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Thread: First time trying to clean/edit, any critiques are greatly appreciated

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    First time trying to clean/edit, any critiques are greatly appreciated

    After all these years of leeching manga, I've finally decided to try editing. With minimal photoshop knowledge and skills, this is the best I can do right now. Any critiques are greatly appreciated, the harsher the better since it'll improve my skills. Thank you.

    Cleaned and resized (75%):

    Spoiler show

    Raw (resized 75%)

    Spoiler show

    There's not much going on in this page, I figured it would make a good start. I scanned this myself @ 360 dpi then resized to 75%. My aim is to make HQ results.

    [EDIT] I used Photoshop, no other programs were involved.
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    Re: First time trying to clean/edit, any critiques are greatly appreciated

    ok lets start with my waste knowledge of a ts


    size and dpi are only while scanning related, after that u can freely change dpi without being related to the size of the image

    the scanning of 300+ dpi is related to the image size, so you have a big enough raw to work with (yeah you could go higher but u dont want a 50 mb raw to work with and scanning takes more time too)

    meaning after you scanned it at 300 dpi (or higher), you start cleaning, and somewhere in that cleaning chain you resize the image, most groups use 1300px as height, some use 1400 or 1200, the dpi is mostly used 72 here, which means size and dpi are no longer in corelation here

    your posted scans here are oddly sized
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