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Thread: Shingeki no Kyojin 36 Discussion

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    Re: Shingeki no Kyojin 36 Discussion / 37 Predictions

    Copy pasting myself from another forum:

    Quote Quote:
    So, I reread the series to see if/when Ymir made an appearance because she was utterly unmemorable, and found:

    Chapter 5: Ymir and Christa Renz (thats the blonde in Sasha's memory. Her eyes appear to have changed color from the initial picture) are with the group that find Armin after his team has been wiped out. You don't see them afterwards, so I assume they are the pair departing in the last pannel on page 18.

    Chapter 11: Conny tells Ymir and Christa how they managed to get gas and escape.

    Chapter 12: Listening to Commander Pixis describe the mission to reclaim Trost.

    Chapter 15: Training. Revealed that Ymir lived in the area the titans attacked 5 years prior.

    Chapter 15: Ymir and Christa help Sasha.

    Chapter 21: Ymir and Christa listen to Irvin Smith's speech and eventually join the Scouting Legion.

    Chapter 24: Christa arrives with horses and saves Armin, Jean, and Reiner. (Since Christa is almost always with Ymir, I think it is relevant to watch her as well)

    Chapter 27: Ymir wondering where Christa is. (Only relevant to show that she took part in the mission)

    Chapter 34: Sequestered with the rest of the new recruits.

    No smoking guns or really even anything that seems suspicious in hindsight unless you consider being conspicuosly unconspicous suspicious. They were present or close enough when the two giant titan attacks took place but were locked up when the boulder blocking Wall Rose was presumably destroyed.
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    Re: Shingeki no Kyojin 36 Discussion / 37 Predictions

    Wait...the freckled person is a girl?!

    Yeah, just read back through the're right, that is big, and also I've always thought there was something 'off' about her/him/whatever.

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