King White <3 Queen Snow= Snow White but Queen Snow died in child birth. King White remarried Evil Queen. The King died for one of his enemies tried to killed Snow White. The Evil Queen got mad cause she didn't get pregnant by the King so. She made her stepdaughter into her maid.

Prince Florian <3 Snow White = King Stefan <3 Queen Leach= Princess Aurora.
Hunter Huntsman <3 Gardener=Cinderella.
Scott Tremaine is best friends with Hunter the Huntsman.
Scott Tremaine <3 Lady Tremaine = Anastasia and Drizella.
King Handsome <3 Queen Ruby= King Dashing and King Hubert.
King Dashing <3 Queen Amelia= Prince Charming
King Hubert <3 Queen Lindsey= Prince Phillip.
Prince Phillip <3 Aurora= Prince Adam
Prince Adam <3 Belle =??? ???
Prince Charming <3 Cinderella = Eilwony.
Princess Eilwony <3 Taran = Triples one is the Mother of Anna & Elsa as well the Father of Repunzel and the Father of Prince Eric.

Mowgli is Tarzan and Belle's child. The wolves was dumped in Africa cause the farmers asked the hunters to ship the wolves to Africa. The the Wolves took over the Jungle part of the Africa. While Loin King took place after that and before the Tarzan's parents was killed.