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Thread: Art Contest Hall of Fame (2012-2015)

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    Art Contest Hall of Fame (2012-2015)

    Hall of Fame

    Hello, everyone! Welcome to the Hall of Fame of MangaHelpers' Art Contest!
    This is where we display past winners of the Art Contest from 2012 onwards. For 2008-2012 contest winners, please visit HERE.

    This thread displays all the past winners of the various art contests to acknowledge their effort in making the brilliant artworks. Enjoy them and be inspired.

    Reminder - You're free to use any of the entries for your own personal use (for wallpapers, avatars, signatures, etc.) but be sure to credit the owner of the artwork.
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    Re: Art Contest Hall of Fame

    2015 Winners

    Week #01-02
    Theme: RPG ~ Avatar & Signature Set
    Winner: Utsune - Ward Machine

    Week #03-04
    Theme: Still Life ~ Drawing
    Winner: Utsune - Rainbow Badge GET DA ZE ☆

    Week #05-06
    Theme: Countryside ~ Short Stories
    Winner: Holt - Cruel Life

    Annabeth stood outside gazing at the blue sky and the snow-white clouds, trying to make sense of their shapes. She could hear the chirping of the birds in tune with each other as though singing a well rehearsed tune. After a while, she went to the barn and decided to get it over with. She setup the rope and got a stool to stand on. Suicide by hanging was the best she could come up with. She took a deep breath and readied herself to kick off the stool but heard someone coming in. Oddly enough, she waited.

    Michael came into a view and seeing her, registered shock at the act she was about to commit. Recollecting himself, he calmly told her to get down. They argued back and forth about her actions. Anna having given enough thought to it, put up an argument that left Mike baffled. She had nothing to live for and no family or friends to spur her on.

    Mike having carefully listened to her, suggested to her that if things were already as bad as possible, then perhaps it only gets better and said to give life a chance as it was favorable to those persistent. Mike eventually managed to convince her to forego suicide. He asked her name and they got acquainted with each other.

    From them on, Mike devoted himself to Anna. He saw it as an objective as he was the one who encouraged her to keep on living. He spent time with her, provided an ear for her troubles and a shoulder for her to lean or cry on. Over the years, they became so close and attached that Mike often wondered how he lived without knowing her prior.

    7 years on, Mike got a call from his friend with the police that Anna had been involved in an accident and had died shortly after. Mike was devastated and couldn't think straight. He had been finalizing plans to propose and marry her soon. He grabbed a beer and went back to the very same barn than Anna had tried to commit suicide years ago. He grabbed a stool and sat, staring at the spot they had first met.

    Drinking his beer in large mouthfuls, he couldn't help the tears that freely rolled down his cheeks. He wondered if he had really done the right thing in stopping her then. It occurred to him that he never actually asked how she felt about life after that. She often seemed happy but he couldn't he sure if that wasn't just a facade. It was indeed a cruel world and as the beer began to seep in, he was convinced it was a stupid thing he did.

    A few days after, mike was given her diary by the state after her belongings had been sorted. Reading through her entries, he got some answers. Life hadn't gotten any easier for her but she had become more happy and had more self worth. His name came up often in the diary as her 'hero' and she had been anticipating marriage and raising a family with him as well. The tears came pouring down all over again but he took comfort in the fact that for once, it seemed he had done the right thing, atleast Anna seemed to think so.

    Week #07-08
    Theme: RPG ~ Avatar & Signature Set
    Winner: shinsengumi - Sacred Garden

    Spring Art Contest
    Theme: RPG ~ Avatar & Signature Set
    Winner: Holt - The Dark

    Week #09-10
    Theme: Party ~ Banner
    Winner: YumaKuga - Guitar Party

    Week #11-12
    Theme: Relaxing ~ Coloring
    Winner: nanaDmari - At the End of the day


    Winner: ladylola - Relaxing

    Week #13-14
    Theme: Secrets ~ Poem
    Winner: danzouismadara - A Secret of Dreams

    My secret.
    My dreams--a total secret
    Nothing but shadows
    incisions of reality.
    a drop of light,
    into the darkness,
    that should be untold.
    lies and truth
    black and white,
    the gray notion of honesty.
    A secret,
    a tinge of beauty and genius in every secret.
    Deceitful to some, but arousing to oneself.
    Mysterious and foreign,
    a true hidden gem,
    locked away in our minds,
    as truthful reasoning,
    becomes the stem of private suffocation,
    My secret.

