Hi, I am a beginning mangaka (i dont know where to post this thread), but I cant do this alone. I have a story that I really wish to share with the rest of the world. Its about a tragic story that has many plot twists and the main character is a girl. I havent decided on names or whatsoever. I only have their images in my mind and I already know what a lot of characters are going through. I am willing to do most of the work but I really want to work with someone/people. The story is filled with family/friends/love, drama, fights, loss/abandoned, funny parts, romance and a lot of characters have a deep background. It doesnt have to be based on the real world perse, it can be a fantasy world with powers/supernatural stuff. But I dont know how or what. Its kind of based on my life a little thats why I wont be having much trouble with story line, but im willing if my coorperator(s) change a thing or two. I really want to touch the hearts of my audience with my story and I want it to be original as possible because I feel like my story will be original. I really hope there is someone out there wanting to take this shot with me