I wrote this story thinking of the ancient egyptian history , I hope you will all like it.

......Anubis, god of the dead, people worshiped me for thousands of years.
They made temples, sacrifices, all in my name; but they don't know my story. A story of love, betrayal, hate, death, and rebirth

This is the introduction to the story of Anubis; I am going to write it soon enough I hope u all will like it

Anubis, they called me; but my real name is Uatreaze.
My mother Debra was a special woman she wasn't like the other; with her soft golden hair, and her green eyes. So different from all the Egyptians woman I met, I was a son of a high person, and maybe his only child; all I remember was the castle where I used to run.
A vast castle, with 4 floor, big roofs, long colorful coloms, a pool, garden, a kitchen, a library, and an unknown number of bathrooms and bedrooms; all of that filled by guards, servants, and cooker; all under my mother command.
I was a lazy, spoiled lil boy yet smart, my mother always said"Uatreaze,you are special, but you refuse to use your gifts".
And she was right, as I growed I turned to a troublemaker, always returning to the house on the first light of Ra, drunk, beated up, or anything else; I always find my mother waiting for me, with a list of arguments that i always escaped to my room, all the scribes she got me didn't last 2 weeks with me, till SHE arrived, a woman with black hair and with skin as white as snow.
my mother told me that her name is Emilie Drake; and she is gonna teach me arms; then when my life started to twist and change.

Emilie was the type of woman that doesn't care who are you, who is your family.
she was hired to train you, and train you she will using any method that seem fit to her; she twisted my life literally.
everyday instead of coming home drunk, i came home beaten, full of marks, bleeding, and always with both my arms twisted.
i begged my mother to release me from her, to fire her, I promised i would change; but she wouldn't hear it.
next morning i was throw off my bed so hard i thought an earthquake was happening, turned out the earthquake was Em; when i asked her what the hell was that for.
she just replied coldly" So..you want your mother to fire me, you want me out of her, go run the palace yard 50 times, and hurry up, you have a very busy day".
those who doesn't know our palace yard is the size of a football field now, so you can imagine my pain when i finished; i laid down to rest.
that when an icy cold bucket of water showered me; i start yelling at Em" THAT IS NOT TRAINING.THAT IS TORTURING!!!!",and i received as an answer another bucket in the face along with 2 kicks and 3 slaps.
my day was as she said was busy she made sure of it clean all the bathroom, the pool, shine the armors and shield, edge the weapons, replace all bows strings, feed the horses, brush them, and the list goes on and on.
by the time i finished them; I swore to the gods that i shall always keep my mouth shut from now on.
My life turned from bad to worse; everyday Em "training" was harder than the day before.
she made me do the weirdest stuff from trying to stabilize on a running horse back to put meat on me and unleash 2 weeks hungry hounds behind my trace.
i don’t understand how i survived this long; but after 3 months of that i became almost invincible.my mother was so happy of the changes that happened to me, that she made Em my permanent trainer and gave her one of the best rooms in the palace the one between mine and my mother.
to be honest i didn't like Em being so close to me; it mean that she could control my sleep time, get inside my room at anytime, in simple words she control my life.
one day she came she told me as i was getting ready "No..no training today" ;i just stood there with my mouth open, i couldn't what i heard, was she testing me?.
she just stood there watching me like i was some kind of a machine that didn't get the order;finally she sighed and left to her room.
i stood there for like an hour before realizing i was free,even if it was for a day,i was free.
i ran outside like there was an army behind me;as i just got out of the palace, i bumped into her HER.
a beautiful young girl, oily skin,short soft hair,but her eyes were something that i have never seen before,they had the colors of a bloddy red ruby.
with a voice sweeter than honey,she apologized to me and ran off before i could say a word.that was the first time i saw her but i won't be the last time.
i couldn't stop thinking about her;it was like she possed my mind.
even Em thought i got sick of her training;so she started giving me easier stuff to do,they were still bad though,but easier.
i sent servants all over the country to find my mysterious girl;but they returned empty handed, telling me they found no trace of her,it was like air you know it exist;but you don't where it is.
