I've always felt the handwritten text is one of the things that give Raruto its distinctive feel. Since I started translating it, I've been replacing the "diegetic" (that is, in-universe) text rather than translating it in an aside note. But handwritten fonts don't actually feel handwritten, so in the cover of chapter 16, for example, I took my graphics tablet and tried to mimic Jesulink's handwriting (without much success). But now the tablet's not working anymore (and I don't really need it for anything else), so in the cover of this chapter I've felt I was doing the Photoshop equivalent of cutting out letters from newspapers and pasting them on a kidnapping note. At least I think it's worth it.

On another note, if you prefer reading online over downloading the PDF, I've uploaded all chapters of Raruto and Raruto Sisepuede to the online reader Batoto.


Chapter 20, the season finale, will be out the 13th September!