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Thread: One Piece chapter 788 review- How I fight

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    One Piece One Piece chapter 788 review- How I fight

    One Piece chapter 788- How I fight

    Perona and Brook chilling together, how nice.

    Welcome to this new review of One Piece. As usual the scans are provided by mangastream.

    Everyone currently on Dressrosa has a battle to fight, there’s of course Luffy vs DD, the citizens against the birdcage, and even characters like Viola, but the title refers specifically to Mansherry’s fight.

    The chapter kicks off with DD still up, but weakened. Still not weak enough to worry about the colosseum fighters flocking behind him, and apparently only interested in getting Luffy to fight him. He must genuinely be pissed. At least we know now that his target is Luffy, and I can’t see him change his mind after this and going for Law for example, even though Law is pretty weakened now. DD is more pissed at Luffy now, than anyone who got in his way in this arc, and we know how dangerous DD can get when he’s pissed.

    Even Issho joins Zoro's team in order to stop the advance of the birdcage

    With only 3 minutes left before the birdcage crushes everything on its way, everyone’s preoccupation is to either run from it, or try to stop it. The latter applies to Zoro , aided by Kin’emon and Kanjuro, who try to stop it with their swords imbued in haki.They are soon joined in their efforts by Fujitora and his Marines, who also uses his sword in a similar manner, rather than using his DF power which might not be the most useful thing to use right now. It’s nice to see him do something, contrary to what many have believed him to be useless basically.
    I will not delve too much into why they’re trying to stop it from advancing rather than cutting it, but it can be one of two things. Either they can’t cut it, in this case it means its hardness is simply too great to allow it to be cut, or they’re afraid of trying, since as some fake spoiler pointed it out, we don’t know what would happen if it were to be cut while DD is still conscious. It could be that the strings will stay as sharp as they are when it was up, which is definitely not gonna help the people of Dressrosa, in fact it will effectively kill everyone that happens to be below the strings, which is like everyone of the island. As for why they can’t just beat DD and be done with it, let’s say Zoro or Fujitora could effectively beat DD. The latter was seen to be still able to use the awakening despite being weakened, so they have to ensure that they will defeat him under the 3 minutes, which might not be doable on a second thought. He could send the string waves at them, in order to buy time,so taking him head on wouldn’t work that well. The fact is there is an emergency, there is only 3 minutes left before everyone dies, and Luffy while he’s able to defeat DD, still needs 4 minutes to recover his haki, or just recover completely. So taking all these factors into account, it would be wiser to try to slow down the birdcage in order to buy time, not just for Luffy but for everyone. Taking DD head on and ignoring the impeding threat of the birdcage closing in on the island and its inhabitant, would seem careless and too risky.
    It’s not just Zoro who is trying to stop the birdcage, there’s also Franky and the Tontatta who are using the factory to slow down the birdcage. Since it’s coated in sea stone the factory cannot be cut by the strings of the birdcage, either because it’s just harder or because it negates the powers of DFs.At this point it can be either one, since we don’t have enough information about sea stone and how it works. It is said to be as hard as diamond, so it could very well be a matter of hardness.
    And on the other side, Bartolomeo and the rest of the colosseum fighters are trying to stop the birdcage as well. Barto’s barriers are said to be indestructible, so he has all the fighters push on the barriers, in order to stop the birdcage. So pretty much everyone wants to led a hand in this enterprise , and they’re even soon joined by citizens.

    Law's arm is bleeding, will he be alright?

    All this while Luffy is still being carried away by Gatz, and as they are running, Law teleports right next to them. That was a bold move, too bold actually. We clearly see his arm bleeding, so maybe the stitches won’t hold for long. Anyway he seems to be wanting to buy Luffy some time, at the risk of losing his arm. If this doesn’t show that Luffy should be the one to take down DD I don’t know what it is.
    It’s also interesting to note that those weird objects that we’ve seen last chapter in Fujitora’s shot, were actually dandelions made from princess Mansherry’s tears, or as Leo calls them "Dandehealions". As she is seen flying on Kabu’s back, she distributes the dandelions over to the people who are exhausted from the running, in order to accelerate their recuperation rate. It’s moving to see all these characters try to do their best to help the people of Dressrosa, starting from Zoro and co, the colosseum fighters, even the Admiral and the Marines…And if we think about it their situation is really desperate, with nowhere to run, so all they can do is buy time and hopefully Luffy will put an end to DD, and no one else as the manga is heavily hinting at.

    Viola faces Doffy with the clear intent of killing him
    While Rebecca is seen running somewhere in Dressrosa, we find out that her intention was to take on DD. I have to say I’m impressed, I wish she had showed this kind of resolve against Diamante for example but I guess the situation wasn’t as dire back then as it is now. She’s even willing to defy the wish of her dad to not take arms again, alas she is stopped by Viola, who appears in front of DD. She has a score to settle against him, as a former member of his crew. She reveals a knife with the clear intent of stabbing Doflamingo to death. How will it end? Prolly not good for her, as I doubt DD could be stopped at this point with a mere stabbing wound.

    The birdcage stops for a moment....only to resume its course.
    The joined effort between the various characters seems to pay off, as the birdcage momentarily stops, before resuming it’s movement. What is really because of all their efforts, or is it because of Viola stabbing Doflamingo? It’s hard to tell, but a crying Rebecca (at this point it’s a habit) can be seen, so it might not be the case. Finally only 1 minute left till Luffy recovers. Did they manage to buy him enough time? If so he still needs to get to where DD is. Luckily Law can be seen watching over him, so it wouldn’t be difficult for him I guess to teleport him next to DD, and from then all Luffy needs to do is use a powerful punch like he said. It could be in his Gear 4 , but I admit I’m not fond of the idea, and it might not be possible for him to use Gear 4 since he’s already exhausted. Maybe he could rely on his other Gears, instead, the main difference now is that DD is already weakened so chances are it could work this time.

    Based on my enjoyment on the chapter, I’m giving it a rating of a 7.5 out 10. Despite all the supposed plot holes, I liked it as a chapter, since it showed all the collective work in order to stop the birdcage. Viola playing such a role at the end is also surprising and I liked it, we need more strong female characters like her. The only complaint that I might have is that each minute seem to be spend on a chapter, which is a bit stretching it, but the way it’s done is nice, and it emphasizes on the emotions of the characters as well as their motivation. My prediction for next chapter is that we could see the birdcage further slowing down,DD and Viola’s face off, Sabo vs Burgess since those two weren’t shown in this chapter, with Luffy regaining his forces right at the end. With the final battle taking place the chapter after that (790). I think it makes more sense that Oda would have Luffy recover right at the last moment, when the 3 minutes of the birdcage are up, but I wouldn’t mind if he decided to end it next chapter
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    Re: One Piece chapter 788 review- How I fight

    Doflamingo really did underestimate his ability to be hated. Poor guy.

    Got to love Viola’s decision to challenge Doflamingo though. Even though it is obvious that Viola will not be the one to take down Doflamingo, her action in challenging Doflamingo is still relevant and important. Over the past ten years aiding Doflamingo, regardless of whether she wanted to or not, Viola feels responsible for Dressrosa having suffered so much. In order to redeem herself for her sins in helping Doflamingo, she now seeks to finish him in order to restore the peace and joy she was partly responsible for in tainting and slowly destroying.

    Oda seems to be building up to Dressrosa forgiving Viola for what she had to do during the past ten years which in turn will help Viola forgive herself and actually start to believe again that she does have a place in Dressrosa to belong.

    Thanks for the great review Ladylola! =D.

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