Em gave me another free day,first thing i did is to run to the place when i first saw her;but to my disappointment she wasn't there.
but i felt like i was watched,i looked around and found two red dots looking at me under a hood in the dark of a corner.
as soon as i made contact with them,they looked away and ran , keeping up with her was hard.
when i finally caught her,i was out of breath,but i found enough air to ask her a ton of question;the only answer that she gave me was this phrase"You are being followed;meet me tonight in the same place where we first met;you shall have all the answer you want".
she turned away to leave,but i grabbed her hand and asked her her name,my grab have made the hood fell from her face,and her beauty paralyzed me.
she got ashamed and uneasy of my staring i could say;yet she leaned close to me,and kissed my check as she whispered in my ear"sweet,my name is sweetflame".
she smiled at me as she putted her hood on again;and walked away between the people until she vanished.
i stood there not moving for a good 10 minutes before i could regain my senses;i started thinking of what she said"You are being followed;meet me tonight".
i looked around and i glimpsed one of my trainer servants watching me closely;i acted like i didn't see him and returned home like nothing happened.
thinking and preparing for tonight;preparing for our meeting.
i spared no time,money,or anything preparing for this"date"with sweet;i took bathes with the most expensive perfumes i could find;wore my best looking clothes;putted my purest jewels on me.
i looked at the sun,going down slowly,begging her in my mind to set faster,so i can meet the one that stole my thoughts,my health,my heart,and my life.
as soon as the darkness filled the sky;i jumped from my window to the grass of the garden,all thanks to Em training.
i bolted to the place where my eyes laid sight on her for the first time;i found her waiting for me;i couldn't believe myself when she ran to me,giving me a hug and a kiss.
she held my hand and pulled me,between houses and streets,till we finally stopped in front of a ladder,we climbed it and sat on a roof alone,together.
But the strange thing is i can't remember anything of that night,it was like my memory was wiped clean.
The next morning was even stranger;Em told me she gonna have to be absent for a few days,for some urgent matter;her replacements were 2 women.a dark haired one named Zora and a golden haired one like my mother named Yvonne.
they had a guy the same age as me named Vlad,i understood later that they were training him like Em was training me.
Zora was the special in arms,she was the personification of the saying"Beautiful;yet Deadly",her armor was made of strong gold and decorated with all different kind of jewels;she taught me to use all different kind of weapons,the best two were the stick and the curved sword,so she made me a special weapon,a metal stick with curved steel at the end of it.
Yvonne was the special in all animals,it was like she could connect with them,understand what they need and what they say,she wore only white light clothes;she gave me a little chacal as a pet,black as the night without a moon,i called him Anubis,she taught me how to take care of his very need and how to understand him,like he was talking to me.
Vlad and me became quickly best friends,i even shared my room with him;we were always together.
i had to admit,i didn't miss Em much.
having a new best friend;an adorable animal to take care of;and a mighty and powerful weapon can really distract you.
But nothing good last forever,THIS cursed day proved me right.
Though i had every possible thing to distract myself,i always felt there a piece missing of this.
the piece was Sweet,the puzzle would complete with her,i couldn't stop recalling our meeting;i couldn't see her much now that i got Zora and Yvonne training me,and Vlad always by my side.
2 weeks after Zora and Yvonne replaced Em,i found a rolled papyrus on my bed;no one was in the room so i looked through the window,and i saw a shadow running away.
As i suspected it was a letter of Sweet there it is"I missed you,did I offend you in any way?I want to have a date like that.this are second date;wait for me with ladder;and watch not to fall in the hole.
love Sweet"
something was wrong in this letter there were no holes in the street where we went to,the ladder was already there.
i looked at the letter with close attention,i found a hidden message in it the message is "this is a hole",Sweet was warning me from an ambush.
i wore my armor,with my weapon and pet by my side;i sneaked out,to the battle ground.
when all of the sudden i got surrounded by shadows,i can't number them,without hesitation i start slashing and cutting them,but for each one i slash two more come;Anubis bite and attack,but we were getting tired.
suddenly a woman with red eyes like Sweet,but with red hair and a devil look in her eyes;i ran to her and attacked with the best i could,yet bare handed she defeated me in less than a glimpse;i yelled at Anubis to run away.
she drudged me with something,i don't know,all i remember is waking up in a cell with the door and an opening in the ceiling where they threw me food from it.
i stayed in there,for i don't know how long that when i heard THE voice.
Using Yvonne teaching,i could tell Anubis to run away,and he ran like i bid him too.
he ran straight to home howling,and crying,the guards almost beated him,when Zora interfered;she knew it was Anubis,but he came to her tired,bloody,and without ME;something was wrong.
she yelled over to Yvonne to come and take care of Anubis,while she"talks" with Vlad;her"talking"reached the end of the street,Vlad haven't see me go out,yet he saw the letter when i putted it in my box.
with one hit,my box was nothing but a pile of wood she retrieved the letter,saw my notes,and broke the code as well;the only good thing that being in a cell gave me,was i wasn't near Zora or Em that came home the night i left,they both raged,they wrecked my room just to calm down for a tiny bit.
