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Yeah, what actually happened? There was a (supposed?) clone of Naruto attacking Tobi, then there was a big stake-thing. Naruto (or a clone?) ended up being Kamui'd into the other dimension, but... before that?

Was Tobi trying to suck in Naruto?
Was Tobi trying to phase himself out of the way?
Was Tobi trying to shoot that stake-thing at Naruto?
Did Tobi think Kakashi tried to Kamui that stake-thing at him?

WTF actually happened?
tobi thought that kakashi was about to kamui naruto's clone's rasengan,so he shot at naruto with that stake. but kakashi's aim was naruto's clone himself,and when tobi was forced to kamui himself to dodge the bijubomb,naruto's clone was ready to hit him. in other words we can adfirm that they cornered him