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Thread: One Piece chapter 794 review- Sabo's adventure.

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    One Piece One Piece chapter 794 review- Sabo's adventure.

    One Piece chapter 794 : Sabo’s adventure

    Ever since the reveal about Sabo being alive, back in chapter 731, there has been one question that we’ve been asking ourselves : why didn’t Sabo come to Ace’s rescue in Marineford ? The most popular theory was that he was on a very important mission and hence couldn’t be there, but it wasn’t all that convincing. If Sabo had known that Ace was in danger, he would have put everything behind, to rescue his brother. This chapter finally gives us a rather convincing explanation as to why Sabo didn’t make it to Marineford and what he’s been up to all those years.
    As usual the scans are provided by mangastream

    Is this a hint about Zou?

    This is an interesting cover.Doflamingo is lending his glasses to a real flamingo, but other than the fact that once again Doflamingo’s eyes are hidden, it’s the puppets that are really interesting. There’s four of them, and they represent characters from the Wizard of Oz. There’s even Dorothy. While this is a request from a fan, it’s interesting to see Oda include those characters specifically. Some even believe that this is a reference to Zou, and that it is fact the Emerald city. While it’s too early to come to a conclusion about that, I find that theory quite interesting, and who knows maybe it will turn out to be true .

    Sabo tells his story to the SHs.

    In the aftermath of Doflamingo’s defeat, the SHs are seen recovering at Kyros’ house, which seems to have been preserved from the destruction that occurred in Dressrosa. Alongside them there is Sabo and Law, but also Bellamy, who while not being an ally strictly speaking, was still involved in these events.It was prolly a wise decision to take shelter in Kyros’ home, rather than staying at the palace for example, who must be crowded anyway. But more importantly with Isshou perhaps going after the Luffy and Law alliance, as it was hinted at last chapter, this might help buy some time for them.
    While Luffy and those injured in the battle are recovering, Sabo starts telling his tale to the rest of the SHs who happened to be conscious. He also reveals that the CP0 are returning to Dressrosa, and that they are in fact after the revolutionaries. I guess that this confirms, in my mind at least, that Cipher Pol are going to be antagonistic of the revolutionaries in particular, since they serve the world government. While the Marines also serve said world government, their priority is to hunt down pirates.Not to mention that the Marines can sometimes act independently of the WG, as seen when Fujitora made a bold move that might result in the WG losing face.

    As expected, it was Dragon who saved Sabo.

    Sabo reveals that the reason Luffy didn’t tell his nakamas about having another brother, was because he thought that he was dead all this time. His starts telling his tale, and specifically what happened to him after his boat was targeted by the Tenryuubito. His meeting with Dragon after Gray terminal was torched, proved to be decisive, since as many of us expected he’s the one who saved Sabo from a certain death. Using what looked every bit like a DF ability, he pulled the burned up Sabo from the water. I say this because his body seemed to have been floating above the water, not to mention that in the next panel he is seen surrounded by mist or wind, when he regains the ship where Ivankov was waiting. With the incident in Logue town, as Dragon came to Luffy’s rescue, it seems that Dragon’s power is linked to wind, or weather in general. Dragons in Japanese folklore are said to control the weather, so perhaps it is the case with this Dragon. Whether this is tied to his DF or another ability is not certain, but according to Oda his intent was to have most of the strange occurrences in the manga be the result of the use of DFs. So there’s a good chance that Dragon is a DF user.

    Sabo suffered from amnesia due to the incident.

    After having his wounds treated by the revolutionaries, Sabo wakes up, but without any recollection of what happened, or any kind of memory. He even forgot his own name, and if it weren’t for it being written on his belongings, the RA wouldn’t have known how to address him. The only thing that he seems to remember is that he doesn’t want to go back to Goa Kingdom. This is a rather convincing explanation, Sabo being amnesic would have effectively prevented him from being at Marineford, since he couldn’t remember Ace to begin with. And as to why he hadn’t learned of Ace’s or Luffy’s name beforehand, we have to take into consideration that he is part of the revolutionaries, they don’t really get involved with pirates. They certainly wouldn’t follow the news about pirates as religiously as other pirates, or the Marines for example. The revolutionaries as a force who opposes the WG, are more interested in events that are linked to the WG themselves.