Em had her thoughts the servant that followed me confirmed them,her urgent matters were searching,and what she found didn't please her.
upon she came home;she looked for me,when she heard of the news,she called the others, Yvonne shared the informations she found from Anubis with them.
she told them about the lady that finished me,the shadows,and the fight.
Em raged she told the others what she found,why this lady was after me,who she was,or more likely WHAT she was;she told Vlad,Zora,Yvonne the plan.
she knew that were no other way than this,and so did the others.
i been pushed around for like half an hour,with a bondage over my eyes,going in all ways,until we stopped and a feminine voice said"remove the bondage".
it took me a while to get my eyes used to the darkness,then i saw her sitting on a golden throne,with Sweet at her feet,sitting like a pet with a metal chain around her neck.
as i realized what i was seeing,i let out a huge cry of anger,and bolted at that B*TCH,to find myself laying on the ground,with a huge pain in my stomach,and her sword at my throat.
"just kill me already"she just giggled a demonic giggle that gave me chills,"really?you thought all of this was to kill you?oh my gods,poor lil Uatreaze,your mom didn't tell you the truth?".
that when i knew the truth,indescribable,i am truly the only son of a high person,the son of a GOD,OSORIS,the god who judge the dead,i was supposed to be a god too,but my mom who knew that god thing will take me away from her,refused it and ran away with me,hid me in this palace,so my father would never find me.
yet he did and he sent her to take me she thought it was easy,but my mom noticed it and brought Em to train me,Em was like her,yet more powerful,so she preferred to send her lil pet to fetch me by her words,she said that giggling again and pointing at Sweet.
i was shocked,so all this time,my life has been a lie,everyone and everything i know is fake,but what got the deeper inside was the truth about Sweet,so she was faking all this time.
as if she could read my mind,Sweet opened her mouth to speak,but got stopped by a slap in the face,she weren't allowed to talk,yet her eyes said it all"i never lied,my words were true,....i am so sorry".
i left myself in the hands of the guards directing me back to my cell,gods,i wish someone would wake me up from this nightmare,that when the screams,and noises did their jobs...

The noises were not normal,they were sort of a mix between steel hitting each other,orders being yelled,and screams of encouragement and pain.
that when i saw them,a group of 4 persons walking toward me and the guards holding me,covered with full body armors,looking like a walking armory.
i thought they were the ones to bring an end to my life,all of the sudden the woman grabbed me and pulled me back,and with her sword started fighting with one leading the others,he was wearing a black armor.
it shocked me when the he let out a she voice saying"leave the boy alone,Krill";what shocked me even more was that i recognized the voice,EM voice.
krill laughed a devilish laugh"Emilie,i though i taught you a lesson,don't you remember?remember him",then the weirdest thing happened,Em raged and in her rage,she started to burn.
the others were recognized easily,Zora was lethal using everything from arrows and daggers to longswords,Yvonne was an army herself with her powers and the animals she brought with her from rats and birds to lions,even Anubis was with her,Vlad was amazing in the fight.
i knocked the guards and became free with a whistle Anubis was on my side,Zora noticed and threw me a weapon alike to mine,i started doing as the others killing the people in this place while Em was fighting this devilish woman.
i saw an enemy distracting Em,and in a glimpse Krill had the advantage,her wicked and twisted smile,ready for getting down the final blow.
as fast as i could,i ran i front of her,and paired it away from her"You shall not touch my teacher,demon"i told her.
she laughed and start fighting me instead of Em,that what i wanted.
yet i forgot something,she was way more powerful than i was,with every 5 blows she would make,4 would cut me,i couldn't handle for long like that i knew,yet it was long enough for Em to get back on her steady feet,in a moment of distraction,she disarmed me,got me with my body open,full of cuts,and put the sword on my throat"do you yield?".
i spited in her eyes,and laughed showing my bloody mouth and teeth,that was enough to blind her of rage and in one quick blow with a small dagger she opened my throat.
