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Thread: DGM Chapter 217 Discussion/218 Prediction

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    Re: DGM Chapter 217 Discussion/218 Prediction

    Long awaited chapter!

    I don't doubt Jasdevi's abilities, but Apo being taken out seems too easy! The Earl, Tyki and Wisely are in close proximity so it seems as if the Noahs are lurking around the area- for good reason too since both their targets are there.

    Tiedoll offered Kanda the position of becoming a General, but I wonder if the request actually came from the great-generals or someone higher up such as Central. I also wonder if Kevin Yeegar's position will be replaced as well.

    On a shallow note, Hoshino's art style has finally stabilized itself; it looks pretty good this chapter.

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    Re: DGM Chapter 217 Discussion/218 Prediction

    Quote Originally Posted by Zibi234 View Post
    its not about what he does but the fact that for last year we got used to his name Apocryphos... so if suddenly you switch to Apocalypse it really hurts the eyes x_x
    I don't think I ever paid attention recently to that.

    On a side note: when I was reviewing D.Gray-Man (rereading, and rewatching), I noticed that Hevleska never said that Allen himself was the "Destroyer of Time", but rather his innocence. Throughout the rest if the series so far, everyone else assumed that she meant that Allen would use his innocence to be the "Destroyer of Time" (he has parasite type innocence), but maybe Neah would be the one to use Allen's innocence rather than Allen himself...

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