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Thread: Tobi Parodies

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    Re: [FEATURED] Tobi Parodies

    So... with the recent revelations I would like to propose a new theory: Tobi is Ichiraku Junior!

    Raised and trained by no other then Ichiraku Teuchi. During the third ninja war he opened up a Ramen Shop in the land of rain, supplying all ninjas on the front lines with food (much like the Baratie in One Piece). Things where going well, until some stupid Uchihas and mofos from Kirigakure got into a quarrel inside his shop. Ichiraku Junior tried to calm down the situation, during which he got knocked into the kitchen when shortly afterwards some Suiton: Mizurappa splashed into the deep fryers, causing the boiling oil to erupt and burning half of Ichiraku Juniors face, leaving him permanently disfigured.

    Fiercly wounded he drags himself back home, taking a short rest near the Kannabi Bridge, inside a strange cave formed from boulders. There he finds Obito's dead body and uses his skills with the kitchen knife to take out his remaining Sharingan, to replace his own deep fried eye. When he finally arrives in Konoha at his fathers Ramen Shop, begging for help, Ichiraku Teuchi fails to recognize his disfigured son and instead confuses him for some homeless vagabond.

    He demands his son to buy some Ramen and eat up before he will listen to him, staying true to the Ichiraku way of a ninja. Ichiraku Junior doesn't have any money though. Coincidentally at the same time Kakashi and Gai where visiting as customers and the enraged Ichiraku Senior ordered them to remove the filthy vagabond from his shop. Obeying the authority of the high ranking Anbu and Root agent, Kakashi and Gai grabed Ichiraku Junior and threw him out of Konohas main gates.

    The shock from his own father not recognizing him caused a psychological breakdown and he started to question his own identity, much the same way as Kabuto. It was then when Ichiraku Junior died and the masked man, the nobody who cast down all individuality, was born.

    The rest is pretty easy peasy and self-explanatory. He made Zetsu from pasta dough, used the same stuff to fix up some parts of his fried body and then attacked Konoha out of revenge on his father. Minato mistakenly assumed him to be Uchiha Madara, which Ichiraku Junior thought to be pretty cool so he started to act under that name.

    Then he set his eyes on Kirigakure and messed with their leader, the Mizukage, to turn the village into what was known as the bloody mist, so that those Mizurappa douchebags would suffer for burning his handsome face. Some time later Zabuza caused shit to break loose and Ichiraku Junior left the village to fuck up the other guys he deemed responsible for his Pizza face: the Uchiha Clan.

    So he teamed up with Itachi on the orders of Ichiraku Seniors older brothers Danzou and the Uchiha Clan massacre happened. Satisfied with his accomplishments Ichiraku Junior retired from trolling, but as time flew by, he got more and more bored, until he decided to fuck up the whole world.

    From hereon you know the story... the whole Akatsuki, Bijuu, Rikudou Sennin, Forth Ninja War Blabla...

    No need to thank me for enlightening you, although I will accept paypal, have a nice day.
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    Re: [FEATURED] Tobi Parodies

    WTF KISHI?!?!?!?!!!!???!?!?@!@11111

    Why did Tobi have to be Ramen Guy?????? Makes no sense, how did he cook his noodles to perfection during QB attack??? Tell me that. No way would people not notice a ramen shop as popular as that one not serving perfect noodles 24/7. I don't buy it, the timeline is BULLSH*T.

    So Ramen Guy made himself look like a young Obito using his noodle-justu? I mean, yeah, maybe those "scars" are really just noodles, but those noodles should've been crushed under those rocks. Just look at the shadows Kishi himself drew. He just threw logic out the window.

    According to the databooks, the noodles on Tobi's face would've dried up by now. Major freaking plothole.

    I'll accept that it's Ramen Guy's BODY, but I think someone else is actually controlling the noodles. LOG, most likely.

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    Re: Parody Tobi theory -- female Naruto

    Quote Originally Posted by Uchiha_Blood View Post
    Ramen Guy is Tobi: 1000% proven

    Good morning dear viewers, today I'll explain to you how Tobi being the Ramen Guy is the absolute, undeniable truth.
    We know that many theories were made on Tobi's identity, Obito, Izuna, Shisui, Kagami, Konohamaru, Future Sasuke and the like, but never Ramen guy was taken as a worthy candidate.
    So I, Uchiha_Blood, will enlighten you.
    Warning, this will spoil next chapter, where probably Tobi's identity will be revealed.


