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Thread: Art Contest Hall of Fame (2012-2014)

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    Art Contest Hall of Fame (2012-2014)

    Hall of Fame

    Hello, everyone! Welcome to the Hall of Fame of MangaHelpers' Art Contest!
    This is where we display past winners of the Art Contest from 2012 onwards. For 2008-2012 contest winners, please visit HERE.

    This thread displays all the past winners of the various art contests to acknowledge their effort in making the brilliant artworks. Enjoy them and be inspired.

    Reminder - You're free to use any of the entries for your own personal use (for wallpapers, avatars, signatures, etc.) but be sure to credit the owner of the artwork.
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    Re: Art Contest Hall of Fame

    2014 Winners

    Week #01-02
    Theme: Art Moderators ~ Avatar & Signature Set
    Winner: Biloon - Our Promise

    Lala's Avatar:

    Nana's Avatar:


    Week #06-07
    Theme: Mafia ~ Banner
    Winner: Utsune - You're In For Life

    Week #08-09
    Theme: Fables ~ Short Stories
    Winner: Josef K. - A Theory on Dualism(A postmodern moral story)

    Once Upon A Time there lived a Mother. This mother was a sublime beauty. She once gave birth to two children. One was a Boy and one was a Girl. Slowly they started growing. They learned that ONE PLUS ONE IS TWO. They learned that Day precedes Night and Night comes after Day. They learned there was a Sky and there was an Earth. They learned of the moon and they learned of the Sun. One dressed in White the other in Black. One used the Heart to guide himself in Life, one used his Mind to prepare himself for Death.

    Mother died one day. The two were left without the ONE. The cosmos was waiting for them now. And so now they changed! The boy was now a girl, day became night, night became day, the earth was up and the sky below, one day the moon rose in the morning and the sun came up at night, the second one was now white and the first black, the heart was used by the other to welcome death and finally the other - other one used his mind to guide him in LIFE.

    A Tale of Ancients and Moderns, of the Wealthy and Poverty ridden ones, a Tale of Two, A tale of doubles, a tale that has two ends, a double standard to write a story about Two that while being Double were still as Dual by Duality standards and Twice the Pair of the two already when one was one and the other also one.

    How? Asks the writer, yet he himself wrote the story he is asking about. What did he learn? What did you learn? What did THEY learn? What is grasped by the senses is by purity aesthetic what the mind catches in it's frequency is without a doubt metaphysical. A Good ending and a Bad one. Which ones does he choose? Do they DIE or LIVE!

    A marriage! A marriage! A marriage of TWO?! Yes, logic is indeed a fine tool to use when in a dilemma, it is difficult to have TWO. Split them apart of combine them? A child will play and will without a doubt go for harmony. What will he do with the TWO of them? Marry them! The universe revolves around two halves, one is always searching for the other and the other for the former.

    Two things guide our cosmos into existence - LOVE AND HATE! One can not live without the other and the latter can not live without the before mentioned one. Together as Mother always said you will live like sister and brother! Together you will inherit the rich land and seas. Impossibility is not a luxury for the learned ones, in fact the foolish have already merged the opposites before the Academy can even find out who they were. It is not those that love talking about the World, but those that enjoy staying in it that will be granted the Truth!

    The writer put down his pen and went on to join Mother in eternity, while Mothers children also lost their Father when he decided to join her.

    An End opening the door for the Beginning to once more walk out.

    Week #16-17
    Theme: Shounen Jump ~ Banner
    Winner: Utsune - Villains can be cute too, unless you're Aizen or Supaman


    Winner: Farfalla - Bloody Rain

    Stock: here, here, here and here

    Week #18-19
    Theme: Musical Parody ~ Writing
    Winner: Utsune - Castle in the Sky

    There is a castle in the sky,
    Ev'rybody's dream vacation,
    Pirates, peasants, agents alike,
    Up in a castle in the sky.

