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Thread: Please, support me, become my patreon!

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    Please, support me, become my patreon!

    Hello, I present myself. My name is Chris.DM. I'm a French scriptwriter (sorry for my writing, I don't master well English language). I enrolled on Patreon to discover my work.

    I write every day to try and create interesting stories. I work on several projects at the same time, most of which are for the comics edition. There is comedy, a thriller, a story for children, horror stories but also a story as I prepare for a screenplay competition.

    The reason you should support me? I can't give you one. If you support me, because you want to, and for reasons that are all your own. You're the best judge.

    I can only tell you that writing screenplay is a real job and I would like to find people who support me in my approach. But it's never easy to ask for help. It's even very difficult. I love writing, telling stories, but to live this activity I need your support.

    I have a blog in French, but I created a page for translate my texts into English. I would like publish one chapter a month, but to translate a text into English takes me a lot of time. Then, I'll post things here... once a month. I hope whole my heart that my stories will like you.

    Thank you for reading.

    This is the presentation of INNOCENT project. This is the first story I'll publish to my blog.

    Title: INNOCENT

    Genre: Comedy, humor

    Universe: Near future

    Readership: Teen-Adult

    Pitch: Pamela INNOCENT, a student in Paris, inherits the family business, have to return to live in New York one day - his hometown - to take over the running. Not sociable and hate to work, she initially rejects his inheritance, before finally accepting it.


    When Pamela was about to have her diner, she receive a call from her father telling her that her grandmother, Josephine INNOCENT, who lives in NY is dead. The father told her she has to go to US to attend to take part in the opening of the will. Once there, she went to the premises of «INNOCENT Corporation», the place designate for the will opening. This Cigar company was founded and runned by her grandparents.
    Everyone is present. Pamela's father, John INNOCENT. Business lawyer, has worked in the Family corporation since it foundation. Her mother, Marie GUILTY. Ex-wife of John, lives comfortably with the money obtained from her divorce. Pamela’s mother refuse that her younger sister Laurie GUILTY born afterher parents’ divorce bears the father’s name. And finally, James Douglas MORISSON, assistant and, according to some rumour, lover of his grandmother.

    The notary reveals the contents of the will and Pamela is designed as the new directress of the Innocent Corporation. Pamela INNOCENT, not social young woman and hating more than any work, inherite of INNOCENT Corporation.

    I will publish the first chapter the 1st july 2015. See you soon !
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