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Thread: 22nd Century (Story, Chapters, and Art)

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    22nd Century (Story, Chapters, and Art)

    Wow! All I have to say is wow! After finally watching all episodes of Cowboy Bebop I was inspired. So I went straight to writing.

    At first my main character was too much like Spike, but then I changed his look up a bit here and there and he started getting his own personality. Anyways, enough of ranting on with the idea. It's my second idea, first was Hako-Bune but I'ma lay off and go on with this.

    22nd Century Story
    Genres: Science Fiction, Action, I'm feeling Seinen instead of Shounen
    Setting: First will be in 21st Century then skip ahead 100 years.

    Story is to change in the next couple of days

    Louis "Blue" Carter (Nicknamed Blue) is the smartest scientist known in the 21st Century. He is also known for being the first scientist to cryopreserve something living. Although, he has not tried the experiment on a human being.

    After Blue hears alot of people and scientist offering to cryopreserve themselves as a test, Blue decides to cryopreserve himself so no one else does. Before his cryopreservation, he makes sure that all traces of doing the project is lost so it can not be repeated. Scientist have tried to get the information, but he hid it so well.

    After 100 years of cryopreservation, Blue is unpreserved successfully. But 100 years later, the Earth encountered a planetary cataclysm. When the planet collided with the Earth, the alien species lost most of its resources. Making them take resources from the Earth and kill anything in their way. Now anyone still alive on Earth will have to fight to make it through the 22nd Century.

    Spoiler: Characters (Main Cast) show

    Spoiler: Minor Characters show

    Spoiler:  22nd Century Chapter 1 Script show

    All criticism is very appreciated. Wanting to make both better. The art and definitely the writing.

    Thanks for checking this out!

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    New sketches for Melody, Crash, Sandman, and Mary. Got some character designs down this time, full bodies. Can see some of the personality traits just by looking at them too.
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    Re: 22nd Century (Story, Chapters, and Art)

    i love everything but feet and hands =p thats a awesome idea too and most ppl have problems with drawing girls but u draw them better than u draw boys

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