So, other than the obvious (that the vandenreich will likely win initially) how does everyone thing the captains will fare?

My analysis:

Yamamoto ~ I think he's finished. He's powerful, but old. His power is also nothing tricky, just burning crap. I half expect the quincy king to enslave his bankai and burn him to death with it

Shunsui ~ Moderate survival chance. Haven't seen his bankai, and it'll likely be sealed anyway. His shikai looks like it may be useful, depending on whether the quincy can strip away its game domain or not.

Ukitake ~ One of the more likely to survive. His shikai is similar to the quincy in that it absorbs reiatsu. There's nothing really for the quincy to take from him, and he'll be able to use some of their attacks against them.

Unohana ~ Based on her shikai being a living creature I'd expect it to be swiftly enslaved and used against her. That said, she's the most senior captain after yamamoto, hasn't fought at all and I can't imagine kubo will bring her out for the first time just to lose

kenpachi ~ his gross incompetence at being a well rounded shinigami is his strength here. He has no bankai for his enemy to seal or enslave, just raw power. He's probably the one best fit to fight them. That said, his wish to die in battle might hint at a loss story wise.

Byakuya ~ He's been in too many fights, not much else to show, plus quincy can just strip him of his senbonzakura and kido

Hitsugaya ~ Same as byakuya, except they may actually be able to enslave the ice dragon he wears on top of everything else. If anything saves these two, it's the fans.

Mayuri ~ his bankai is a perfect candidate for enslavement. Of course the quincy who does this will likely get a nasty surprise like szayel did when he hijacked it. plus mayuri has his gadgets and science tricks. About as fit as kenpachi for fighting quincy

Komamura ~ pathetic and weak, bankai also a good candidate for enslavement and no depth to him. Looking forward to the quincy who enslaves it turning into a badass samurai though

visored captains ~ lumping them all together since they're still fairly unknown. Plus, I'm guessing they're the other 4 war potentials like ichigo. Being immune to bankai sealing puts them in the upper levels for survival

soi fon ~ useful shikai, hand to hand skills. might be useful for once.