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Thread: Tobi's third eye?

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    Re: Tobi's third eye?

    Maybe it's some kind of 'gun barrel': he can "rotate" it and another eye (Sharingan, whatever) comes in its place. This way he has access to several Sharingan eye powers.

    Then again, I don't think I ever saw a chapter where Tobi uses different Sharingan eye techniques. So probably not, but it's an interesting idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fox666 View Post
    The manga seems to be a little inconsistent whenever the third spot in Tobi's mask is a hole or not, but it seems to be the case in scenes like this:

    And he was wearing a bandage around his forehead when Konan broke his previous mask:

    The thing is, if that is a third eye, the obvious answer would be that it is a Byakugan. And if it is a Byakugan, concealing it wouldn't affect it since the Byakugan can see through things.

    That would explain why nobody has caught Tobi off-guard, and he seems almost omniscient in the battlefield.
    More interestingly, what is with the black part of his face? Is this just his eye socket, or is half of his face really black?

    Quote Originally Posted by LnDRash View Post
    The main problem is that the third hole is way to high... if there was an eye it would be somewhere almost on top of his head between his hair instead of his forehead.

    As for the Byakugan: well, its not impossible... but I doubt it. Tobi has way too much of an Uchiha superiority complex to use some lowly eyes from another clan.
    Yeah... although it was said in the start of the Manga Byakugan is the best/strongest of all eye techniques (I believe around when Naruto fought Neji), Byakugan is pretty disappointing up to now.
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    Re: Tobi's third eye?

    Kakashi only said that in some area it is superior to the Sharingan.

    But it's an interesting question what is in the left part of his face. At least on this we don't see anything strange:
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    did you say something about timelines?! naruto ate it NOM NOM NOM IT'S GONE.

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