    There is a movie action-packed,
    There have been chases here and there,
    I got kidnapp'd and brought up high,
    Up in a castle in the sky.

    There is a sal'ryman in red,
    Fixing my hair-do with a gun,
    His head is big, it's a sight to see,
    He says, "Sheeta, return the stone to me."

    I know a place where no-one lives,
    I know a place where robots sleep,
    Guarding some walls and trees so high,
    Up in a castle in the sky.

    Spoiler show

    Week #23-24
    Theme: Special Animation Contest
    Winner: Utsune - The Rain

    Week #25-26
    Theme: Sports ~ Avatar and Signature Sets
    Winner: ~Coffee~ - World Aim

    Spoiler show


    Week #30-31
    Theme: Germany ~ Banner
    Winner: Utsune - Germany banner

    Spoiler show

    Dear Diary,
    I was finally planted today! The farmer was kind enough to make sure that I was nice and snug in my new bed before he covered me in a blanket of nutrient-rich soil. The best part is that my brothers and sisters were planted close by to me so I won’t be lonely. I think I’m going to like it here.

    Dear Diary,
    There was a storm today. As soon as I felt the fat raindrops, I recalled how my mother would always remind me to always drink a lot of water to be big and strong so I started gulping them right up. I drank so much that I thought I was about to burst! Satisfied, I closed my eyes and went to sleep.

    Dear Diary,
    Today is the big day! Today is the day when I leave my home. I've changed a lot since the day that I was planted. I used to be a pipsqueak, but now I'm plump and enormous. Who would have thought? I felt Mr. Farmer grabbed me by the hair as I braced myself and yanked me out of my home. Boy, did that hurt! My head still feels sore just thinking about it. He then nestled me in a crate, where I found myself reunited with my family and friends. After he was done with his harvesting, he put us in his truck.

    As he revved up the engine, I nervously asked the others where we were heading. A nice carrot told me that we were heading to a place called a “Farmer’s Market”, where he's going to sell us. I’d heard of that place; it's where the best of the best are sold and the rest are brought back home. I pray that I got chosen!

    Dear Diary,
    The Farmer's Market was packed! Several vendors were already there when we got there. Mr. Farmer's setting us up right now so we look "presentable". He placed us next to some of our relatives so I got to talk to some of them. The yellow onions were sweet, but the red onions had a sharp tongue. The green onions were polite, but they wanted to keep to themselves. The garlic must’ve be in bad mood because they snapped at me. On the other hand, the leeks and chives were very mellow while the shallots seemed so graceful. Overall, it was a nice family reunion.

    Dear Diary,
    I got chosen today! A woman was looking through Mr. Farmer's goods when she started going through the onion section. I watched her anxiously as she picked some of us and prayed that she'll pick me. Just as I was thinking that, she suddenly stopped and picked me up! I held my breath as she examined me. Finally she nodded as if satisfied and placed me into her basket. Thrilled, I felt like I've died and gone to heaven. But then I realized that I would no longer see my family. As she walked toward Mr. Farmer, I tearfully said farewell to them as I'm begin my new life.

    PS Oh, I eavesdropped the lady's conversation with the farmer. While she was paying him, she complimented him for his crops. He thanked her and asked her what she was planning to do with the products she bought. I don't really remember what she said, but I do recall her saying that she intends to make onion rings. I don't know what they are, but they sound interesting!

    Dear Diary,
    I learned the meaning of true pain today. At first I didn’t know what was going on when the lady started peeling me and laid me on the wooden board so I waited though I felt self-conscious about my naked body. All of sudden, I felt an intense pain as something cold and sharp sliced through my flesh. As soon as that happened, I started to cry. The person who cut me must have felt bad because she started crying too. Despite the pain, I remembered what my mother said and forced myself to be strong as she continued cutting me.

    Dear Diary,
    Everyone said that I was delicious. My life is now complete.