    Week #15-16
    Theme: Animals ~ Photography
    Winner: Asclepius - Big World, Small Bunny


    Winner: milek - We are so cute

    Summer Art Contest
    Theme: Character Reimagination
    Winner: nanaDmari - Be more practical!

    Week #17-18
    Theme: Friendship ~ Avtar and Signature Set
    Winner: ladylola - Band of the Hawk

    Week #19-20
    Theme: Past Themes Drawing
    Winner: Naomi - Re:Imagine Zelda

    Week #21-22
    Theme: Magic Short Stories
    Winner: riki - Make a Wish

    They just settled down when Lermisa got to the point. "So what do you wish for?" she asked bluntly. He must have given her a bewildered look because she gave him a bemused smile. "That's what everyone comes here for. You want me to grant your deepest desire so tell me what it is."

    He hesitated before he confessed, "I wish to undo a past mistake."

    "Oh?" She looked at him, intrigued. She crossed her legs and leaned closer to him. "Why is that?"

    His face turned pale. It has been over thirty years since Viana has left him, but he still remembered it as if it happened yesterday. He still has that ring in his pocket because he didn't want to bear to part with it. It reminded him of what he could have but lost – the one person who loves him no matter what. He stammered, "I-I-I rather not say."

    "Is it that painful? Let me take a stab at it then. Based on your request, you made a poor decision in the past. You picked something over love, am I right?" He didn't say anything and looked at her, stone-faced, though his face twitched slightly. Nevertheless, the sorceress must have known that she had struck a nerve because she chuckled. "Was it fame? Power? Or even wealth? You're making me curious now."

    "That's none of your damned business! Anyway, are you going to help me or not? If not, then you're wasting my time!" he demanded rather testily.

    He was about to stand up when Lermisa said bluntly, "Relax. I can grant your wish." He stared at her for a moment before he sat back down in a huff. She watched him sit down and continued, "Although it seems impossible, I can help you go back to the past and redo your decision."

    He started at her incredulously. "So you decide to help me?"

    "Of course. You intrigued me," she replied as she bared her teeth. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes and clasped her hand over her heart. Soon, the glows began to be drawn toward her; he stared in amazement as the pale light orbs were absorbed inside her body. Lermisa then opened her eyes, which seemed to be ablaze with pure ecstasy and looked at him.

    "Go on," she urged him, holding her hand out toward him.

    Staring at her hand, he reached out to grab her hand when he glanced up to see a horrifying sight. Instead of a young girl sitting in front of him, there was a haggard and gaunt hag. Her white hair was frayed and unkempt while her gold eyes were sunken. The skin hung loosely on her bone, which reminded him a skeleton. Repulsed by that sight, he shrunk back further in his seat. What on earth was that? However, when he blinked, the sight was gone, and the young girl sat across from him once again. "What's wrong?" a concerned Lermisa asked. "Don't you want me to grant your wish?"

    He was about to have a change of heart when memories of Viana filled his mind. Her bright blue eyes that sparkled in the sun. Her laughter, as she twirled around in the field of wheat. Her golden, luscious hair that trailed behind her. The warm touch of her skin as she held his hand. Her soft lips as they kissed for the first time. The disappointed look on her face when she said farewell to him the last time. Oh, how he wished to change that! He wanted to see her smile once again.

    With that desire in his heart, he swallowed his fear and took her hand. The last thing he remembered was being consumed by a bright light.

    Week #23-24
    Theme: Light and Shadow Photography
    Winner: Lovemagi - The source that creates the colours


    Winner: Shinsengumi - Girl & Shadow[/b]

    Autumn Art Contest
    Theme: Write your own ending
    Winner: riki - A City in Twilight

    “Tell me about it. I’m going to be late too, and I promise that I would be there early to get the best seat in the house,” the woman commiserated as she stared at the black-out city below her.

    “As do I,” the elder man said. His deep voice boomed with authority, which caused the other two to be alert. He quickly pulled out his cell phone and started dialing. “Let me check with the building personnel to see if they know anything.”

