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Thread: New Gantz/Minus Translation

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    New Gantz/Minus Translation

    Ok i have a german translation of Chapter 6.
    And Chapter 5 is coming next.

    I post a translation in English here of Chapter 6.
    Its not the best translation but better than nothing.

    Chapter -0006
    Announcement of results

    Ooki felt the rest. He looked at the ball. He watched as the other people came in the room.
    He looked into the open pockets of the ball and saw a naked man.
    There was also shot and tubes at the man.
    "h.. hey"
    But the man did not respond and his eyes was closed.
    "It is useless"
    Akari looked at him
    "I've never seen that his eyes are open"
    "What is that"
    She called into the room
    "This here"
    Akari was on the ball and looked Ooki depressed to the floor.
    Where the explanations were about the alien was now nothing more.
    "So we call it here"
    Ooki looked like someone on the other side of the room appeared.
    10 persons are back in the room.
    Only Ishibashi and his comrades not.
    Ooki had watched their deaths live
    "What was that some of us had almost died a few have even died from this Shotoku copies"
    "I've been warned" Akari said cool.
    "I told them they should wear the suit. I had no time to explain everything in detail but I gave them advices"
    "Not but"
    Ooki looked around all looked way they are afraid of Akari?
    "But this is absurd. We are suddenly at such a place and need to put our lives at risk. We could go to the police"
    Akari light sarcasm
    "do what you want to go to the police or the authorities will help you a lot"
    The man did it get to
    "This is an outrage"
    While the man was going to say something Akari mocking him.
    "I'm not outrageous if there was a way to escape from here, then I would do anything for it. But there is no other than to die"
    The words are in order to bring Akaris conversation partner to silence.
    "Sounds all good to me I will not repeat. We are all the death and Gantz us we revived ourselves can not be him, we again set to fight. If we fight, we can then continue to live a normal life but he can not bring us any time in the room and we have to fight again "
    All were silent it was as if the world stopped breathing.
    "I'm trying to just survive. If they want to survive they had better listen. You have to take yourself in hand if they want to survive"
    Ooki felt like his stomach began to hurt as he would have eaten lead.
    It means so it would always repeat itself. one could not escape. The same desperation that Ooki in the battle had went back in it wide.
    He saw that the others felt the same way.
    "No, that will be never happen is impossible"
    The people began to sob. A boy with pimples in Ookis age he looked into the empty. A bald-headed man sat shivering on the ground.
    "I have worn the suit and survive it is possible"
    Ooki was unknowingly went up to all
    Akari said no and Okki swallowed the words that he wanted to say.
    Ishibashi and his comrades wore the suit. They fought and were killed. Now that they no longer alive must we fight "
    "We are fight?"
    The bald man looked doubtfully at Akari
    "If we do nothing we will die"
    When the pale face of her partner would talk, she added.
    "I forgot it's a way to escape"
    Without realizing it Ooki asked.
    "We need to reach the 100 points where we do we kill the enemy"
    Ooki remembered that Ishibashi and his men also talked about points.
    "If we have 100 points we can live their lives normally. Do you feel better?"
    "Points? Is this a Game?" asked the boy.
    Akari nodded surprising.
    "We bet our life and the pawns of Gantz" answer Akari the Boy.
    "If it deems necessary Gantz he brings us. We kill the aliens and get points"
    One person had said nothing yet asked
    "But how is traced who killed what in this mess?"
    "It's hard to explain but Gantz follows the tracks"
    Akari folded her arms and watched Gantz but nothing happened.
    It was purely someone else. So once one had survived. Ooki came the very familiar face. It was one of Ishibashis people.
    "Ha ha ha ha ha Shit"
    When the transfer was finished the man sank to his knees.
    "My Arm"
    He held his arm firmly pressed but it was all ok. The beam had healed his wound.
    "Im save but where is Ishibashi?"
    He saw that there was no Ishibashi and started laughing.
    "Gut gemacht du wichser. Ihr seid alle gestorben"
    The man stopped laughing when he saw Akari.
    "You live?"
    "Ha, this son of a bitch was probably tired"
    Then rang a bell and appeared on Gantz something new.
    Now time for the score

    So this was part 1 of Chapter 6.
    The next part is coming soon.

    ---------- Post added at 01:28 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:51 AM ----------

    So the next part.

    A second message was displayed

    0 Points
    Does not work hard enough, has a bald

    The picture showed what Gantz fit perfectly with the bald head.
    Next, was picks boys turn.

    0 Points
    Too little enthusiasm

    Gantz continued. Ooki had to laugh several times.
    As an honest man was compared with a pervert. The woman with the make up and bad dress sense as compared Hotese.

    Ishibashis Bitch
    17 Points

    The man gritted his teeth and looking angry to Gantz.
    "Is this not the truth without the help Ishibashis you were already dead. You really should be grateful and mourn a little"
    The mans named Takaoka turn angry to Akari but now was Ookis turn.

    0 Points
    Depends too much on Akari, is a coward

    Ooki it did not like how Gantz called him.
    Gantz did so as if he had remained only in that they protected him Akari.
    To this was added that it was written in characters which are immoral advertising boards at the town looked.
    No was Akaris turn.

    Akari chan
    67 Points.

