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Thread: Bleach 507 Discussion

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    Re: Bleach 507 Discussion / 508 Predictions ~ Please read OP

    Quote Originally Posted by vizardichigo View Post
    Can you honestly see Johann winning though? I mean Yama's bankai is the strongest we have seen thus far...Ultimate attack one hit kill, ultimate defense...Molten plasma as hot as the sun...Even with VolStandiing or whatever how can he win realistically? But i guess its inevitable...
    Yamamoto has used his bankai and even thought there have been a few issues juha has held his ground. He has avoided the strongest bankai so far and at least using his blutz he was even able to block ryujin jakka. Things will be settled once juha does go all out and that means a volstandig by the strongest of the quincy. The issue here is that even if yamamoto is as hot as the sun this is still a battle of reiatsu. Yamamoto has comparable temperatures to the sun because he has the reiatsu to back that up. Since it is a reiatsu based ability it can be opposed with similar reiatsu. It is possible that even with volstandig juha can't defend from yamamoto however given the sheer volume of power juha could accumulate it is entirely possible he can indeed oppose yama. After all, with enough reiatsu attacks will go through yamamoto's defense. Bach's regular blutz worked against ryujin jakka (even though it took out 3 quincy early on) so it would not be too weird if volstandig can oppose yamamoto. It could easily go either way.

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    Re: Bleach 507 Discussion / 508 Predictions ~ Please read OP

    There is also the issue of the medallion (it's possible he hasn't used it because he wants to fight Yama at full power but might change his mind) and enslavement. Ichigo stopped Opie's enslavement by smashing his halo in a sneak attack. I doubt Bach would let yama take him by surprise like that.

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