess my disappointment was partly caused by the content of the plot rather than the way it was executed, meh. >_>

Characters: 8
Due to the specifics of Harufumi’s job he has to search through a lot of candidates (all girls in his school) which obviously results in this one shot having a really big amount of supporting characters. IIRC our two heroes Harufumi and Momoka are the only named characters in this one shot, though I might be wrong about that *too lazy to re-read 45 pages*. Anyway, what the characters lack in depth, they make up in design. I already praised the art and the character designs are no exception in that department.

Theme: 7
The primary idea in My Idol is the philosophy behind helping your friends out. Or if you look at it from another angle, how much are ready to help your friends out? To what extent are you ready to help? Obviously, all these questions aren’t displayed openly, just like that, and on top of everything this is a shounen we’re talking about and that kind of shounen that doesn’t require any philosophical input from the reader, but if you dig a little deeper into the story it will be that stuff I mentioned above that you will find out.

Originality: 7
The original task of finding an idol within your own school seemed like a pretty good idea to me in the beginning. However, IMHO Kawashita didn’t use all the potential that this setting allowed him. Part of his choices were limited by the fact this is a shounen, but even within the limits of the shounen genre there were possibilities that he didn’t use. Overall, there were some nice plot movements but they were either within the boundaries of the predictable or only slightly outside them.

Overall: 7
It’s not bad. The art was obviously the highlight in “My Idol”, the original setting was catching as well (even if it could be executed better IMHO) and the occasional comedy and ecchi moments gave the story nice additional touch. I would recommend this one shot to everyone who is in search of a piece with nice art and isn’t too strict when it comes down to the plot.

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