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Thread: Tower of God Chapter 109 & 110 Review

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    Tower of God Chapter 109 & 110 Review

    So the captions this week are made up of stuff from both the Company and Manga Pirate. I usually like to use just the Company version for consistencies sake but I wanted to do the review today so I just used what was available.

    I found the poll results from "How long will FUG retain control of Baam?" interesting. Opinions were pretty well divided; which is what I like to see. With a slight majority thinking that FUG would stay in control at least until Baam reaches 77.

    Now onto the review!

    Chapter 109 & 110 Review

    What I wouldn't give for Teddy to finish that thought.

    The Plot

    These chapters took the group from the revelations about Baam's motives into a new test and a pretty unusual one (Even by TOG standards). I enjoyed how everything seems deceptively simple at first. Go into the bizarre whale/bull/hammerhead shark creature and come out with a rare jewel. Seems like a pretty straightforward "test". But the presence of a hellishly strong man, with a wing tree and the word Mazino tattooed on his back, inside the creature reveals that things are going to get very interesting.

    SIU is definitely using the mysterious stranger's presentation to tease us with the idea that he might be Urek Mazino. Is he really that person? That's something I will talk about in greater depth in the Points of Interest.

    In order to achieve the goal of the test the group has split up into 2 groups. Besides the practical benefits, this also serves to concentrate the character dynamics as well as give a chance to see what some of the lesser known characters can do. Which is something I'm a huge fan of, naturally.

    Yihwa's combination of clumsiness and prideful attitude continues to be the main source of comic relief but I'm pleased to say that, thanks to how SIU has built her back story, I don't think it diminishes her dramatic potential in the least. Every time she jumps in and does something goofy we are reminded of her desperate desire to prove herself to be more than just a failure. Which builds on the sense of underlying insecurity we know she has.

    The Art

    Much of the artwork in these chapters has been great. REALLY great. I didn't realize just how great until I actually sat down and took a close look at it. 109 was the lesser of the 2 but the way the lighting was done in the shadow of the giant fish was pretty awesome.

    110's artwork was simply spectacular. All the lighting, shading, and detail work I could possibly want. The only real negative thing to say was that Yihwa didn't really look wet after swimming. Her hair in particular. But that's a pretty minor thing.

    Overall Rating

    The argument can certainly be made for a perfect score here because both of these chapters were extremely good but I would say they fell just short of perfection.

    So I give them a 4 out of 5

    Points of Interest

    The Mysterious Stranger

    If only we had some sort of clue to this person's identity....

    So we have a guy strong enough to make Horyang want to run, with a wing tree and a Mazino tattoo, apparently just hanging out in Jigena. That crazy list of stuff plus Occam's razor would make him Urek Mazino.

    For any who might not be fully aware of who that is. Urek Mazino is the 4th highest ranked person in the tower and the highest active one; meaning he can beat almost anybody in the tower like a dusty rug. He is one of the founders of Wing Tree, an irregular, and the only other known person to use Shinsoo without a contract like Baam does. He is described as "masculine and magnanimous" and, despite being good looking, is extremely unpopular with women.

    However, as we all know, things are not always how they appear in TOG. So it's certainly not out of the question that it could be a "Mazino fan" but I lean toward it being who it seems to be.

    This leads to the obvious question. What would Urek Mazino be doing down there? In response I ask this question, What would ANYBODY be doing down there? No doubt, whoever he is, the explanation is going to be interesting and possibly hilarious.

    The Teamwork

    Tsundere Translator: "Your Alive! I'm so glad!"

    Tower of God, has always featured teamwork, of a sort, but this is the first time we've seen this new group really operate as a team. So far their skills have very much benefited each other.

    In group 1 (Arkrapter, Miseng, Goseng, and Wangan ) we got our first glimpse into Goseng and Miseng in action. Miseng is essentially a scout, able to use an observer to observe and track targets. Goseng appears to be capable Light Bearer and also, as we already knew, is very knowledgeable about things in the tower. This is a flexible group with pretty low combat power but a lot of flexibility.

    Group 2 split into two small groups (Horyang and Prince, Baam and Yihwa).

    In group 2a we learned that the Prince is actually a pretty good Light Bearer. Which makes him and Horyang, a powerful fighter, a very balanced team.

    In group 2b we have Baam and Yihwa; whom we already know a lot about. They definitely have the most firepower (pun intended) but Yihwa's instability is a potential problem. I'm eager to see them face something and find out if they really can operate effectively alongside one another.

    Is the Jigena's Flower Test Legitimate?

    I'm with Wangan on this one. You should never be happy about crawling into any orifice of a sea creature.

    So far we've seen two of these Jewels. One on what appears to be a baby Jigena that group 1 is chasing around and another that the mysterious stranger was napping next to. Maybe this is just me being overly suspicious but I can't help but feel something is "off" about this test.

    What happens to the creatures if you take the Jewel? Do they just grow back or is like going after elephant tusks. I don't know whether the Test Administrator is trying to use them to get the jewel or if the whole thing is some sort of setup; but I'm highly suspicious of what's going on.
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    Re: Tower of God Chapter 109 & 110 Review

    Well if he is indeed Urek, then I cant wait to see him meeting Baam, 2 Irregulars = Complete awesomeness
    Changing topics a bit, I wonder when Yuri will find baam again, since Repellista said she would find him for her.
    And yuri has close ties with Walhaiksong so it would only add awesomeness into the plot xD and she is yuri who doesn't love her

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