    Takaoka schaute mit verachtung zu Akari and Ooki and could not restrain himself and yelled:
    "67 Poitns"
    "How did you collect so many points?"
    It was the bald man with a trembling voice said.
    He saw her as a beacon of hope.
    You could tell from his voice that he had gained some courage

    ---------- Post added at 02:28 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:28 PM ----------

    "I killed the last 6 months, the enemies and got the points" she answerd.
    "I've never seen an exception to the rule"
    "So we can eventually have as many points?"
    "Sure. You will be free. I've seen some that are exempt"
    "Then I will fight"
    The baldy man turned to the others.
    "We need this if we want to be free"
    "Good for you" mocked Takaoka him who stood with their back to the wall.
    "Ishibashi and the others were very strong. I was oneof them and i never had the feeling to be the vanquished. But now all are dead. You will die before the rooster crows"
    "But if we do not fight, we die. And I'm fighting for my life rather than dying. And i dont can dyng for me and my wife"
    After talking with Takaoka bald went to Akari.
    "I have one please can you teach us how to fight"
    Akari had his arms crossed and his eyes half closed.
    "And you Ooki kun right?"
    Ooki was confused, it was not a bad idea to practice fighting.
    "I do it"
    "Who else" said the picks boy.
    Akari had spoken quietly and looked to see if anyone raised a hand she smiled.
    In the face of the bald head, went back despairing wide
    "A new record two persons"
    "im going home"
    Takaoka had changed without anyone noticing.
    "We can going home?"
    Takaoka threw Akari still an evil look on while the other said it all.

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    Akari wanted to go too.
    Then there was a healthy-looking man on
    "I've forgotten to say something"
    All people looked at Akari.
    "You should tell anyone what happened today"
    "Sure" said the bald.
    "That nobody believes what is happening today one would think we are crazy"
    "That's not the point" Akari said, with his head down.
    "There's a bomb in our head if you talk about that it will explode. Gantz wants to keep it a secret."
    The boy with the pimples frowned.
    Then the man spoke with a pale face.
    "So it was a Bomb"
    "You have seen it? then it is easier to explain"
    The explanation of the man handed to warn all People.
    All Gantzer had a bomb in the head. When they left the battle area and talked about it the bomb will exploded.
    "Be careful when you hear a melody in the head. Then they are on the edge of battle area"
    "Will it always be so" asked sincere-looking man.
    As long as they are in Gantz yes. If you get 100 points and choose freedome you will be lost your memories of Gantz and the bomb in your Head"
    All were silent again
    "We have no choice we have to get 100 points," said the bald man all followed his words.

    As Ooki was on his way home he still had not realized all. The apartment building was in a large complex. However, it could not enter before a mission which he had noticed when he the apartment left.
    Ooki walked back home
    On a street corner he had the feeling to be observed but there was no one.
    When he came back home.
    Ooki stoped for the front door.
    He was still wearing the suit.
    And his school uniform and the X gun he held in his hand.
    Apparently there was no problem, the suit and weapon were seen by other people. Ok, it looked like cosplay.
    But he did not want to take risks, especially not when his parents it see this.
    He grabbed the X gun in his schoolbag and pulled the uniform of the suit.
    Immediately after he entered his mother came.
    "Ooki are you all right?"
    Ooki was petrified

    ---------- Post added at 04:26 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:59 PM ----------

    He suppressed an astonished face. no they would not
    "I heard you've been injured as you helped a child that is falling off a house. Where were you while you are not injured "
    Ooki just had to forget the was near his house in which he died.
    "I was in the library and learned for the exams"
    "At this time"
    His mother took one look at the rear part of the room where was a clock. She pointed at 9 Pm (i hope this is right) clock.
    "They kicked me and I've learned in a fast food resturant"
    Ookis mother was a breath of relief as the conversation was over.
    While Ooki opened the door to his room, he asked his mother
    "How's the children?"
    "There has been no violation. And no one knows why. Strange"
    Ooki closed the door and stopped for a moment to breath. Today everything went wrong but now he seemed to be saved.
    Suddenly he could no longer stand and fell on his bed. Maybe it was because the nervousness was gone. Ooki could not even believe in it was a dream. The X and the Gun Suit were, after all there.
    But the bombs, the aliens, the battles in which people died so quickly that could not all be real.
    Maybe it was just a trick to them and did what before.
    Ookis mother stood behind the door and had.
    "Lately, the area is a bit restless. So when you come home later please call"
    "Is it because of the child?"
    "No, not the only reason. Apparently there was an explosion in the shopping area with many dead"
    Ooki was paralyzed as he operated during listening to his mother. It's all been real.
    Suddenly a tremor seized Ooki and he began to gasp. It was dark, despair and fear had seized him. You certs to Ookis nerve up to his limits. He fell into a deep sleep but it was not a Relaxing.
    He had terrible nightmares as he again and again killed by Shotoku aliens and was beaten. He smelled burning flesh.
    "Hey this is wrong"
    Ooki felt something as he left the classroom.
    It was Ojima a class mate. Ojima and Ooki were not realy friends but he often wlks together.
    He had also recommened Ooki quit with soccer.
    "You are not with you. Are you depressed about the test results?"
    Ookis face darkened and he looked way.
    The end of semester exams was horrible. He could not concentrate because of the last mission.
    It had nothing to do with the results. No matter how they were Gantz would bring them back.
    The test was nothing compared to the battles.

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    Re: New Gantz/Minus Translation

    This is great!!! Thanks a lot!!!!

