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Thread: Shin Prince of Tennis Chapter 87 Discussion/Predicitions

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    Re: Shin Prince of Tennis Chapter 87 Discussion/Predicitions

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaoz View Post
    Disagree. For starters, Shishido and Ootori hadn't teamed at all before that match (at least in official matches, but even if they had teamed in practice before, it's only been three weeks since they started training together), same goes for Inui and Kaidou. So the teamplay shouldn't be too different.
    Shishido/Ootori were the better side and I didn't see them losing at all.
    Individually they would be ass kicked overall. I mean, Inui Sadaharu I don't think we need to discuss that he is better than Shishido and Ootori at the Regionals without question.
    Granted Kaidoh could be discussed on Shishido but I don't see Kaidoh losing to him.

    Overall, Inui and Kaidoh base wise are better but Shishido/Ootori do make a better combination and would win the encounter.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaoz View Post
    Secondly, Shishido by himself was able to shut down Kaidou completely on his own and I don't think it's farfetched to say he would have won in a singles match (not saying he would have definitely won or anything, but saying he'd have outright lost just doesn't sound right).

    Lastly, if Inui and Kaidou hadn't been dumb about it, the match would have been a lot closer.
    I doubt it. Shishido and Ootori weren't even being pushed in that match.
    Shishido and Ootori make a better pair than Inui and Kaidoh. The Pile Mirage, it will take Inui several games to analyse, Neo Scud will take all its games, the Rising

    Counter is perfect against shots like Snake unfortunately for Kaidoh too.
    Not to mention Shishido is quick and can retrieve well in Doubles with someone behind him.

    Shishido isn't even all that great but in this Doubles combination, Shishido/Ootori would have beaten them back then and now, and even if it was a 7-6 finish, it wouldn't fair to say that Shishido/Ootori and Inui/Kaidoh have equal bases.

    If we look at Matsudaira and Miyako, base wise they are good, but as a combination they are amazing.
    So for them to do well in Doubles against anyone wouldn't always mean equal bases.

    What could have happened is that Washio and Suzuki have stats that compliment each other greatly and so keeping up with Base!Tachibana/Chitose was not too much of a task.

    Especially if Tachibana and Chitose hadn't paired up in over a year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaoz View Post
    Shiraishi, whose specialty is to break down techniques, didn't manage to return Flower without an upgrade. Nakagauchi dominated his opponent completely, although Krauser shouldn't quite be on Tachibana's and Chitose's level. Miyako didn't show much, so can't say anything about him.
    Miyako showed a lot, handling Shiraishi's new swing speed comfortably and realizing Kirihara is the weak point holding the doubles pair back almost.

    Miyako seemed awesome even keeping calm, Nakagauchi comfortably bt Krauser, who was weaker than Kirihara anyway, so I didn't really see that as much to go by.
    After the first chapter I honestly expected Krauser to lose.

    Tachibana with Mojuu no Aura and Abare Dama would pose a threat with Technique instead of simply Power like Krauser silly stats.
    Chitose has Muga, and he has seen some mad stuff from Nationals. Not to mention SKnK.

    On the flipside, there's also nothing to suggest that Tachibana or Chitose would defeat them as easily as you seem to believe.

    I personally see Tachibana and Chitose comfortably defeating the likes of Nakagauchi in Singles. I won't begin with Miyako who despite being calm and analysing, had a speed stat to laugh at.

    I don't believe Chitose is just a 2 in Speed. Same with Tachibana.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaoz View Post
    But Shiraishi did have trouble.
    Yeah, in Doubles.
    He struggled in Doubles against Matsudaira and Miyako who stats wise are a great combination. Partnered with Kirihara who isn't an ideal Doubles partner especially just partnering with him up first time.
    Since Miyako and Matsudaira gave the impression they have worked together before.

    I think Combination plays a big part. Also, if it had been Singles, Shiraishi VS Matsudaira or Miyako, I think Shiraishi would have capitalised on Miyako's lack of speed which Matsudaira makes up for.
    Matsudaira didn't have much after Flower didn't work either.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaoz View Post
    Cool. You can't prove the opposite either. Neither can you prove or even support that GP would have done any better against Washio/Suzuki than WoK did, which was the original statement for this whole discussion.
    Which stemmed from me originally saying Oishi hasnt shown us as the readers his apparent improvement from the Mountain ''Hell'' which Ken disagreed with.

    I can't prove or disprove true, but I can prove that we do not need to suggest Oishi showed anything. So he got No.16 badge of the Nation... Thanks to Niou Masaharu lol.

    Granted he came up with the idea last minute, but I reckon Kurobane, Jackal, Ibu, Shishido just anybody would have said to Niou to try it.
    I believe if your partnered with him, and your desperate to win for your weak storyline revolution, you would try something like that.

    Still doesn't show Oishi improved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaoz View Post
    Kite, Gin and Jirou supposedly wouldn't have been able to defeat Takei (although it is only Akutsu's opinion). I'll give you Akutsu, but it was already implied by Oni that he was above most of the other MSers at the time.
    When Akutsu said that, I've re-read it, and its fair to say that he said that just coz he wanted to play and that its part of his personality to talk condescendingly like that.
    He came to the camp apparently coz he thinks he can defeat Ryoma. Even though the guy saw what Ryoma did at the Nationals.
    If he thinks he can honestly take out Ryoma then he is comedian.

    I think that was down to his persona, and not him actually analyzing Kite, Gin or Akutagawa and coming to a decision that they would not be able to defeat Takei.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaoz View Post
    Outside of Synchro, other techniques can be taken into account, so stats aren't everything there.

    That being said, I don't think Kirihara or Gin would comfortably beat them.
    What? Why lol.
    108th Hadoukyuu which gets brought out after a few games would end the match no?
    They couldnt return Abare Dama. I don't think the have the necessary technique for Hadoukyuu man.

    Kirihara also, Tornado Snake, Short Snake, Knuckle Serve, the Devil Mode, I mean, it doesn't look good for Washio or Suzuki.

    Unfortunately Konomi has created Washio and Suzuki for only the purpose of the Team Shuffle and to overhype the Mutsu Twins. So we will never find this out.
    Despite how cool Washio and Suzuki looked.
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