Em saw it and let out a huge rage and then in one move and speed i never saw before,she got out krill heart with her bare hands,seeing that the others surrendered.
all the group ran to me,i was holding my throat,blood was splattering everywhere,i smiled at them opened my mouth trying to thank them for what they did for me but i couldn't let out any other sound but the sound of my gasping for air.
i felt cold,darkness was surrounding me,i felt so light,i closed my eyes,and death took me away.
i woke up unsteady and suffering from a hangover,like i have been drinking for a week no stop.
it still yet remember every detail of what happened and i still could remember my DEATH,in a fast move i putted my hand on my throat,there was nothing there.
i looked at my body,not a single mark was there,it was like i wore a new skin,i got up,looking around i was in total darkness.
i moved in all way running everywhere there was no end to the darkness,it was like layers of smoke,it blind you,i sat there desperate,tears in my eyes,knowing that i shall there for ever.
i heard a voice,my own voice,yelling to me that i faced death,supported the pain of Em training, the torture of that demon named krill,shall i surrender now against what some smoke,get yourself together,you the son of Osiris gods damn it.
i stood up and it was like it all changed,i saw more clearly,the darkness vanished bit by bit and i saw a ball of light,i ran toward it.
the more i came close to it,the more it grows and turn to some sort of like a human bird.
i came so close the light almost blinded me,and in sudden moment it sucked me inside,it was like a roll coaster ride you go in all ways,expect you don't know when it stop,and to where it lead you.
i got thrown and the light vanished,i stood up removing the dirt from me,i looked around all i saw was that a river was in front of me;i looked down at the water,as black as the oil,it was strange i started searching by my eyes for a ride,i couldn't see none.
suddenly the water became to bubble like it was boiling,and a boat emerged of the water,it got no rider no one was on it board,i slowly got in it,and it moved to the place i was dreaming about...
i was frighten,the boat was as big as the Titanic,and no one was abroad to sail it,i checked every spot there was but always i had that feeling that every step i made was being watched.
suddenly the ship became to move left,right,up,and down;i thought it was going to sink;i managed to hold myself,and look overboard,what i saw made me drop my jaws.
the water was going UP, and the damn thing was following it,i saw what i shocked me even more was that i saw THE gates, the 12 gates each made with a different material.
each was guarded and somehow i had to defeat each guard to access to the next gate,the creatures guarding the gates could be in any form,human,or stuff your worst nightmares wouldn't match.
my worst fight was this creature and lady at the last 2 gates,a creature i can't describe at least 100 times my own size,i had to be swollen and tore him from the inside.
well the lady,surprise surprise,it was the last person i wished to see, my kidnaper without a scratch,the fight was longer than the last but i knew her weak spot, i did as i saw my trainer did i aimed for her heart and tore it out,doing it the most sick way possible:with my teeth aiming at her chest I dig out her heart in a single bite like an aminal,while I used my hands to hold hers .
the earth started to rumble,the gates to melt and get together,when the gates became one the door opened,and i saw Osiris sitting in the middle.
i smiled at and said"Hi.....dad";he smiled back and replied"welcome.....son".
i looked around me,the only words i could find to say was
The audience room was stunning pure gold covered everything inside it from head to toes,the writing on the wall was made by Thot,the god of scribs and knowledge, own hands,most of them were spells for almost everything,the rest were history of the creation and names of great people,the chair of my father was made of diamond,with jewels,as big as my hand,it was the highest one,the others below him,were made of less precious material but yet still stunning.
My father got up and walked down to me,we faced each other for a long time,until he then hugged me saying"finally,welcome home Uatreaze" I hugged him back, speecheless,I had so many questions,and I couldn’t find any answers,as if he was hearing my thoughts,he looked right in my eyes and with his most serious tone he said to me”come with me,I assume you wanna ask some questions”.
I followed him into a not less stunning room,as soon as he stepped in music started playing,perfums started filling the place,and dancing girls started appearing out of nowhere,to entertain my father and me.
As we layed on beds made out of cushions,he began to tell me the rest of the untold story.My mother Debra,is actually not entirely human,she is special in a way i couldn't understand,i asked him about the woman named Krill,he said she is what we called a night walker,a vampire,they feed on the blood of the human and are immortals like gods,except that if you know how you candestroy them.i then turned the subject about me,why mother refused to let me become a god,i felt it wasn't because it will take me away from her,my father revealed becoming a god will also mean that my mother will bear great dangers from people who will use her to get to me ,so she refused to put me into situations where i will be hurt or putted in danger because of her.
i felt horrible all this time,my mother did everything she could to protect me ,yet i never gave her the love or respect she deserved.
i looked at my father,told him about everything,from the beginning to the end,how i wish to find a way to satisfy her and him at the same time,he just lied there thinking and suddenly a huge smile rose on his face,as he told me about his idea,i agreed immediately,this was just the perfect solution,as we both we saying our goodbyes to one another before i leave to the world of the living,with a srcastic voice he said"i will see you soon",i just laugedand waved him goodbye.