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    Re: New Gantz/Minus Translation

    Ok here ist the rest of Chapter -0006

    However, it is often daunting. It is ripped from its normal habits of the preparation for the exams.
    It is useless to know this one fails.
    He felt worse than ever his thoughts public reached the border and he wanted to tell about Gantz to communicate his feelings.
    It was like when he left the soccer club.
    Suddenly he heard the music in his head. It was when he had almost leave the area and the man's head had exploded.
    He sighed with relief when the music was over. Suddenly he saw the hair it seemed familiar.
    "Hey Akari"
    It could be possible that they went to the same school. Akari was still older than him. She did not hear him and kept walking along the Corridor.
    "Whats going on?"
    "I have already seen this Girl"
    Ojima stand near Ooki and looked like the girl disappeared.
    "Tsss Tough luck"
    Consider a closer, it was impossible that Akari was at his school. Otherwise She would be known for sure.
    The last hour was over and everyone quickly left the classroom. Maybe it was because the most recent test was over and they all felt free.
    Ooki was tired got up and took his schoolbag.
    Ojima had invited all of the class to celebrate the tests that would be over but Ooki was not followed.
    Ooki was not satisfied with his test results. And it would only make more problems.
    In doing until Ooki recently complained about a normal life although he was invited by Ojima and others.
    But now he want a normal life.
    To be happy and live a normal life.
    But that was now denied him. He did not come up with the idea to enjoy the moment.
    At every step he was afraid that it starts again. Fear of death. He did not want to fight, he was afraid that he is not alive, it managed from a fight.
    "Are you really there?"
    Akari stood before him in her school uniform.
    "eh. eh"
    Akari looked him over from head to toe.
    Ooki had asked very quickly.
    "Do you have your suit and your gun with you?"
    A little intimidated Ooki wanted to open his bag.
    "no, let it otherwise it will be dangerous"
    Ooki hesitated but then told that he had been tightened with the suit home.
    "You have luck"
    Ooki noted that the Akaris mood was different. The last time there was a feeling of rejection. Today it was more than a little depressed.
    "Everything ok?"
    Akari shook his head.
    "Come with me"
    They went to the factory behind the school where the sports clubs ever met.
    She stopped in front of a doorway. Removed an award from the wall and took the key hanging behind it.
    "I am the president of this club. And provided there are no activities for today, no one will come "
    Akari unlocked. Inside the room was dark but there was a lamp.
    "Remember what I said at the end of that day?"
    "That should not be talked about outside of Gantz?"
    she nodded.
    "I just wanted to be sure, finally, not all suits and weapons in space"
    Something was wrong. That was not the Akari from which it had recently died, or whether others would have died if he had made ​​fun of his stupidity. She was replaced as.
    "I was already out when I noticed I was still wearing the suit. I will from now on be more careful "
    "It would be wise"
    After these words were both silent.
    "Has something happened?"
    It would seem as Akari cry.
    "There is nothing"
    "Now go"
    She sounded cold and distant but Ooki had observed that she was trembling.
    "Because you care about me. You're making fun of me right? I could die at any time and Gantz would not mind "
    "Do not say that"
    For a brief moment, the voice sounded like that of no Akari.
    "Do not say that you will die"

    Story -0006 end
    Next Time Story -0005: The timing of the resolution

    Chapter -0005 is coming soon. I hope i finished the Chapter next mounth.
    But the half of Chapter -0004 are already finished transllated.
    But Chapter 0004-0001 has not a good translation but better than nothing.
    I must the Chapters 4-1 translate from Chinise to german its verry hard.
    If anyone here to can help me with the Chinese translation in English he can feel free to contact me.
    But in any case I will translate Gantz / minus completely.
    I have also a translation of the first Chpater of Gantz/EXA.

    ---------- Post added July 25, 2012 at 04:56 AM ---------- Previous post was June 28, 2012 at 04:55 AM ----------

    new Info about Chapter -0005.
    I have the first part of the Chapter finished translated. (in german)
    I think in wll upload a English version this week.

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    Re: New Gantz/Minus Translation

    It's a shame these stories really have nothing to do with anything. They're like some really mediocre fanfiction. Wasn't the other one like Kishimoto in Space? They're just a pointless little cash grab.

    Anyway, thanks for the translation

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    Re: New Gantz/Minus Translation

    I think Gantz/Minus is a verry good Novel.
    And the Aliens in Minus are interesting.

    Gantz/EXA the first and the second Chapter are boring.
    But the Aliens are interesiting too.
    I mean Comedian Alien, Flowergarden Alien, Matroschka Alien and the last the Egg Alien^^
    If there is interest I can translated the first chapter in English of Gantz EXA.

    Is a lot of Work to translated the Chapters.

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    Re: New Gantz/Minus Translation


    Yeah /Minus is pretty good so far. I just meant... it's a shame that these don't fit in with the main story. It was kind of implied in the beginning that these stories would reveal stuff about certain characters or even hint at the future of the manga but they turned out to be alternate universe stories. More like a 'what if' than anything else. I appreciate you putting in the effort to translate these chapters. You're doing a good job.

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    Re: New Gantz/Minus Translation

    Ok Guys here is the first part of Chapter 5.