    They listened attentively as he made his call. “Hello? Yes, I’m calling about that…You see, two of my colleagues and I are stuck in the elevator so we would like to be out as soon as possible. How long do you think it will take? I see… I see… Thank you.” After he hung up, he informed them, “They estimated that it may take up to fifteen minutes to an hour or more to get everything back to normal, depending on how fast the electric company can fix the problem. Until then, I suggest that we make ourselves comfortable as best we can.”

    The others nodded and each sat down at a corner as they texted or called someone to inform them of their lateness; the only light they had (besides the bright screen their cell phones) was the stars and moon themselves. Silence filled the tiny elevator as they stared awkwardly at their phones as they tried to pass the time. Finally, after a few minutes, the older man had enough.

    “Since we seem that we’ll be here for a while, why don’t we introduce ourselves?” he suggested. “My name is William Abbot, and I’m the Vice President of Marketing. And you?”

    The young man went next. “Michael Livingston, and I'm specialized in technology. I mostly work on security issues.”

    “Melissa Caldwell,” the woman said, “and I’m in the Finance Department.”

    “Nice to meet you,” William said pleasantly, nodding his head to both of them. Turning to Michael, he inquired, “I hope you don’t mind my nosiness, but what are you late for?”

    The young man hesitated before he pulled out a small box. “I’m planning to propose to my girlfriend today,” he confessed and opened it up, revealing an engagement ring. "I’m rather nervous, to be honest.”

    William gave him an encouraging look. “Don’t be. I’m sure you’ll do well.” He then sighed. “Oh, to be young in love!”

    “Are you married, Mr. Abbot?” he asked curiously.

    “Call me William; you don't have to be formal with me. And to answer your question, I am,” he nodded. “I’ve been married to my lovely wife for forty-five years now.” His eyes twinkled with amusement as he chuckled. “In fact, today is our anniversary.”

    “Wait, so I’ll be proposing on your anniversary?” The old man nodded. “Congratulations! I hope my relationship will last as long as yours.”

    “Are you doing anything special to celebrate the occasion?” Melissa inquired.

    He answered, “Nothing too fancy. We’re going to a dinner and a show. There’s a play that she always wanted to see so I’m going to treat her.”

    “I hope the two of you enjoy yourselves then.” Michael then turned his attention to Melissa. “I guess it’s your turn now. Based on what you said earlier, are you going to watch a play too?”

    The woman didn’t answer at first. Instead, she scrolled through her cell phone before holding it up for them to see. A young girl smiled excitedly back at them. “My daughter’s first grade class is presenting a play about the season of fall tonight. Allie plays the part of a leaf. She has one simple line in which she said, ‘Ah, help me! I’m falling!’ My sister and parents told me that she has practiced that line numerous times that even they knew her part by heart,” she explained with a chuckle. “I promise her that I’ll be sitting in the front row to watch her perform. Although it would be nice if I arrive there on ti-””

    All of a sudden, the elevator began to jolt before it sputtered and began to move slowly. Slightly startled, the elevator occupants immediately stood up and looked around as the light in the elevator flickered on. Below them, the lights in the city slowly came on again. “It looks like they got the electricity back on,” Michael commented.

    “And rather quickly. Even though it seems forever, we’ve been only here for twenty minutes,” William noted as he glanced at his watch. “It seemed that everyone won’t be late after all.”

    All of them gave each other congratulatory look. As the elevator moved slowly down, Melissa glanced down at the city lights and commented, “You know what? Even though I’ve been on this elevator every day, I never paid attention to the scenery, but it’s beautiful now that I think about it.”

    The two men looked at the sight and had to agree. The city light reminded them of the stars that twinkled above them and gave a magical and calming atmosphere. “It is,” William finally murmured. No one talked afterward, and silence filled the elevator once more. However, there was no awkwardness. Instead, a sense of wonder and awe seemed to engulf the tiny elevator as its occupant admired the scenery below them. No longer were they strangers to each other for all of them shared something in common – a bond that started in a fleeting amount of time.

    Week #25-26
    Theme: Fire Banner
    Winner: nanaDmari - Remember

    Week #27-28
    Theme: Fairy Coloring
    Winner: Utsune - Fairy

    2014 Winners

    Spoiler show

    2012~2013 Winners

    Spoiler: Hall of Fame 2012~2013 show
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