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Thread: Art Contests & Leaderboard Information

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    Art Contests & Leaderboard Information

    Art Contest & Leaderboard Information

    Welcome everyone to the Art Contest & Leaderboard! Do you want to join us? Here you’ll find the basic information regarding the Art Contests and the Artist Leaderboard.

    What are the Art Contests?
    They are a way for artists to interact and express their creativity based on a pre-defined theme and art category. The contest runs biweekly, following these steps:
    Submission: You’ll have two weeks to make your submission once a contest starts.
    Voting: Members will have one week to vote for their favorite piece. This will proceed after submission period is over.
    Results: The results will be made public after the voting period ends.

    Contest Categories and Themes
    Each round of the Art Contest will follow one category and theme previously determined. This theme can be chosen through polls in the Art Contest General Discussion Thread or be determined by the moderators in some special cases. The submission thread will have all the information about the theme and the rules of the category. Theme suggestions are always well accepted. The categories are Avatar & Signature Set, Drawing, Coloring, Banner, Poem, Short Story and Photography.

    We'll also hold Season Contests, and they will be a special round, with a chosen category, a combo or maybe a different category altogether. Wait for them!

    How can I suggest a theme for the contest?
    You can head to the Theme Suggestion Thread and tell us what you have in mind, don’t be shy

    Where can I talk more about the contests in general?
    If you have any questions, ideas about the contest, comments on any submission you liked or just want to talk about the competition, you can use the Art Contest General Discussion Thread. Not to mention you can contact the Art Section mods

    Is there an easy way to see past winners?
    Yes! Every winning piece will be in the Hall of Fame, together with information about the theme, category and the artist. Want to get inspired for the next round? That’s a good place to start!

    What is the Artist Leaderboard?
    Everyone is invited to join us in the activities of the Art & Stories section. You’ll receive points based on your actions and how you relate with other members in the art section. The Artist Leaderboard will be updated weekly and by the end of the year the people at the top will receive rewards!

    How can I be included on the leaderboard?
    To join us for all the fun, you must first participate in one round of the Art Contests, from then on your name will be included in the leaderboard and we’ll keep track of your points.

    How do I earn points?
    The main way of obtaining points is through participation in the Art Contests, but the whole Art & Stories section is your playground. You can post fan art and fan fictions in the respective sections, as well as interact by suggesting themes to the contest and answering to requests. Check out the point chart below to see all the means through which you can earn points:

    Getting the First Place in an Art Contest15+(0.3)/each consecutive victory
    Getting the Second Place in an Art Contest10+(0.2)/each consecutive victory
    Participating in 5 Art Contests10-
    Participating in 10 Art Contests15-
    Participating in 15 Art Contests25-
    Participating in 20 Art Contests50-
    Suggesting a Contest Theme1-
    Creating or Updating an Artist Gallery5-
    Sharing an Art/Story Piece2-
    Providing an Art/Story Review2-
    Answering to a Showcase Request5-
    Providing a Tutorial2-

    What will I win if I get to be one of the top artists?
    Besides having fun and being congratulated by everyone? Just kidding. We prepared some rewards for the top 3 artists of the leaderboard.
    1st place: Badge indicating the 1st place in the year’s leaderboard. Custom title. Profile in the winner announcement. If you have a gallery, it will be sticky for the next year.
    2nd place: Badge indicating the 2nd place in the year’s leaderboard. If you have a gallery, it will be sticky for the next year.
    3rd place: Badge indicating the 3rd place in the year’s leaderboard. If you have a gallery, it will be sticky for the next year.

    Also, if you win one of the seasonal contests, you will receive a special badge for that contest!

    Remember this is a year long run, so everyone has a chance! Enjoy!
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