    Chapter -0005
    The timing of the resolution

    She seemed like a different person to be, Not like the Akari had he seen in the room.
    She was insensitive and indifferent to the fate of others on. She was now more like a normal girl. She made a good impression and was also still pretty.
    "Tell me what happened"
    Ooki asked timidly whether he had brought to her crying
    "Ahh that's the sniff"
    Akari rubbed their eyes excessively, trying to be calm again. But soon after she came over again crying fit.
    "I, I will be stronger"
    After a long time she was breathing quietly and seemed to have taken hold.
    "However, it does not matter"
    Ooki did not know what was happening but he knew a little worried that Akari and he also knew that it had something to do with Gantz. Apparently it was not so outside of Gantz Insensitive and cold.
    Ooki felt his heart beat fast. In which it was doing was somehow sweet Akari to think so.
    "I did not think that you're a normal girl but now that I see you mourn Sun But when we get back in this room are do not you know again how to behave "
    Akari turned away and said,
    "Do what you want"
    "Do what I want? So if you're again just a touch of arrogant I'm telling everyone here that you have cried like a baby "
    Had Ooki know could the reason for her tears he knew probably would not have said. Ooki had said these words, half in jest, with a smile on his lips. Ooki suddenly widened his eyes as he realized something.
    "What to do?"
    Her face was now again the same as in the Gantz room. Only the signs of tears on her cheek just remembered. With a voice that had no interest in anything said Akari.
    "They two are Dead, both of them"
    "Who died?"
    "Those who have asked me to train. Kimura-kun and Takara san.
    Ooki remembered the faces of the bald-headed man and the boy with the pimples.
    "Do you see any news? A high school student has been playing with a gun, his head exploded, "she said.
    Well, there was no doubt it must have been someone from the Gantz room.
    "Imura kun showed the X Gun a good friend and probably wanted to shoot a cat. And then splash "
    Akari looked at Ooki.
    "Takara san deserves more sympathy. He would sneak out at night from the house to train and was caught by his wife. He was driven from her close and got into problems because he would not talk about Gantz and they could not convince otherwise "
    "That's not true?"This event took place before Akaris eyes. Akari had doubted the Takara-san to the place she was identified. So she went to him and witnessed the confrontation between him and his wife.
    He said he did it for them at some point he could stand it no longer and showed her the gun and the suit and talked to her about the room.
    Akari opened her eyes and her shoulders shaking slightly. However, she did not cry. She closed her eyes again, and took a deep breath and opened it again.
    "I'm sorry because I was there they brought into this position. I feel guilty. I always have to watch when I was to do with other people "
    For Ooki it was more fear. Undoubtedly, this situation was bad. Ooki now understood why she was in the room.
    In what state was, until his death Takara well. They had to suffer more if they survived.
    "It's better now?"
    "Yes thank you. I'll do what I gotta do "
    Akari spoke slowly her gaze was fixed on Ooki but mentally she seemed to be far away.
    At this word Akari stared into the eyes of Ooki. Her face was almost no emotion yet they seemed surprised.
    "I have no choice"
    "That will not be too difficult"
    Ooki did not know why he said this. Perhaps he thought the Akaris courage returned.
    She was not happy but she seemed to get better.
    "Does that mean if not two places in the Gantz missing, he must seek compensation?"
    "It's interesting what you might say that I"
    Akari smiled and said the cold.
    It was a tall building probably an unfinished apartment. The contractor abandoned the project. There was a metal framework which was, however, because quite rickety and dirty which probably came from wind and rain. This site Akari used whenever she trained with the Gantz team.
    Ooki had sat down on a bar
    "How do you feel that?"
    Ooki sat quietly with bowed head and a forced smile. He was scared up there but it did not show Akari.
    "Thanks to the suit happens, I can do stunts and even if I fall off me nothing"
    Akari shook his head indifferently.
    "You do not die"
    Ooki opened his eyes and run them.
    "Only when the suit reached its limit and a blue liquid leaking from the sensors laps he no longer protects"
    "When that happens it means the suit is damaged"
    "What do you mean by damaged?"
    "There is only one piece of cloth"
    Ooki sighed and looked at the sensors on his wrist.
    "Push on it does not break if you damage the suit, the sensors'
    Akari smiled and jumped up. Ooki frightened, and followed their example. An incredibly hard training was continued for 3 hours.
    "That should be enough you can go for today"
    "It's good?"
    She looked at him quizzically.
    "Yum, I though this place is not like I can move well and am focused and painful it is not"
    "Warming up should you not get tired"
    Suddenly Ooki was dizzy and a bit further along he sakte like a pancake.
    "Tomorrow we will continue to train in the same, only with the X Gun"
    There were worlds between the level of the two. Ooki still hoped he could still do something more.
    "We're training as long as you're ready to go into a real fight. Until Gantz mission calls us to the next "
    Ooki was away on the back. He was still quite separated from Akari. He had to be as strong as he was after all just a load. He had to find a way to survive.
    If he could take care of themselves, the Akari would also remove one load and it could get serious. The battles were over and it would be quicker and more people survive. The problem was how he would do it best.
    They continued every day training. Often it was pretty dangerous. But Ooki gathered all his courage and grabbed it.

