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Thread: Sasuke's Rinnengan already hinted?

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    Re: Sasuke's Rinnengan already hinted?

    Madara dd Manage to gain Rinnengan without Orochimaru so i don't know.

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    Re: Sasuke's Rinnengan already hinted?

    Quote Quote:
    Amatsutatara The Secret Scrolls

    The origin of the spiritual power and understanding of Gods law is from the Amatsutatara secret scrolls and the Amatsutatara Ginkoroku secret scrolls which had been veiled in darkness through history. For example Kuji and Juji are connected to Shugendos? training methods. The root is particular and is basic of Amatsutatara scrolls. What are Kuki Amatsutatara scrolls? What is Kukishin Ryu? It is from the Shinto tradition who’s origin in Kuki scrolls is one of the old and historical and traditional scrolls in antiquity before the 6th century. Kuki family is the head of Kumano Shugendo. It was also very well known from a leader of Kiki Navy, the strongest Japanese naval power. Amatsutatara is in the highest position, the oldest and the best bible about the Martial arts and religion.

    Amatsutatara consists of the following scrolls; Hibumi shiron, Shinpi Kansei, Seikan-Ron, Kanagi-Hen, Hokyo Hiden, Tenmon, Chimon, Kenpo Hiso Hen etc?.

    It is divided up three types as the following; History, secret miracle religion (spiritual teaching) and Martial Arts. They say that if you use the secrets written in them, the universal Mysterious power will respond to five natural main elements (Chi, Sui, Ka, Fu, Ku) not only to control the other party but to fulfill any hope you like. The whole of the Amatsutatara has been veiled in a dense fog because it has been prohibited to show it and to talk about it. Only one person in its family could receive it and hand it down the next generation. But the distinguished secrets were leaked out. All people concerned with old Shinto and old Budo know that it is the most valuable secret scroll/book. It is fascinating that some history differs from usual history books.

    The original Amatsutatara was in the period of King Mima who came from Chaldae kingdom ancient Babylonia in around 700BC. He had a view of the world as an intellectual, prophet and philosopher. He lived with three retainers on Mt Miwa, Yamato which was the holy mountain of Yamato in Nara-Ken. King Mima helped the overall Japan leader ‘Amaterasu Ohmikami' as one of the main staff. He brought a necklace with 72 beads which tell secretly the future vicissitude of the world. King Mima presented it to Amaterasu. All the Japanese Gods kings convened in Yamato. Then Amaterasu was given the highest position in Japan. The person who was given the necklace by Amaterasu was to be an Emperor in the highest position in the world. The old Imperial family used the necklace as a holy means to govern Japan. People could not see the necklace only the royal family.

    Ama No Hiboko was an authority on mystical power who came to Japan as a retainer of King Mima. He brought ten kinds of holy treasures. They were given to the Emperor to use for ceremonies for the imperial family’s stability. These things are the Amatsutatara and these things were given to Nakatomi (Kuki’s origin), Imbe Mononobe and Ohtomo from Emperor. Amatsutatara was succeeded to Kuki added the secrets of Shugendo and Mikkyo too. Most of the original Amatsutatara that Kuki possessed burnt up in a fire due to a huge air raid in 1945. But fortunately, Toshitsugu Takamatsu had copied them because the 21st head of the Kuki family Takaharu Kuki had given him permission. Takamatsu sensei was a successor of a lot of Ryu/Ha, born in Meiji 22, he gave that to Kinbei Sato and Masaji Kimura. Tanemura Shoto received all scrolls and densho from that.

    The teaching of the Amatsutatara is of the highest level of Martial Arts and Spiritual training. It contains the secret to be a Martial artist. When one can decode the amatsutatara and organize it one can manage universal power with freedom. To misuse it is a serious matter and abuse of it is never forgiven. Therefore Ninpo trainees are always required to devote themselves to their training. But it is not sufficient just to gain the Amatsutatara. It will be complete and effective when you receive the ultimate secrets to understand the mystical power system.
    well , some one said that damn scroll will help to find " the truth behind ninjutsu" ...... but Oro couldn't find " the truth behind ninjutsu " it without proper body and eye .... maybe Sasuke become the master of ninjutsu ... just like legend and Sarutubi Sasuke ....
    Spoiler show

    so the scroll is about " Amatsu Tatara " ...


    well , I read this theory in a Persian forum ....

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