    What a cruel way to regain one's memory...poor Sabo .

    After seemingly joining the revolutionaries, the flashback moves forward to the moment the RA received the news about Ace and Whitebeard’s death. This event was so important that it’s hard to imagine it go unnoticed.Not to mention that the RA are involved, given that Ivankov (and Inazuma) was at Marineford as well.At the mention of Ace’s name, Sabo’s memory slowly returns as he remembers bits of his past.Images of a child Ace flash before him, and it is only after seeing his picture in the press article that his memory fully returns. In easily one of the most heartbreaking moments, Sabo realizes that the young pirate that died at Marineford was none other than his own brother, Ace.
    In a state of shock, Sabo seemingly loses consciousness, only to resurface 3 days later, with all of the RA getting all worked up.It is funny to see Koala worried like this, it’s completely different from the way she usually acts. She wonders that now that his memories have returned, if Sabo plans on leaving the RA. While it would have been interesting to see Sabo fulfill the promise he made to his brothers about becoming pirates, it makes more sense for him to be part of the RA, because of his hatred for the nobles and the WG’s evil deeds.

    The two brothers are finally reunited.

    Later on, when they get the news about the Mera Mera being at Dressrosa, Sabo joins the fray to get the DF, and inherit Ace’s will. We also get a longer version of his reunion with Luffy, who wasn’t able to recognize Sabo at first. It is heartwarming to see Luffy jump in Sabo’s arms after he realizes that it is indeed Sabo, the brother he thought was dead all this time. The two brothers are finally reunited, and Oda is a master at conveying emotions. Sabo thanks Luffy for not dying back at Marineford, and with this it seems that all the misconceptions we had about him are lifted. There is no doubt that Sabo would have come to Ace’s rescue, but since he didn’t remember anything of his past, it was impossible for him to do so. No matter how cliché this can be, it makes sense in the context of the manga, and how it emphasizes on the bond between the three brothers.

    Sabo takes his leave. His means of transportation is a flock of crows, how interesting.

    After his story is finished, Sabo decides that it’s time to leave.He won’t be saying goodbye to Luffy, but he leaves behind a vivre card, only this time it’s Luffy’s. He takes a piece with him, and with this it will be Sabo who will come to find Luffy, not the other way around like with Ace before him. He contacts his comrades from the RA, and he is picked up ….by a group of crows?How peculiar. Well the crows seemed to have been used in the RA’s communication for quite some time now, but what is so interesting about this panel, is that the crow leading the flock can talk, as he answers Sabo’s question about whether he’s able to always gather so many crows at will. He says yes, and with this we get yet another mystery added to the list of mysteries in One Piece. There can be a few explanations as to why a crow would not only call out other crows, but also interact with humans. The most logical one I find at the moment is that it’s a DF user, but whether it’s originally an animal, or a human who uses a Zoan type of fruit it’s not clear. I guess this will be answered eventually.

    I quite enjoyed this chapter, even though it’s centered on one character. To me at least it made perfect sense that Sabo would be amnesic and wouldn’t remember Ace, which prevented him from coming to his rescue. Even though it’s an overused trope, the way Oda uses it is convincing, and he always is on point when it comes to portraying the emotions of the characters, whether it’s Sabo when he heard the news of Ace’s death, or Luffy when he reunites with Sabo. And he even drops a few hints like Dragon’s power, and the crows. Oda never ceases to impress me in that regard.
    Based on my enjoyment I’m giving this chapter a 9 out of 10 rating, mostly because we finally got filled in the details about Sabo’s past. This finally puts all that talk about Sabo to rest, as to why he didn’t save Ace.With only a few chapters left in this arc, I can see Oda trying to make the loose ends meet and fill us in on the fate of the Sunny, the CP0 since they are confirmed to be returning to the island, and perhaps hear more of the Yonko, mostly Kaidou.
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    Re: One Piece chapter 794 review- Sabo's adventure.

    Well done. Nice summary, Ladylola. I hope we get some new infos in the next chapter... maybe we get a view at CP0 or Dragon?

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    Re: One Piece chapter 794 review- Sabo's adventure.

    i hope we can see dragon already and his power even if its just for a single chapter right now.

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