    ---------- Post added at 10:13 AM ---------- Previous post was at 05:23 AM ----------

    "Forget not to goals. The weapons work with this time delay makes it difficult sometimes "
    Ooki got a question.
    "Why do you use the Y and not X Gun ? If the X Gun not practical in many situations? "
    "I do not want to kill even if our enemies are aliens"
    "You do not want to kill even when the aliens attack with the intention to kill us?"
    "I will not kill easily. But now we have no more time for such a talk "
    Ooki nodded, took his gun and jumped.
    "Not bad but it's better. Your movements must be accurate "
    Akari looked at Ooki and did other exercises. Ooki obeyed and went after her. He never heard a word of praise from her.
    "The pace has to be better otherwise very good"
    "I'm relieved"
    Ooki began to laugh bitterly.
    "Praise be good times'
    "I do praise you if you can survive"
    She was always so serious. Ooki wanted to loosen up the mood with a joke but he ereichte the opposite.
    "For today's final , you can go home"
    It was uncomfortable but he had to change the mood.
    "So ehh"
    Akari turned around when she heard Ookis voice.
    "To make a day of rest would not be bad right? How about if we go somewhere? "
    After he said that it was too late. He had just addressed them as if they were friends and would be something companies.
    Ooki wanted to thank her but was the probably the wrong way.
    Akari blushed and looked Ooki face. Ooki stepped back a little and waved his hand was from nothing.
    "You mean you want to go out with me?"
    She stopped with a fond smile.
    "Ehh so you certainly have to do what"
    "Yes, why not a good idea"
    "And the day after tomorrow we will continue with the training"
    Ooki observed Akari and she said soothingly.
    "So then morning. Where do we meet? "
    That night could not sleep Ooki. He was very tense, it was like the first day after Gantz where he was afraid that it would start again. He had never invited a girl. He had dreamed of such things but now it was real.
    Stood as Ooki he found it still hard to believe to it. He had never seen until now as a girl and very ill. He tried not to think that it could be cold and Akari. Ooki tried to keep his sense of excitement back.
    Somehow, he was also suspicious and without reason. Perhaps she had accepted the invitation only to aim for something with your workout.
    Maybe it was all a terrible misunderstanding. Akari was at the station Ookis face seemed a little surprised when approached Akari smiled and free from all cares on him.
    She was dressed in civilian clothes like any normal high school student and students on a free day. Her hair was associated with a Short headband and she wore a white dress over her jeans and red shoes with low heels she had to a small black leather bag with a cute Neko face on it. A weapon was not fit in.
    Ooki was impressed he knew them only after all the Gantz suit, her school uniform or jacket that she wore in the Gantz room Ooki had always kept the girls for a little value placed on something like that had. Ooki wanted to say something and then spoke.
    "Have you prepared specially for me so"
    Akari smiled nervously and asked what preparations. Then she started laughing.
    "What are you laughing?"
    "Do I look as odd"
    Akari laughed more and had to laugh a little Ooki
    "How about if we are go to the cinema there something you want to look like?"
    "I've seen a movie as long as I do not know what it is"
    Ooki noted that Akari was a normal girl and yet she seemed to be very sad inside.
    "I'm currently running a proposal, a film of the USA, he should be the best movie of the year"
    Ooki was apparently outside the cinema, he was misinformed. The film was received so poorly that he was dismissed after two weeks. In addition, advertising was pretty old for a literary and film. While Ooki Akari was slightly nervous about trying to calm him.
    "How about this movie"
    "The seems to me to be not very interesting"
    "This brings back memories or will not you?"
    Ooki could not contradict, and thus they went into the literary film.
    As he feared he had had to consider a way not to fall asleep. Had to suppress a yawn, he more than once. He watched the film Akari very concentrated with persecuted.
    The actor languages ​​endless philosophical dialogues. Although there were some particularly exciting or funny scene where Akari laughed or cried.
    For Ooki most were completely foreign concepts in the film as opposed to Akari. He wanted to ask for what memories she had mentioned before but he had completely forgotten about it when they left the cinema.
    "What do we do now?"
    "We would if we go to a cafe?"
    "Ok can we make perhaps are behind a"
    Ooki and Akari were looking for a cafe.
    "There is one thing it is not too far away"
    She took him to a famous cafe chain. The cafe was on the other side of the street opposite the cinema.
    "Here it is"
    It was really lucky and if it was well-liked Akari well.
    "What do you want to drink the proposal of the house?"
    "I am the same as always"
    The name of the drink was strange. Ooki took an espresso with milk.
    Ooki smiled Akari was the only one who drank American coffee
    Ooki took a hit and looked Akari seemed to be sad at the.
    "He is good"
    "So what do we do next?"
    Ooki thought about bowling or to go to karaoke but on Akaris wish they went to the zoo.
    "The Zoo I'm no longer in elementary school"
    "I do not"
    They walked through the zoo while they were drinking a Coke they had bought from a stall. Suddenly there was a terrible roar after which both were terrified. She looked in the direction. It came from a tiger, and as their eyes crossed again he shouted again and lunged at them.
    "What's going on"
    "I ask myself"
    Both went on and let the Tigers back in his rage. Slowly, it would be night and they came to a few attractions.
    "Want to ride carousel?"
    Ooki said she's much more familiar now. They both sat down on a bench and Akari looked down sadly. Ooki lightly pressed her hand.
    "I thank you today had a lot of fun"
    "I, too,"
    "But the day is not over yet"
    Akari shook his head sadly.
    "I must be back soon"
    Ooki slowly realized the reality returned.
    She had decided to fight every day to be ready. He had already understood.
    Akari was strong and not just because of their fighting force. Also be sure to get you down they do not read and not be swayed by despair. Although they seemed to be cold but in the innermost she mourned the death of others.
    Ishibashi and the others were despicable beings. Night after night they fought against monstrous enemies with joy, the fear spread. Ooki did not fall into the same trap. Akari had resistances fear and loneliness because they are not sold their soul to the devil.
    "You are not a bad Girl"
    "To be honest I think it's great that you can despite everything, still fighting"
    Akari looked down and shook his head slightly.
    "To be honest I had someone who showed me how to do it. How do you Ooki kun now. A person who has taught me to fight and protect people. But now he's gone and I have decided to replace him "
    Akari said.
    "I could not mourn. Thanks to this person, I'm not that become Ishibashi and the other "
    Ooki listened in silence.
    "Thou shalt not tell the others that I cried. I have my pride "Ooki never wanted someone so doll like hugging now but he restrained himself. Akari whispered.
    "So until next time when the opportunity arises"
    Akari smiled contentedly.
    "I would like to come back as they are today"
    Akari was Ooki hand. Ooki they did not make the proposal to accompany home. Akari then walked towards the exit of the zoo. Ooki looked after her and it felt like she was moving away.

