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Thread: God characters are a bore

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    God characters are a bore

    Well it says general discussion on here so i think im in the right place.

    As my topic says, God characters are a massive bore, to me anyways, why am i posting something like this? simple, i like to go on websites where i can roleplay with others and i use my own characters to boost their development alittle for my soon to be Manga, but as fun as Fantasy roleplaying is, theres allways that misserable chance you run into someone that predictably dilikes loosing in every shape or form, so they come up with one type of character...the god-likes.

    Now i personaly can't stand OCs like them and with good reason (or at least i think so), because a roleplay or a story just becomes so meaningless the moment you know that there's a character on there who is aparently unbeatable in every way and for impossible reasons has no weakness, you'll just know that that character can wipe the floor with anyone no matter their powers with upmost ease and practicly no effort, come on, really? at least try to make a character worth the effort to look into, any character "related" to god, characters with god powers or even just character that people over power WAAAY past extreme levels just ruin it for other people with ordenary characters.

    I just thought i'd share my thought coz...well, coz i can really and also in most roleplaying forums or websites i came across a guy those character was meant to be related to god, acording to him, his character could make anything disapear at will, and mine had the ability to nullify any non-solid attacks, meaning he'd have to resort in other means deffending himself against anything else and when my character was attacked by a sword powered with lightning (or whatever god like it was), i made my character nullify the power boost from the sword so he'd be able to block it, as it turned out it didn't end well, so i gave him a piece of my mind explaining to him just how redicilously boring his character is and that anyone can use a method or way to be able to stand up against god like characters and more to the point that he should also have a weakness, tipicly he told me his character didn't have a weakness so i make him have some, again being super obviouls of the face he didn't want any way of loosing he only came up with ONE weakness but it was about as good an NO weakness, because he then claimed "Oh yeah only god himself can kill him"....ok i don't know about any of you but, surely you'll agree that that isn't even a weakness at all.

    As for characters that are just overpowered, they are equaly as boring as the rest, when i read a fanfiction the author put his or her OC into the story fighting a character that in the offical manga/anime is quite difficult to fight, yet, totaly ruined by constantly puting things down like "a bored expression" when casting a spell in a "boring" manner like fighting someone who couldn't even lay a finger on the OC.

    So all in all, if you make a character, just be sure not to overpower them, don't make them too skillful or in other words "Better then anyone ever in everything" and give them weaknesses because that just means for the character to put exra effort at fighting the enemy to win plus it makes the story/roleplay more exiting, but most of all DONT make god characters, they are in my opinion a disaster coz it'll just be onesided as hell. may now hate me.

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    well ok, thats new, by now i'd have at least some angry replies by now.
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