The Opening of the olympics games occurs today,a lot of people will follow this summer's competitions Although it's been a while since I've wanted to open that thread on Performance Enhancing Drugs not only in sport at a professional,Elite level but also at an amateur level.

Quite a Lot of MH member are Occasionals sports practicers from what I can read,the great thing with MH is that it's an International community so opinions from people from different countries & Cultures will be Insightful.

Let's get Straight to the point before the post gets too Long:

What Are Your General Thoughts about PEDs In sports ???

Do You View PEDs Usage as cheating & Immorale or a way of performing better ?

What Is Your Sport & Have You Ever Dealt With/Witnessed Doping ?

I have many more Questions in Mind but let's make it simple:The Motto of This Thread Is tell us Your thoughts &/or eventual Experience

I'd like to post my Opinion right now but this post will become long & bothering to you so I decided to make a separated statement later on.Thanks for reading!