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Thread: Posts deleted without explanation or warning

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    Posts deleted without explanation or warning

    I have had multiple posts here deleted. They range from a month or two ago to just yesterday. These posts sometimes took half an hour to type to a full hour because my first language isn't English, so I have to think quite a bit.

    While I'm fine with the idea of deleting rule offending posts, I'm not fine with deleting posts that clearly broke no rule. I'm also not fine with the fact that my posts are deleted without warning or explanation -- no PM of a sort. Clearly, since you gave no explanation for deleting my last two posts, I didn't break any rule. So if a moderator is playing a game with me for not respecting my opinions, then it would be great to know the name of this moderator in private so I can forward this to an admin.

    I also got called a childish troll after my post got deleted yet that post didn't get deleted even though it was the most offending post I've seen in years. I reported it yet it still hasn't been taken care of.

    Thank you. I just want this community to be better -- it is not a good community when posts are being rampantly deleted without explanation.
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    Re: Posts deleted without explanation or warning

    Posts that are deemed to be against the forum rules can be deleted by the staff. If you think these posts were deleted unfairly, you can always contact section moderators, global moderators and admins via PM preferably in that order. Please keep in mind that we're not machines and we can miss some offensive posts, if you report such posts, necessary action will be taken by the staff. I'll close this thread now, a member of the staff will contact you about your complaint.

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