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Thread: Writer Looking for Manga Artist

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    Sweaty Writer Looking for Manga Artist

    I've not really done this before but yeah:

    My name is Kirsten, but feel free to call me Kris (I'm new here lol). I have a story that I've been working on for like 4 years (long time, I know) and recently came to extreme writer's block and then my friend told me it would look better as a manga anyway. Unfortunately, I'm not very consistent with my manga drawing nor do I possess the software (anymore) to ink it.

    So I'm looking for someone who can draw manga quite well and is willing to be told what to draw in each section (not all of it, just specific facial expressions and scenery etc). You won't be paid, but I'll give you full credit for your work but I would like rights to publish it (although you'll know exactly where it's being published).

    I don't know if that's asking for a lot, but I'm looking for a partner . I've designed characters already and the genre is fantasy/adventure (sort of shonen style, I guess). I'll give you a plot should you choose to work with me. So drop me a comment here and I'll give you details!

    ~ Arigato!

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    Re: Writer Looking for Manga Artist

    Hello my name is Humyra, I got 3 talented drawers also helping me, but I need a drawer, such as yourself. I can't tell you about the manga, unless you join sorry. I need to know all about the artists, have discussions as a group and then make it a masterpiece. If you want a sample here:
    The real thing is 100 times better than that, I swear lol
    Anyway, my gmail is
    If interested, email me and we can chat about the manga with the other drawers.
    If you have skype or google hangouts, make sure to tell me because I really am interested in you. I want the manga to be published, and I can pay you afterwards if we get money, 80% to the artists and 20% to the other staff. I myself won't be receiving money since I want to just focus on the story. Some artists wanted me to make stories that would be like Code Geass since the ending was genius. The length of the manga will depend on the artists, however it will take me 2 days to complete it since I want the story to be perfect. Please allow me to chat with you so we can talk about it.

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