    Nishi Joichiro hurried home one could almost say he ran. Actually, he did not run it already had. The results of the semester work were there and he got 95 points.
    The exam very difficult and it was a good result. The difficulty was aimed more at the whim of the teacher's teacher. He had already recognized the face of the teacher. When he got the test back it was filled with a sense of satisfaction.
    He wanted to tell his mother that he solved the most difficult task is actually aimed at students really had. His mother would certainly congratulate him and smile. Nishi liked her smile. As soon as he saw de angry view of his father, there was always a bad mood.
    But that smile of his mother always gave him courage. He used today, not even the elevator but ran into the 8th floor and entered the apartment.
    Nishi opened the door into the living room and saw a kind of large puppet from the ceiling hung the clothes his mother wore.
    The hair was the same.
    "Mom what is that strange doll?"
    It seemed like she was ignoring him.
    "Mom let the joke. I did the test 95 points. I have a question correctly no one else has the right "
    On the table lay a note scattered by his mother.
    "My dear Jo-chan. You know your father loves another woman.
    The rest he could read.
    "This woman makes me sick, your dad makes me sick. I'm Jo-chan only you but you were not there. I had no choice but to see you soon "
    There were other papers because of his father. He wanted to hear nothing more, no longer see his unworthy mother.
    Nishi went to the terrace and felt the wind. This smelled something strange and it felt a liquid on his hand. A noise was heard, and Nishi looked around him. Had he then cried he realized that he yelled.

    Izumi Shion had found a Mercedes Benz with a key. This was at a corner and was probably the Yakuza. He smiled sarcastically and got into the car than what it would be quite commonplace.
    He turned on the engine. The sound of the engine did well in the ears, it was perfect. He loosened the brake and pulled the throttle. The owner of the car which was noticed and pale.
    The driver had his car and almost reached because only Izumi laughed and drove off. He glanced in the rearview mirror and cried only.
    "Was fun"
    He crossed a lane and came to the city center.
    "To be a luxury car must"
    He had learned to drive, no one had taught him that. He had simply hidden the keys of cars and it is self-taught. He quickly found a good parking space.
    Izumi generally best avoided in sports and even stronger fight with him. He was like that of a learned and still never got to be 90 points. And just because he got it all so easy him, life was boring. He would have to find people who were about him.
    Then he heard a siren and saw the police in the rearview mirror. Apparently the driver of the car had alerted them
    "Shit, a Yakuza called the cops"
    he murmured with a smile
    He pulled the throttle and drove off. He came to a red light went on, however, and took another car to avoid crashing into a tree. A large collision began
    Then something came into his throat.
    He lost control of the car and everything was dark. It was over his heart slowly stopped beating.

    Story -0005 end
    Next Time Story -0004 Fighting to get accustomed.

    Next Chapter is coming in the next days.

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    So i hav finished the translation oaf gantz/Minus but I have a question.
    Is here someone who have the France version of Minus?

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    Chapter -0004
    Fighting to get accustomed