    Week #34-35
    Theme: Solitude ~ Photography
    Winner: Shinsengumi - Outside


    Winner: xi0 - April Ethereal[/b]

    Week #38-39
    Theme: Fairy ~ Drawing/Coloring
    Winner: Utsune - Two Worlds

    Week #40-41
    Theme: Light Novel ~ Banner
    Winner: Utsune - Night Life Lights

    Week #42-43
    Theme: Spin off ~ Writing
    Winner: nanaDmari - Freedom

    When I came out of my egg, the first face I saw wasn’t my mom's. It was this fat mustache guy, with a red cap. He said he would take me with him in his adventures, and that he needed my help, that others like me had helped him and his brother before.

    “We’ll rescue a princess”, he said. “You’ll see how beautiful she is. But there’ll be many enemies waiting for us”

    Some people said he was a plumber, but I never saw him working. Yes, I was born in a strange world, where pipes come out of the ground, but they never needed any fixing, they were working just fine. Everything was about the princess... and the terrible fellow that kidnapped her.

    I thought it would be an amazing adventure, like a fairy tale, but it was just wishful thinking. Not only the terrain was treacherous, with huge cliffs and dangerous seas, we also had to fight all kinds of beings. Except, we were not always in danger. Some koopas and goombas would just be there, walking, sometimes not even noticing us, but we would crush them anyway. Stomping, throwing fire, using their own bodies against them.

    I had to battle too. I was inexperienced, never knowing when to attack. So he started to punch me in the head in the right time. “It was my cue.” I would swallow some of the smaller enemies, more than my body seemed it could take, but my body was a natural weapon, he used to say.

    I started to pay attention to what others had to say about my companion and leader. About what happened to the ones like me who had helped him before. And those weren’t pleasant stories.

    “He fell from a cliff, the poor little one. It got scared when something hit them and ran without noticing the end of the path.”

    “There was that one he threw from the cliff too. It was a gap so big that to cross it the poor thing was sacrificed. The plumber jumped from his back and let him fall.”

    Maybe one day he would do something like that to me. He was already beating me to fight the creatures in the way, what would stop him from letting me fall from a cliff? The thought was consuming me, but whenever I ran away, he would always get me. I was a mount, never walked my own way, never knew which way to go. He knew this world more than me.

    One day, we found a lot of koopas while crossing a field. Getting closer, I noticed they were different from the ones I knew. Yellow. Blue. Red. Why did they have different shell colors? The plumber didn’t make anything out of it, he just proceeded to jump over them as he did with all the others.

    Suddenly, he jumped from my back straight on a blue shelled one and smacked it. Then he got the shell in its hands and threw it towards the others. The shell hit a pipe and came straight back at us. He jumped over it, letting it come in my direction. So fast.

    My cue.

    That was all I could think of.

    I opened my mouth and grabbed it with my tongue. I don’t know how I had the strength to stop it and hold it. But while I was thinking about what had just happened… my body... it changed.

    When I saw the wings, I knew. It was the shell, giving me another cue. That I could go away and he wouldn’t catch me. It didn’t matter the path, I could just fly.

    And I did.

    I knew I couldn’t let the shell go, that it was because of it that I could fly. But after sometime, it became difficult to hold it, I started to feel nauseated. I had to swallow it... or let it go. In the end, I swallowed it and fell to the ground.

    I was in another island, with no bridges nor constructions, just trees. I looked around and there were lots of creatures there. Creatures I knew from the time I traveled with him. But they wouldn’t attack me. I was just another animal, just like them, a normal living being with no enemies or obligations, ready to live my own adventure. Free.

    He used to say my body was a natural weapon. I say it is a natural blessing.

    Week #46-48
    Theme: Naruto Christmas Banner
    Winner: kindredxiuxiu - Friends Again

    Spoiler show

    2012~2013 Winners

    Spoiler: Hall of Fame 2012~2013 show
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