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Thread: [O.O.C./Sign-Up] Ghostbusters of London

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    [O.O.C./Sign-Up] Ghostbusters of London

    A play-by-post version of a game I sometimes run over Skype, open to 3-5 players, based on the system designed by West End Games. I first discovered the game through the Nerdy Show podcast Ghostbusters: Resurrection, which was immensely entertaining, and decided to get my hands on the books and give my own campaign a shot. It proved to be a hell of a lot of fun, if prone to "production problems," so here is my second iteration of that setting. Extensive knowledge of Ghostbusters is not necessary, as I'll be happy to answer any questions.


    • 1984: events of Ghostbusters.
    • 1989: events of Ghostbusters II.
    • 1991: events of Ghostbusters: The Video Game. Peter Venkman excitedly initiates plans to establish new franchises in Cincinnati, Los Angeles and Chicago. Intern Bryan Welsh becomes head of the Chicago team.
    • 1991-2000s: over the subsequent decades, there is a gradual lull in the amount of supernatural activity; New York City headquarters is able to stay in business at full staff, but most of the other States-side branches see little action and are reduced to two- or three-man groups, as stated in Ghostbusters: Resurrection.
    • 2000-early 2015 (roughly): a steady increase in spectral phenomena across the British Isles, particularly in London, threatens an outbreak of public panic. The Lord Mayor of London learns of the Ghostbusters company from a cousin working at New York City Hall and gets in contact. He offers to provide the start-up fees for the first international branch. Public reactions are mixed.
    • Late 2015/early 2016: a group of young people learn about the initiative from viewing news coverage of the mayor's press conference on television or spotting an advertisement in the newspaper. Each of them is accepted and undergoes basic training as Ghostbusters. Two weeks go by without a single call…

    Note: the events of the cartoons and comic books are non-canon, but may exist in-universe as fictionalised accounts of the New York City team’s adventures. The Real Ghostbusters (1986-1991) was arranged with consultations from Peter Venkman, ever mindful of his public image, but many disputes arose over the liberties it took with biographical and scientific details. The short-lived sequel, Extreme Ghostbusters (1997), while praised for its superior animation, was released during a major decrease in both ghost activity and public interest, and is sometimes seen as a slightly mean-spirited satire that also attempted to give the company a friendlier appearance with the inclusion of several minorities in the principal cast.



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