    The transfer began. It was evening, and 12 days were gone are the last mission.
    Ooki was so nervous about what was probably in the training of Akari.
    The last was Takaoka he already sitting on the wall. Someone whined, middle-aged.
    Ooki whispered.
    "Today there are but few"
    "Yes it's true sometimes come only 1 or 2 new if there was a particularly fierce battle before. Usually there are not as many people as last time "
    Akari had just talked to an end because there was a timid boy into the room.
    The boy looked around in surprise. Should he be at this moment is not death? And suddenly he was standing in a room he had never seen before. Ooki approached the boy explained to her what would happen to him. But he did not start as it should. He turned and looked at Akari.
    Akari nodded and looked at the boy.
    "What is your name?"
    "My name is Akari Jingu"
    put them on.
    The boy looked frightened, and whispered.
    "Nishi Jouichiro"
    "Now, will begin a troublesome thing. Listen to me and do what I say. If you do not do it probably will die. I have no time to explain everything in detail "
    Nishi was about to say something on it when suddenly a ray of light emanating from Gantz.
    This time it was a big teenager with long hair. He looked up some kind of adult but probably only went to high school.
    "I start to explain. We must equally participate in a battle "
    On his face was a smile wide.
    "In life and death then I will engage myself"
    "I advise them the matter would be taken seriously and not to keep it for a joke. In spite of the suits is not guaranteed to survive a "
    Everyone stopped except for the long-haired man laughed.
    "That would be great if it were true"
    His face betrayed no good. He looked at Ooki.
    "I'm Izumi Shion"
    Nishi watched Gantz and suddenly heard a ringing sound and it sounded verönderte version of the song gymnastics.
    "What is the"
    Nishi said.
    "The signal that we go so Hurry"
    Nishi looked puzzled but then saw the Ooki pointed to Gantz. On this were now words.
    "Your life is over now you bastards what happens to your new life, I decide"
    Izumi laughed.
    The sentence disappeared and Gantz hidden information about the alien one.
    Ooki looked at Nishi.
    "This is not a game that's a fight to the death"
    Nishi looked skeptical of the Black Ball.
    The music of the ball was not over when suddenly the subjects exports.
    Izumi took an X Rifle.
    "Left and right arms are back with their name on it are suitcases. These are the suits. Attracts them to it are not only armor but also an increase, it increases the chances of survival for some "
    Izumi put down his rifle and took a suitcase from the back. Ooki turned back to Nishi. "Do you want to do anything and be killed?"
    The others brought their case. Nishi rünfte the nose.
    "I'll tell me nothing"
    "Command not only a tip if they did not want to ignore it"
    Akari moved Ooki now in a side room. In this were motorcycles.
    Takaoka was already sitting on one.
    "They are helpful in fighting"
    Ooki nodded and looked a little worried on the bike.
    "I know"
    A cry rang out. The transfer went off well. Nishi was brought out first.
    Ooki knew he would be back fighting. He had a certain bad but there was no other way.
    Then also Ooki was my turn.
    "The training each day is proven safe to be useful"
    The boy was suddenly in the Nishi near a train station. It was all too weird. His last memory was like he jumped off the roof of the house and woke up suddenly in the room. Now he found himself suddenly in this strange place. But somehow it was too realistic.
    "I'm going to try to fight"
    Nishi checked the weapon was his best. One was for him to handle, not good. He chose a small forked gun. However, he forgot to ask how they worked. The weapon had two triggers. The first seemed to be an additional function. He pointed it at a passer-by on the other side and looked on the small screen of a weapon whose skeleton.
    "It seems to work so well"
    However, the current situation was not suitable to shoot passers-by. And what were probably the consequences. Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder.
    The person had long black hair and was wearing a red coat. Apparently they wore the mask of a woman.
    "I am beautiful"
    Nishi frowned.
    "Are you kidding?"
    The woman removed her mask with his left hand. Nishi had never heard of the urban legend.
    "That so"
    It bled a little bit and mask hanging on the thin skin. Nishi was not prepared for it and he was scared to do. Maybe he cried because of a feeling of self worth Straken not. He quickly went away and raised his gun. He took aim at the thing. Boom Bang met him a little of his attention was now the Seite.Doch something else.
    "Are we invisible?"
    The woman pulled her mouth and ran with scissors in his right hand on Nishi. Nishi shot but the rebound was him jump back. The gap would stab him.
    More and more people came but no one looked at the woman and Nishi
    Agree with this, they tried to meet with the scissors before being subjected routes. Light fell on them.
    Someone standing next to Nishi.
    "The battle has already begun on the best you are looking for a place to hide you.
    Akari was standing next to him. Through a gap in the mantle managed a shot. The foot was torn and the woman fell to the ground. It made a noise as if a rise ball. Then she slammed through a car window. Akari then shot back and fired again.
    Nishi had expected something other than that which the wife was tied up and beamed away. In any case, the fighting had begun. Nishi is made in wide rage while Akari was quite calm and continue towards the station.
    Ooki went with Akari. Maybe they should warn the passers but none were there. The enemy seemed to be quite strong this time. Izumi's blood was boiling. In something he had been waiting forever.
    Nishi was still at a traffic island and looked at the train station. He saw a dog on a stairway that lifted my head now.
    "Hello, Hello"
    Izumi was watching the dogs. The face looked quite human. It looked like the face of Middle-aged men.
    "What man?"
    said the dog.
    The dog gnawed at the rope and jumped on Izumi. Izumi took a step back. The dog lifted the creaking and Izumi X Rifle
    "Here, here"
    He pulled the trigger.
    gave the weapon a sound.
    The ground exploded shortly afterwards. The dog had Based Wichen. If you pressed the weapon they had similarities with an X. The dog wanted to attack humans similar but again this time shot Izumi.
    The dog could not escape, and its front side was torn to shreds.
    "Interesting, interesting that something is true"
    Izumi smiled he finally saw a fierce competition, a difficult battle. His blood was boiling.
    "What is man"
    "Get out, get out"
    He heard a voice behind him lifted his rifle and turned around. On a railing again stood face dogs.
    She pressed her face against the railing and growling and snarling. At first glance you could see 20th
    "Come on, that's not true"
