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Thread: Kishimoto: Naruto Manga Is 'Rising Towards Its Climax'

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    Re: Kishimoto: Naruto Manga Is 'Rising Towards Its Climax'

    I don't think a part 3 can be done, for a lot of factors:

    -Most of the so called mysteries of the manga are being solved or already solved, like Kabuto's coffin, Madara Uchiha, Tobi's identity, Zetsu and Gedo Mazo, Danzou is dead and Orochimaru became Sasuke's lapdog.
    Unless Kishi creates some sort of sick, unexpected revelation I really can't see a reason to create a part 3, or a timeskip

    -Naruto is likely below only Madara and Hashirama in strenght in the whole history of the manga up to this point, how would it be credible if he were to battle anyone else sans Sasuke? Don't know you, but a part 3 where Naruto fights only Sasuke would be boring, and would outright destroy the hype of their confrontation

    -The only way for a part 3 would be the good side losing the war ( in which case it would be a game over ) or if he loses to Sasuke yet again, but realistically, can anyone say, confidently, that Sasuke has even a ghost of a chance?
    He won back in their bout in Part 1, he humiliated Naruto during their first meeting in Part 2, I really can't see the main character losing 3 times straight to his nemesis, after acquiring the peak of his power.
    Unless Kishi will pull a surprise and rename the manga "Sasuke" or "Uchiha", revealing that the true main character was him all along.
    Not gonna happen, I know Kishi screwed up lately, but even he can't screw up that badly.

    -He would have to recreate a whole lot of enemies and the like, which wouldn't be as interesting, since Akatsuki was a nest of sick badasses.
    Remember, we are talking about the guy that uses Orochimaru and/or Danzou as a constant plot device for everything that happens

    The only twist I can see to create a Part 3 is Orochimaru taking Sasuke's or Madara's body, but can Kishi make Uchihas look bad after riding their dick for just about 600 chapters, after piling asspull after another asspull and giving the Sharingan godlike powers, even without the Rin'negan?

    Kabuto showed perfectly what happens in this manga if you are a non-Uchiha villain:
    you get one-shotted and become the butt of Suigetsu's jokes about penises.
    The same Suigetsu that has an hardcore hard-on everytime Sasuke insults him, that becomes a frightened pussy just by thinking about Orochimaru and that has even less relevance than Tenten.

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    Re: Kishimoto: Naruto Manga Is 'Rising Towards Its Climax'

    well, I see many possibilities for a part 3.

    One of them is that Tobi succeeds in putting most of the world in a Genjutsu and Naruto has to go around freeing everyone from the Genjutsu. This would be awesome because Naruto would have to fight against his comrades and release them from the Genjutsu. And since it's such a powerful genjutsu, releasing it normally wouldn't work.

    Another possibility is that Orochimaru has other plans and one of them works.

    Yet another one is that Madara retreats to do something that he couldn't before. Or he retreats with Tobi to an unknown location.

    Another one could be that Naruto and Sasuke are no match for Madara even after all this power and still need to get stronger. And I don't mean get new powerups, but rather master the ones they currently have.

    From the above, the one I like the most is Tobi succeeding in using Mugen Tsukuyomi and almost everyone turn on Naruto. The first one to actually be freed by Naruto could be Hinata with a kiss of some sorts xD (Fanboying now... :-D)

    It could even lead to Naruto and Sasuke going on a journey together or something to get answers.

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    Re: Kishimoto: Naruto Manga Is 'Rising Towards Its Climax'

    Here's the latest (this week) Kishimoto sensei's interview...Which confirms that the manga is not ending soon!

    378 名無しさんの次レスにご期待下さい sage 2012/07/20(金) 12:36:51.03 ID: SUN9uLRs0

    まだがちがちには固めていませんが、どういう風に見せるのか、どうやって終わるのかはかなり明 確に決まっ





    Rough translation:

    "Let me ask you something about your exciting work, that is so greatly admired. Can we already see the end of the story on the horizon?"

    KM: "Not everything is set in stone just yet... like for example, in what way I'm going to show it - but the way I'm going to end it has been decided pretty clearly. So from now on, it will just be a matter of running towards that point."

    " that case, you have in mind even the very last volume."

    KM:"No, you won't be able to read something like that. (laugh) The story really hasn't progressed as much as I was expecting. About three years ago, at JF, I said that I would give Kakashi more to do in the manga... and yet I still haven't been able to do that. Honestly, I myself don't know how much it will take. Nishio-san, who takes care of the character designs for the anime, also asked me for how long the story would continue... and I answered 'About one year and a half'. But it seems like it will take longer than that."

    "Can we be expecting any more surprises?"

    KM: "There are still quite a few. Some characters who originally weren't going to appear will come up again. And then... well, things are going to get exciting with Naruto, so please give me your support."

    So, it will take longer than one year and a half for sure, but he doesn't really know how long. And he will write about Kakashi and more characters.
    Last edited by Sakura Hime; July 21, 2012 at 12:56 AM.

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    Re: Kishimoto: Naruto Manga Is 'Rising Towards Its Climax'

    You need a conflict in the manga for it to continue. Right now there are 4 main conflicts, two of which are closely tied.

    1) Tobi and reviving the Juubi and using the Moon's Eye Plan. Obviously this is the big one, and is what the entirety of Shippuuden has been about. This is currently our hero's number one concern, and the concern of everyone in the manga.

    2) Madara being revived as an immortal. Ok, so this obviously ties into #1 we just aren't sure how much yet. Madara and Tobi seem to want similar things and they know one another. Tobi is terrified of Madara, but not for the same reasons as everyone else.

    3) Sasuke and his want to destroy Konoha and possibly the rest of the ninja system. Obviously this is much bigger on a personal level for our hero Naruto, but even still Sasuke represents a large threat to the world.

    4) Orochimaru. The best villain of the manga if you ask me. Unfortunately he is incredibly weak right now, has no comrades, and is essentially at the mercy of Sasuke. What would be interesting is if he somehow took control of Sasuke's body and enacted whatever plans he has. Granted, this can only happen if problems 1 & 2 are solved.

    Ultimately, these could all be resolved in the last arc. But I think it's plainly obvious that Tobi and Madara are going to be dealt with, and either Sasuke or Orochimaru will be final big bad. While it makes less sense, it seems like Kishi is going full circle with this manga and going back to the beginning. This is just my opinion of course, how Madara and Tobi are going to be defeated is beyond me, and I think Sasuke is going to have to help in order for it to happen, so there's no telling what could happen.
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