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Thread: The Cannon thread

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    The Cannon thread

    Hi guys, I'm a new member here, but I figure that we don't have a Cannon thread yet so I'll make one. This thread is for all discussions regarding Cannons and their use in Shingeki no Kyojin, including matters of technology, tactics, and logistics. I believe that if we are suddenly thrusted into the world of SnK, then the cannons are the secret to this war.

    Parameters of discussion:
    1) We most likely won't developed rifled barrels anytime soon, although how long (5-10 years or 100) is debatable, since the technology and precision engineering involved in the 3DMG is significantly higher than that needed to make rifled barrels.
    2) We do have bullet shaped projectiles, shown in Ch 27. The bullets probably won't keep a straight trajectory on long range, but definitely can be very accurate within 30-50m.
    3) We do have hand guns and small, cart mountable cannons.

    Discuss! Save humanity with big guns! Get all the ladies and prevent them from joining the scouts!

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    Re: The Cannon thread

    The problem with cannon is they seem to take forever and a day to reload. They don't seem to be very versatile either, seemingly only being used to keep titans at bay when they're near the gate/wall. Which is understandable, I guess. The walls are friggin ~50m up. Good luck aiming.

    Quote Quote:
    3) We do have small cart mountable cannons.
    We do? Can't recall any.
    "In Nisekoi, there is no ship; just a submarine that goes up and down."

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