    We don't know Ramen guy's powers, for all we know is a normal human being, but there is a clue on what exactly his powers are:
    the guy keeps his eyes constantly closed. We know that closed eyes is a trait that is usually given to pretty dangerous people in the shounen world.
    Example? Gin Ichimaru and Genryusai Yamamoto from Bleach, fucking Majin Bu from Dragonball Z, Virgo, the gold Saint, from Saint Seya.
    All of them are incredibly powerful, so why Ramen guy wouldn't be the same? Also he probably keeps them shut so he can hide his right Sharingan eye, that would draw many questions among the ninjas:
    why wouldn't Itachi kill him off? Because Ramen guy was there, killing all those heatens Uchiha that preferred useless food like tomatoes or the sweet japanese things Itachi was munching when he came to Konoha.
    Also because if Itachi tried something, he would die in a noodle shower.
    Hell if Jiraiya can use hair, why wouldn't Ramen guy use noodles?

    He also has a striking similarity with Danzou, meaning the two are probably related:
    one helps Konoha in the shadows, the other wants to destroy it from within.
    Who do you think gave Orochimaru Hashirama's genes to experiment on his brother?
    A random graverobbing on a guy dead from 60 years and probably already dust, or a guy that has an Hashirama tree, and 100000 Zetsus?


    That is the main reason as to why I believe Ramen guy is Tobi.
    other candidates had no meaning to obtain the immense knowledge this guy had at his disposal:
    -if you believe that Tobi is Obito, then you believe, by default, that someone like Naruto can, in one year, obtain more knowledge and skills than fucking Yondaime Hokage.
    And we know that Naruto still doesn't remember half of the Rookies names and that he still hasn't understand that Hinata likes him
    -Izuna? Bitch please, the guy was 6 feet under even before Konoha was founded this coming from someone believing Izuna is Tobi
    -Shisui? The guy plucked his eye out and died by suicide, his remains are rotting somewhere in Konoha
    -Kagami who?

    While Ramen guy has the perfect means to obtain all the knowledge in the world.
    Think about it, the guy has a ramen stand, ok? Who are the costumers in said ramen stand?
    That's right, fucking ninjas.
    Ninjas that talk about their missions, their private lifes, their everything.
    How many times team 7 and someone else got on that stand, talking about Akatsuki and everything?
    That would prove why Tobi was always one step ahead on the good guys, until now:
    Naruto hasn't returned in Konoha in a long time after all, so he had to resort to grunts like Kisame.
    Knowledge on Kyuubi and Kushina being pregnant? He was there.
    Knowledge on Gai forgetting faces? Neji or Tenten complaining about it when Ramen guy served them a hot ramen.
    Knowledge on Kakashi's life? Being in Naruto's team, Kakashi is, like, a permanent costumer of Ramen guy.

    Hell, Kishi foreshadowed Ramen guy's immense knowledge back then in part 1!
    Perfect knowledge on Jiraiya, just to name one.

    Other Hints

    We know that Naruto had a shitty life.
    We also know that Ramen guy and his daughter were the only ones to be nice to him back in the days.
    Has he done it because he is a kind guy?
    Pft how naive you all are!
    Tobi needs Naruto alive for his Moon Eye plan, and say Naruto died of starvation, he would have to wait for many years for his plan, years he can't affort to wait.
    Thus he kept Naruto alive and stunted his growth by making him eat ramen everyday:
    its pretty common knowledge that ramen is as good as its unhealty, that way he killed two birds with one stone, keeping the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki alive and making him a retarded midget.

    He also doesn't appear whenever Tobi appears:
    first time Tobi appeared, where was Ramen guy?
    When Tobi stopped Konoha during Sasuke's pursuit, where was Ramen guy?
    When Tobi attacked the summit, where was Ramen guy?
    Now, where is Ramen guy? I'll tell you, he just got a Rasengan to the face.

    Motives behind his actions

    Why would Ramen guy do what he did?
    He probably is sick of this ninja world, being a witnesser of its life firsthand, listening on how a hero like Kakashi has to waste his life in regret ( Ha! Another proof! ).
    How it is ruled by hatred.
    That's why he dediced to enact that plan, and Madara, his faithful puppy, went along with him, loaning his name and giving his eyes to Nagato.

    We also have a hint that Ramen guy dislikes Uchihas, and that he wants revenge on Sasuke, who dared walk away without eating his ramen.
    Guess what? Sasuke became Tobi's puppet and now its on a homosexual quest with a pedophile, a guy that wets himself ( literally ) whenever Sasuke talks to him and a guy that has an unique relationship with birds.
    Sucks to be you, Sasuke.

    It could also be because he wasn't chosen as a Hokage, or because Ramen wasn't made Konoha's national food.
    I don't know, I'll probably wait for Tobi's explanations in the next couple of chapters for the full picture.


    Tobi is Ramen guy, that much is certain.
    It makes a lot more sense than any other, it has the WTF factor, it has a deep link to the main character life:
    the one that gave him affection and kindness is the one that wants him death.
    Naruto will thus understand betrayal and grow strong because of it, he then will TNJ Ramen guy so he will turn out to be a good guy, helping Konoha from the shadows by keeping it happy.
    With a hot bowl of ramen.
    Just got to say this :

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