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I am the only one who loved those sets of characters? I mean, even if they're forgettable they are the first hint we know that a Hunter must have "apprentices" of some sort. And then we know in the Election Arc that those can be called Temp. Hunters. They all look cool and they all were there to remark the difference between a regular persons and Killua & Gon.

I used to think the same as you until I remembered the Captain of the boat that firstly selects them for the Hunter Exam and wondered if He was actually a pro-Hunter and if He knows Nen. All those characters that we saw from Togashi are interesting because of the possibilities you have to see them again or not.

I thought they were pretty likable characters. It was pretty much the first time Gon and Killua met their own peers since Zushi.
Most of the time Gon and Killua are living in a world of adults. It's nice to have the kids because they still got that fighting spirit
rather than the adult sensibility. I dunno if that makes any sense. But it's like the Kakin Exploration Group reminded me of
Gon when he first set out on his journey knowing next to nothing but having that drive to find Ging and become a great Hunter himself.

Maybe I should a coloring for the Kakin Exploration Group.