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Thread: 15 Non-Horror Anime That Will Prepare you for the Halloween

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    15 Non-Horror Anime That Will Prepare you for the Halloween

    1. Soul Eater
    This is sooo Halloween. The color scheme, the characters, and art fashion simply shout Halloween! Being an action comedy starts up the show to more enthusiasts also.

    2. Small Witch Academia
    An adorable academy witches to attend, plus it is animated by Trigger (saving anime one chain at a time.)

    3. Dusk Maiden of Amnesia
    The assumption for this one is a little peculiar; a lad falls in love using a phantom. Dusk Maiden of Amnesia might have been a trashy show (which it’s at times), but the series is quite touching.

    4. Sankarea: Undying Love
    Sankarea: Undying Love is just another show that is an oddball; a lad falls in love using a zombie. Sankarea is just another romantic comedy that is poignant, although well, there’s more going on than that.

    5. Parasyte -the maxim-
    Time enters into activity land, and to swerve away from the rom-coms! Parasite gives an Invasion of the Body Snatchers vibes off, but instead of fear of communism, the motif is the despair of human nature. Also, it has blood and guts.

    6. D. Gray-man
    A favorite of fans -20s. D. Gray-man has a cool gothic vibe going on. First-time watchers will even captivate.

    7. Re-Kan!
    A slice of life that revolves around phantoms. It is the least threatening phantom set on earth.

    8. Rosario Vampire
    Yeah, we all know the manga is better. That should not hinder you from entering the ecchi world of vampires, witches, and creature girls. It is like the monster mash for teens.

    9. Tokyo Ghoul
    We are entering into graphical gore land with Tokyo Ghoul, but I don’t believe it is chilling that is awful. The show does bring the creeps, but fits directly into the action genre.

    10. Blood Lad
    Staz is an otaku vampire who would like to meet with a Japanese girl. The Japanese girl perishes, although the state does. Good old Star attempts to help bring the Japanese girl back to life. Should you enjoy vampires and creatures blended with ecchi and self-aware comedy, you will want Blood Lad in your life.

    11. Bakemonogatari
    Some characters that are creepy and occult feeling, as well as a distinctive art style will enchant you. The witty dialogue will cause you to forget the show is a harem.

    12. Ghost Hunt
    Many people find Ghost Hunt frightening, others do not. Sure, there are pictures and some affecting plotlines. However, there’s also romance and comedy. The ghost hunting narrative is critical scene, based on what you discover to be terrifying, but your mileage may really be.

    13. Trinity Blood
    The Vatican is conducting a war against vampires in what the results are to be the most outrageous characterization of the Catholic Church in entertainment history. But nothing surpasses amazing folks slaying vampires.

    14. Spirited Away
    The ethereal Ghibli classic is vital to observe. Spirited Away depicts the spirit world in a sense that’s even children would not feel uncomfortable seeing it. Said children might be worried about your tears though.

    15. Ghost Stories
    Ghost Stories is a pleasure, eccentric, peculiar show, should you see the English dub. ADV was delivered free reigns to do what they desired with the show, plus it is quite charming. The Japanese variant is a pretty typical horror show that’s light on panics, so give that one a watch also.

    Article Source: Saikoplus

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    Re: 15 Non-Horror Anime That Will Prepare you for the Halloween

    Nice list, will check out a few of 'm~

    Some of them I haven't even heard of before!
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