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Thread: Noblesse Chapter 244 Review

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    Re: Noblesse Chapter 244 Review

    Quote Originally Posted by Jammin View Post
    I can only guess, but I suspect the break was more for the artist than the writer. It's important to remember that stuff like Noblesse is a full color comic released every week and I'm not even sure if manhwa artists have assistants like many manga artists gets.
    I guess I didn't remember correctly, then...I thought they said just quality of the manhwa, which includes the writing as well, so I just tackled that topic also...
    Quote Quote:
    In terms of writing I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary other than that the content that was being worked through was basically an extended flashback, which doesn't leave the same flexibility that the writing normally has. Which I suspect will pay off in the long run because when an author wants to explain things that have happened in the past in order to set the stage for coming events there are basically 3 options.
    • A character just talking about it
      Which flows well but tends to be too dry unless it's done just right, and even then doesn't deliver things with the same clarity.
    • Doing a bunch of short flashbacks
      Which delivers information at the right time but tends to ruin the pacing of whatever happens to be going on at that time.
    • Doing a full blown sub story
      Which maintains clarity and since it's self containing doesn't interfere with pacing. The danger with this is that the story being told can't be excessively long or it drags terribly; and also needs to stand on it own to some degree.

    The flashback arc wasn't as good as Noblesse normally would be, since almost the entire supporting cast was absent and we knew how it would turn out, but it got us the information and perspective the author thinks we need moving forward in the least painful way possible.
    I see...well as I said, I certainly get the sense, that things are more planned out this time...getting this flashback out of the way as quickly as possible is a sign for me that they are laying groundwork first, and then build on it, not adding some of the groundwork in later, when there's no time and space for it...and also I think it's a bit of fan service in there, too...people like wild Franky, and love the chiding Rai

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    Quote Originally Posted by Otters11 View Post
    Benelori, I'd arrest you for the public indecency for having a colorful unicorn sig that larger than you post in a black and white manga thread.
    Quote Quote:
    Post Script, ^^ damn this is a Noblesse forum not Breaker. Damn. Well the argument still sounds good. No offense Benelori. If dead sex offends you target FrostyMau5. Still that cut off unicorn text should be cropped out of the picture. It'd be lot cleaner.
    I will change it when I will find a good Orochimaru sig...

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    Re: Noblesse Chapter 244 Review

    You people, really, LOL~ I'm not into gay or yaoi thing, so I believe what is between Frank and Rai and the rest of boys in this series are.. something more.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jammin View Post
    For Frankenstein his expectations of Nobles clearly never included someone like Raizel. Someone who helped him when he had no reason to do so while seeing through everything he was trying to hide.
    Agreed. This was the beginning of Frank's turning point, to look into nobles from the inside of their lives, not like how he always did all this time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jammin View Post
    The little scene at the end with Lord also has a lot of meaning to it. That serous yet sad look on a man who always looks so lighthearted says to me that he knew Frankenstein was telling the truth. If you think about the decision to force the elder nobles to go into eternal slumber with him was like him trying to eliminate or at least reveal the worst of the corrupted nobles and bet everything on the next generation being more able to adapt to a new world. I find this particularly interesting because, though we always knew "what" the previous Lord did, until now I feel like we never full understood "why".
    That is a nice explanation behind the action of the previous lord who seemed like he wanted to completely cut the past and shut it down, giving Raskreia and the rest to start a new, better future of the nobles. Understandable, though it gave Raskreia hard times in the beginning.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jammin View Post
    (INCOMPLETE) Seeing what Raskriea looked like when she was a little girl.
    Why, you?!

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