In a glimpse i was consumed by light,then darkness,slowly my vision began to clear,i found myself in the middle of nowhere,a rock behind me,and sand lot of sands around me,but the rock is to suspicous,i was standing in front of a tomb,i readed the name to give respect to the person inside only to find that it was mine,i was shocked but then i realised,i looked up and said"thank you dad for letting me out",as i looked around mei noticed a shadow leaving in a hurry i ran to it,but he started to ran away,in a speed i have never achevied before i on the shadow in less than a minute;as i lifted the cap,the face of Sweet was revealed to me.I was so shocked as so was she cause the only words i heard were"Uatreaze?!?" before i felt her lips united with mine in a passionate kiss,as we stoped to breath her hands were on my head,holding it so tigth,she had tears in her eyes"how could it be?", i told her about my after life journey,back and forth,she listened to every detail while holding my hand afraid that she might lose me once again,that i could disappear in a glimpse,she told me how Krill had her watch me since i was 20 years old,she falled for me,and when she told Krill she wanted out,she was threatened,she had no choice but to sell me,though she tried in the letter to warn me.
we just sat there till i told her that i got to go see my mother,tell her i am alive and well,she assisted on coming with me,even after i told her the madness and danger she putting herself into,she said she wouldn't let go of me anymore.

Home,the smell of sadness,tears,and grief is filling the air,as i came closer,as familiar voice was heard,my mother,Em,Zora,and Yvonne were in the garden talking to one another,i sneaked up just in time to hear them talking about me Em was repeating the same line to try and ease my mother tears"he is with his father now,no harm shall fall upon him"
Zora was silent,Yvonne was with Anubis,who apprently smelled me and waved his tail but then growled angrily in my direction,the four women stood just in time to face Sweet,entering through the door.
arms were bared but my loved one had none,Em and Zora had her pinned down and hissing in her face while arguing who should kill her and how,only my mother shut them up,she looked in her eyes with fires of hell glowing in them almost shouting at her"why have you come here?haven't you done your mission perfectly as your master ordered you?"
she looked back in her eyes"i came to make a deal,you can choose whether or not to accept it,you want me dead,but i want your blessing, i love your son"
"LIAR"cried Z
"i am not,defended Sweet she then turned to my mother,let him choose,his descion he can kill me himself if he choose to i won't run,i won't resist"
"how is he gonna choose,you sent him to his death remeber?"Em voice was rough and out of patience
"Fine,if my son does believe in your love and he share the same feelings for you,then you can be together,but he has to come himself and tell the four of us that"
"let Anubis go,he know where he is and i will be with you the whole time "Yvonne was quiet as she let my pet go,he ran to the gate and started barking at me,it was my sign to come out,i pushed the doors wide open and watched as mouths dropped the same time the weapons did and eyes stared at me walking toward them,untouched,unharmed.
"Hello,did you miss me?"was all i could say before my mother threw her arms around me spilling tears of joys,followed by Em,Z,and yvo arms around me.
i hold them all feeling home,safe,i'm right where i should be,after they calmed down,all they asked was how could i come back,my mother knew my father wouldn't let me go unless he made me a god,and that meant i won't come back.
i smiled at the tought of the plan i made with dad,i would have to tell them eventually but first i had to do something more important, I walked to my love, held her hands and united our lips in front of everyone to show them that she spoke the truth, in her amazement I held her to my heart, heard her sigh and felt her body relax against mine.
we sat down all together drinking the best wine, eating the best food and laughing, and the air changed from sadness and grief, to happiness and joy, and of course every one wanted to know, how I convinced my father to let me as i kept silence for awhile, that got them worried and asking why I was silent, I decided to tell them the deal I had made with my father, he would let me go if I agreed to become a god, I said I would on one condition, that my god work should be done on earth, so he created a new god, me, the god who transport the dead to the other world, the god of the dead he called me, my mother smile fainted bit by bit she was still worried someone could use me, I told her "no one would know my real name or face, no one will ever harm you mother or her, I pointed my finger toward Sweet and my sight then went to my trio of fighters, ladies, I think I won't need to say the same about you three".
Zora, and Yvonne laughed, while Em looked at me with a smile upon her face, the first true smile i ever saw on her since she was here.
they asked me what should my name be and what my animal symbol will be, every god has one, I looked at Anubis, and everyone understood what I meant.