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Thread: Crimsons: Akai Koukaishatachi

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    Crimsons: Akai Koukaishatachi

    Title: Crimsons: Akai Koukaishatachi a.k.a. クリムゾンズ, Crimsons, CRIMSONS 紅き航海者たち
    Genres: Shounen, Adventure, Animal, Comedy
    Author: Kanno Takanori
    Artist: Kanno Takanori
    Publication: Shogakukan; serialized in Club Sunday
    Start Date: 2011
    End Date: N/A
    Number of chapters at review: 19
    Number of chapters read by reviewer: 19

    General Summary:
    The nutritious water fleas are monopolized by a gang of older generation kokanees. Shintarou, a hot-blooded sock-eye salmon fry, decided that he had enough of the confines and the oppressive order of Lake Urumonbetsu. Shintarou aimed for a utopia where there is an abundance of food and the vast and open waters of the world to roam. Overhearing his dream speech, the other fishes of his generation are inspired to also seek this utopia. They all rode the rough currents of the "Maws of No Return" out into the world. Once riding through the rapids, a once-in-a-lifetime experience awaits them.

    When a scene gets serious, Kanno Takanori switches from manga art style to a realism art style. This adds to the humor in some cases which is cleverly done in my opinion. The exaggeration is properly done and it isn't over used.

    Shintarou is a hot-headed kokanee and is voluntarily made leader because of his determination. He is greatly admired and respected by his fellow kokanee. After getting into a fight with a gang of older kokanees, he rushes out of Lake Urumonbetsu to seek out a paradise of endless space and rich nutritious food.

    Yuuka is a female sock-eye fry who plays a minor yet important role. She is the soft-timid kind of female. Yuuka is a loving sister to a weak brother. She also leaves the lake with her 4076th generation.

    Suzune is another female sock-eye fry who exudes a tougher exterior.

    The leader of the furious fins, Takeshi, plays an integral part in motivating the 4076th generation to leave Urumonbetsu lake and he'll again play a major role that will affect Shintarou.

    One of the most notable, physically, sock-eye fry is Mishio. His appreciation for food is like no other. Large but fluffy. His heart if truly made out of gold.

    Heiji is an interesting sock-eye. He is the only one to have a sight impairment and thus wears glasses. How he got it? No one knows. He plays a minor role.

    Professor: A human being and one of the few that is consistently featured throughout this manga. He is the professor who is over-seeing the field research that Kris is doing.

    Kris: A transfer student who is studying out the sock-eye salmon population. She is also a recurring human in this story.

    Each chapter seems to start off with a water flea on a philosophical rant. Soon following, the attention is shifted to the sock-eyes. Each chapter will focus on the a certain situation which seems to cause the school to mature and continue their search for a paradise. This set-up works well having gotten to chapter 19.

    Looking at framework or the underlying foundation of Crimsons: Akai Koukaishatachi, a theme surfaces. Each chapter is strung along according to this theme which is focused on the life cycle of the sock-eye salmons through one generation. The chapter does a great job of including tidbits of information on the life of a sock-eye salmon which is interwoven into the exaggerated story.

    Takanori also adds to the humor with another plot of that of, I assume to be, a marine biology student and a marine biology professor who are doing a field study. Their story is a good relief from the focus on the sock-eyes. This isn't a complete side-story as the two will offer insights into the progress of the sock-eye and how that relates to the particular stage of life of the fishes.

    I would recommend this manga for those looking for entertainment and comedy.

    Spoiler: Images from Chapter One show
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