    She growled and hissed violently, and she jumped over the railing.
    Izumi used the gun. Not only the iron railing also crashed a dog.
    "What is man"
    The face of the dogs was expressionless. Only her lips moved to the sounds.
    Izumi dodged and threw himself on the ground. There is also a face of the dog was ripped open his mouth. They recognized the sharp canines. The head burst from the dog.
    "Who are you?"
    A big motorcycle in front of him. It was the man of the previously standing on the side of the room. He was also in possession of an X Rifle.
    "All right"
    Izumi also understood that the others play the game well.
    "For the first time pretty well"
    "Some of it is confusing"
    Izumi casually replied.
    "Let us form a team. There are many beginners who are not so good "
    "This could be a good choice"
    Takaoka grinned and went to Izumi.
    Ooki came into the pedestrian zone. A taxi stand in front of a small building in the parking lot. The building had no windows but the door was open. When you walk in, it looked like from the inside looked like a giant school toilet.
    Ooki looked around and saw the dogs aliens.
    "Hanako san are the people? But it does not seem to be in the toilet "
    Ooki did not dare to imagine the size of Hanako though the toilet was so huge.
    Ooki start X on the screen of the gun and pulled the gun out of the holder charged. It was not easy to aim the screen. So easy to shoot the enemy but was also a kind of fighting.
    "That's an interesting idea"
    Akari said as she sat in the back seat of the motorcycle.
    "I hope the bike and everything is ok"
    Ooki said, smiling.
    Suddenly a large group of dogs face. Here were two women with the red cape.
    Ooki started both the motorcycle and pulled the trigger of the gun.
    Blood spurted and it smelled burnt. That was one of their comrades dead seemed to ignore the aliens and ran on. Apparently they wanted for the big toilet
    "What we do"
    Ooki could foresee the attacks bad.
    He wanted to try to gain distance. The human dogs and the women ran behind her and then towards the toilet. An earthquake triggered by one vote. A huge door creaked open the toilet. A giant girl with short hair came out.
    Then she grabbed a dog.
    "I'm Hungry"
    The barking of the dog was always quiet.
    She seemed to look for more food.
    "Do you see that"
    With her round eyes they looked.
    "Let us draw us back Akari?"
    Both went on and the gun was pressed X
    The right cheek was hit. The big face was bleeding now.
    The girl wiped the blood was still something in the mouth.
    Her face was angry and she screamed. She refused to engage with all the strength out of the toilet to Ooki. The arm resembled rubber.
    The huge red hands scarred by the shots rang out on the tarmac.
    Was able to win the bike a few meters distance. So you could now use the Y Gun shoot on their hands. One of the arms was handcuffed. The hand seemed to move can not be. However, they attacked the other.
    "Oh my goodness"
    Although she escaped the attack, but the bikes were hitting way. Meanwhile, she had freed her other arm of the anchor.
    "Ah Akari san"
    Ooki looked at Akari and then to the arms coming towards the two. Then splashed blood from your palms. There are only two or three fingers stay on the ball were held by the skin. Even now, the arm had several wounds.
    Takaoka came with his X Gun on a motorcycle. On the back seat of diesme Izumi sat with his rifle.
    "But that is not properly Akari"
    The Arrogant Takaoka and Izumi seemed very quiet. I leaned back and fired at the girl's arm which was in the air and was torn.
    "This is surely the Boss"
    Takaoka said excitedly.
    He slowly walked toward the girl. Ooki suddenly saw something shine.
    Something flew past Takaoka and his motorcycle. It was a shot from the Y gun but the goal was too strong could not bind them.
    Ooki looked around and saw a pale, Nishi Y with a gun standing.
    "But, damn"
    Takaoka slowly raised his head and saw a big bloody hand-to fly for him.
    "Wow pretty hateful"
    Izumi jumped off the bike. Ooki looked at the Takaoka Izumi looked up and smiled.
    "Save them the win I would"
    "Who knows?"
    Izumi said, shrugging his shoulders.
    The bike was lifted into the air, including Takaoka from the girl and then eats this alive. After they had eaten lifted Izumi X Rifle, and opened fire.
    Meat and blurted cried the girl.
    "Ah Ah"
    A scream like a teenager. Izumi frowned. An annoying little brat was das.
    "And kill you and kill you"
    No time to react Izumi jumped off and Akari. Izumi looked Akaris the Y Gun weapon.
    "Really this resourceful woman" with a loud bang the girl fell to the ground and bleeding from the head. Izumi laughed looked angry but also to the girl who lay bleeding on the floor.
    With the rifle he aimed at her head. A partially exploded out and it was bleeding even more.
    "Boring you could at least try to resist," Izumi laughed and went to the huge body to attack the last run.
    At this point, called Akari.
    "Is not she still does not incapacitate"
    Izumi looked at Akari, and suddenly his tongue flicked out wrapped the Izumi.
    Now grinned Izumi properly.
    "The child is not giving up '
    The tongue was like a poor substitute.
    "Just in case of accidents get the X Gun Ooki and miss her if need be the kiss of death"
    Ooki went to the motorcycle and took the gun and pointed it at X's head.
    Akari took the Y gun and used it. Only then nothing happened but the giant body was beamed away. Izumi was now free again.
    "Is it over?"
    Ooki knew nothing but was getting tired. Akari said nothing but looked at him.

    Story -0004 end
    Next Time Story -0003 Sweet Dance in the Night
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    Re: New Gantz/Minus Translation

    Have someone the France Version of gantz Minus?
    And i Looking also for the RAW Word or PDF of gantz Minus and EXA.
    Thena i can maybe make a better Translation.

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    Re: New Gantz/Minus Translation

    I think there was just france version until chapter -005, I wonder if u know japanese to translate chapter -003 - 001

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    Re: New Gantz/Minus Translation

    No in France the complete Novel are published by Tonkam. But the Novel is no longer aviable.
    I have the Orginal Japanese Novel but my Japanese is at the moment not good enough to read it.
    I user the Chinese version but it is verry hard thats why i looking for the France version.
    France ist easier to translate than Chinese.
    The Chapters 003-001 are finished translate the next step is the translation from german to english.
    But im not verry happy with my Translation so i looking for a other way to make a better translation of the Chapters 4-1.

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    Re: New Gantz/Minus Translation

    hi guys , i coulde do the editeing work for GantZ/Exa if you want me to do this add my yahoo

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